Trump’s “out” for the government shutdown HE created.


Shit just got real   Anonymous

Look, we all know that things are not always what they appear to be. Five short years ago, many of you here thought that I was capable of stringing two coherent sentences together. Wrong-o. Three short years ago, everybody on the planet knew that the Cubs could never win another World Series. *BUZZ!* Try again. And three short years ago, many people believed that Donald Trump was a forceful, intelligent, successful business mogul. Suckers!

But there are some things that are exactly as they appear, and here are two of them. Donald Trump has spent the last 40 years as the most lying, corrupt, incompetent loser of all time. And Donald Trump has spent every one of those 40 years desperately trying to find somebody else to blame for his mammoth incompetence. And it’s that second point that is most critical.

Because , Trump really caught the old short-n-curlies in the meat grinder this time. He let a combination of his gullibility to the far right wing conservative media mix with natural on air “persona” of impulsive arrogance, and not only volunteered that he would take sole ownership for a government shutdown, but that he’d be proud to do it, cuz, like, brown people and stuff.

This is clearly an untenable situation. Chuck and Nancy have absolutely no impetus to let Trump save face while he climbs back off of this ledge he’s put himself on. And the ego stoking warm-n-fuzzies that RWNJ puddleheads like Coulter and Limbaugh are giving him for standing strong makes it impossible for him to back down. How does Trump get out of this self generated nightmare? Just like he always does, he finds a fall guy. And I already know how he executes it, and who it is.

Trump will go on with the shutdown for about another two weeks. He’ll do this until the howls of furloughed government employees getting eviction notices gets louder than the combined voices of Coulter, Ingraham, Hannity, and Limbaugh. And then Trump will execute his grand get-out-of-jail-free strategy. He already told you what it is.

Trump will stage an event in the Oval Office, where he’ll use a Sharpie the size of Connecticut (cuz size matters to Trump) to sign a formal declaration of a national state of emergency, and order the US military to immediately begin construction on his mythical wall, using existing Department of Defense funds. Here’s the kicker. The same day, McConnell will bring the House continuing resolutions to the floor of the Senate, where they will pass with overwhelming bipartisan support. Trump will then sign it, with a much smaller Sharpie, the same day, and the government shutdown will be over.

The Pelosi run House will have a cardiac cow. They’ll immediately file a federal lawsuit, claiming that the order is both unconstitutional, and an abuse of presidential power. Within 48 hours, long before any actual action can be taken, they’ll get an emergency injunction, halting any action while the whole thing is thrashed out in court. After months of senseless wranglings and hearings, the court will rule that Trump’s state of emergency was in fact unconstitutional.

But guess what? Trump won’t care a whit about that. The crisis is over, and Trump has his scapegoat. The federal employees will be back to work. In fact, it wouldn’t surprise me if the day after they return, McConnell doesn’t pass a CR of his own that funds DHS until September, without money for the wall, since the military is already tasked with building it.

And Trump will blame his manifest incompetence and failure on those goddamned librul courts, and the Democrats that filed the wrong headed suit in the first place. Trump had his wall, and by showing strong, bold leadership. He was going to build his wall, and give a bunch of soldiers something useful to do in the sunshine, but the lousy courts screwed it up. So, the next time there’s an outbreak of some horrific plague, don’t blame him! Blame all of those lousy liberal, Trump hating judges. Coulter and Limbaugh et al will lap it up like cream. It will also give them an out from crucifying a guy that they purport to love. Problem solved.

I know that I’ve been in Trump’s head for too long when I finally start thinking like the silly bastard. I had thought of getting a medical intervention. But many doctors, many,many very fie doctors, have all told me that it’s too late, a lobotomy won’t help anymore. Great, looks like I’m stuck this way. Let this be a lesson to you all.

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