U.S. Embassy In Jerusalem, Trump Marches Toward the War He Promised Us


There is a saying, a commitment, made by Israel and its strongest supporters that Jerusalem is the “eternal capital of Israel.” It is the  location of the Temple Mount, the “House of God,” the most holy site in Judaism, the direction that Jewish people turn when in prayer. Thus, the belief that it is the “eternal” capital of Israel is something near all can understand as a principle, but not policy.

The reason being, as near everyone reading this article knows, the Temple Mount, and thus the old city of Jerusalem, is also one of the most holy sites for the other Abrahamic religions, Christianity and Islam. The site is considered the third most holy site in Islam, and is located in an area and city in which Muslims have a claim, an area they live and work. But Muslims believe the city is in territory stolen from the Muslim people. Christianity, having moved to Rome long ago, and then split during the Luther protest, left Christianity without a “center,” however the Temple Mount retains tremendous importance to Christians everywhere.

Moving the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem serves no purpose whatsoever other than to “support” Israel’s claim to Jerusalem in total, threatening the relative “detente” that had been established with Muslims living and visiting the city. Most important, is the fact it simply increases tensions with Muslims everywhere, needlessly, because it truly does not matter if the U.S. embassy is in Tel Aviv or anywhere else is Israel, except Jerusalem.

Do not be fooled. The Trump administration has wanted a war, a clash of civilizations from the beginning. Trump told us as much during his inauguration. I am paraphrasing here, but quite accurately. Trump said; “We will wipe Islamic terrorism off the face of the Earth,” and in doing so, “we will forge new alliances with any country sharing that same goal. Any country choosing to not fully support this mission (here he means partners in NATO who are not interested in yet another war in the Middle East), “any country not supporting our mission will lose the support of the U.S. in other areas.” He expressly tells us that weakening NATO is near inevitable. Russia’s dream comes true.

In the first week of his presidency, Trump visited CIA headquarters, where he not only talked of his electoral victory in front of a sacred wall of people killed in CIA missions, he also spoke about the last war with Iraq, and that “we should have taken their oil, maybe we will soon get another chance to take their oil.”

Putin may as well have given the speech. Or Bannon. Now Bolton, and Pompeo. Putin wants influence in the Middle East, military occupation, in the countries with oil, Iran, Iraq, primarily. This is because Russia’s weak economy is driven almost solely by the sale of oil. A Russian presence in the Middle East, in partnership with the United States (“we will forge new alliances”), one where “we take their oil,” allows Russia to influence the production of oil in those nations, influence where it is sold, how much is available, the price, sanctions, all to enrich Russia. Trump will find a way to claim enrichment and will somehow enrich himself personally But his control of the military and the ultimate plan of action relates directly to Russia’s control of Trump’s policy decisions, through blackmail and agreement.

All of this is assuming Trump will not be removed from office prior to the initial action, though Pence surely has some of the same inclinations, and might well also be heavily influenced by Putin.

Bannon has wanted a new “clash of civilizations,” a “war for the 21st Century,” ‘to make the world safe for Christianity and capitalism,” all with the intent to “crush Islamic influence and strength everywhere.” These clauses are paraphrasing exact statements he has made. Bannon’s published these exact positions back when he led the alt-right through his position at Breitbart. Thus the same drive has trickled down through his supporters.

Bolton is a chicken-hawk neocon who has wanted to use the United States’ military, and other people’s children to give the United States assurance of control of oil in the region, too.

Trump supporters (not all, but many) simply believe that all Muslims are terrorists and thus any war against them is justified. Trump also could use a war to distract from the fact that the investigation now has a real hold on the fact that the president is “on the take,” and has direct contact with Russian oligarchs.  This is why we have heard so much lately about the investigation “distracting” the president from doing his job, that it needs to “end,” having gone a year and learning nothing.

Trump intentionally moved the pieces necessary as a predicate to war with Iran, Iraq (ISIS), in an obvious manner with obvious intent.

He first near immediately attempted to prevent Muslims from entering the U.S. from certain nations. The move did not increase U.S. security, it simply affirmed the Muslim belief that the U.S. under Trump is Islam’s enemy. He offends Muslims at every opportunity, as if to encourage a terrorist attack on the United States. Of course he broke with tradition, U.S. credibility, and U.S. allies, by crushing the Iran deal. Iran will now kick out inspectors, and enrich uranium without oversight. This opens the door for Israel and the United States to affirm the commitment to not allowing a nuclear empowered Iran. Look for the United States or Israel to soon find “evidence” that Iran is “getting close” and thus bombing Iranian facilities, almost inviting a response from Iran and ISIS, possibly beginning all out war. Russia could well join on the side of the United States, moving straight through Syria, a country Russia truly doesn’t care about, except as a conduit to the areas with oil.

This long drawn out essay is simply meant to put it all together. Today’s action is simply one step in a well-coordinated plan. The plan is almost surely ordered from the Kremlin, but also well-supported by the people around Trump (we have found that Trump is now calling Bannon again), the move to put Bolton in as National Security Advisor – a man whose views were so extreme, that the Senate refused to approve him as U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. under Bush. None of this is by accident. War in the Middle East, again, is always inevitable under a Republican administration.

Today the U.S. embassy officially moved to Israel, with the intent to do nothing more than encourage rage among Muslims, a possible terrorist attack in response, and more motivation as predicate to a promised war. Let that sink in, and spread the word. Republican administrations inevitably start wars in the Middle East.

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