The truth is slowly dawning. We all guffawed when Donald Trump came on the political scene. He’s no kind of leader said we. And we were right — if by “leader” you meant someone seasoned, capable, with a track record. But we missed one key thing. We missed it, but the Republicans did not. And that is: nothing matters but perception. Make up a sound bite, or a document, or a photo and present it as reality and people will buy it. This is what Trump did. He played an uber successful billionaire businessman, self made no less, on TV for 14 years and people bought it.

The tragic reality is that the man is neither a businessman nor a billionaire. And he’s certainly not self made. He inherited great wealth and then proceeded to squander it. One estimate made in 2016 said that if Trump had just put all his wealth in low risk mutual funds and government bonds, he would have been worth about $12 billion at that time.

But he did not. He formed one failed business after another and declared bankruptcy six times. Now he’s looking at a potential seventh bankruptcy, when New York State makes its final adjudication and goes after him for damages.

But regardless of that, he keeps making up photo ops and passing them off as reality. Last night in Michigan, he claimed to be speaking to union auto workers. He wasn’t speaking to union members or auto workers. He was speaking to a non-union factory that makes auto parts. And his paid propaganda shills, Newsmax and RSBN, went along with it. They had false information on the chyrons and they interviewed him about where he was and what he was doing and it was Every damn bit of it.

And if the play acting stopped with Trump, that would be one thing. That’s not even remotely the case. If you watched C-Span or checked out CNN, MSNBC, others this morning, you will have seen this. This is reality TV. This is not reality.

And the Republicans don’t care. They are desperate and they are dying. They know they have to win and if the only way they can do that is to lie, cheat, and steal, that’s what they’re going to do. Here’s the lying and cheating part.

You’re getting the flavor of this. Then Nancy Mace, who was once allegedly a moderate, shows that she’s gone to the MAGA Dark Side.

So much for hearsay.

So much for hearsay again. But that’s the POINT! We sit here and marvel, day after day, “how can they do this stuff?” They’re playing to the peanut gallery. They’re preaching to the choir. They just want the soundbite and the gig on Fox News. Ted Cruz spends more time on his podcast than he does on his Senate job. That’s who these people are.

Here’s another gem.

That says it all. When Trump first came on the scene, a lot of Republicans said, “he’s not a Republican.” A lot of them jumped ship and became Never Trumpers. Some of the Never Trumpers became Democrats, others became Independents. But so many of the people who are left, are MAGAs. And it is those people that these elected officials are playing to and courting.

Mitt Romney has resigned. Liz Cheney was put out to pasture. They took what was left of the shattered GOP moral compass with them.

Don’t look for moral leadership to anybody in this crowd. They have sold their soul to Satan and they’re busy lying their asses off, hoping they can fool enough of the public to stay in office. All I can do is repeat their original standard bearer’s admonition, “You can fool some of the people some of the time, but you can’t fool all of the people, all of the time.” But this iteration of the House GOP is damn sure trying to do just that. And it’s a flop.

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  1. Fooling some of the people all of the time is Dimwit Donny’s special talent, but the number of ‘some people’ is getting smaller. They were never a majority.

  2. Phucking lying fascists traitors…and that’s the nicest thing I can say. If this were WW2…I’d honor my service to the country by introducing them to their maker, as ALL the brave military veterans, dead and alive DID to save the world.

  3. Hmmm. Former guy-trust fund baby who squandered the fortune given to him. Musk-trust fund baby in the process of squandering the fortune given to him. I’m seeing a pattern here with inter-generational wealth transfers. Might be why in earlier times they were discouraged by tax laws. Might be time to bring those back.

  4. Ivanka got her trademarks in China when 45 was POTUS. Jared got the $2 EFFING billion from Saudi Arabia a few months after 45 left. $2 EFFING BILLION!!!! Do the effing Putinpublicans really want to go through this door to try and impeach Joe on some garbage stuff when there are facts out there that 45’s kids did much worse?


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