I’m not a lawyer, but even I’m smart enough to realize that the Trump legal koi pond is swimming in dangerous waters. Cast your mind back to the days following the humiliating defeat of Traitor Tot. There was a spate of some 64 state and federal lawsuits filed, arguing election fraud. They went 1-64, but more importantly, there are still Trump backed lawyers who are sitting on a razors edge, wondering about the sanctions that may be leveled by their state bars after the case judges filed formal complaints against them. Poster Child. The status of Trump acolyte Sidney Powell’s Texas law license is still in the air. News Flash. Pleading guilty to state election fraud charges is not a good way to keep it.

Trump’s hired mudslingers ventured forth into federal court in Washington DC again today, to file a series of motions, totaling some 70+ pages, demanding additional documents from the prosecution in his upcoming March federal trial. And they’re edging dangerously close to charges of trivial, inconsequential filings. Which those other Trump legal idiots are still fighting to retain their law licenses over.

The motions are a scattergun approach to try to fill three criteria. We’ll get to the criteria in a moment. Some of what Trump’s legal retards are demanding are any documents showing Biden’s attempts to pressure Attorney General Merrick Garland to indict Donald Trump. They also want any documents and other data showing any attempts of the FBI to run a sting operation against Trump supporters to engineer the violence at the Capitol on January 6th. And for dessert they want all of the documents dealing with the DOJ’s investigations into fraud in the 2020 election used in federal court filings after the election.

Now let’s look at the attempted benefits of the filings so covered in bullsh*t that rose bushes are sprouting up from the documents. First, make the DOJ spend weeks, if not months looking for non existent documentation. Second, if and when any documents are produced by the DOJ, return to court and demand a delay to the start of the trial in order for the defense to scour through the documents. Third, scour the documents for anything that the Trump campaign can use as ,ud against the Democrats and Biden in 2024.

That’s it. And it’s all bullsh*t. Biden has gone farther in removing himself from any control over or influence in the DOJ than any President other than Richard Nixon and Donald Trump. The whole embedded FBI agents in the crowd on January 6th is an already debunked FUX News conspiracy theory. And the DOJ’s records used in the court hearings into election fraud are already public facing documents available from the courts where the hearings were held. Basically, there’s no there there.

The whole object of these frivolous filings is to create an atmosphere in which Trump’s lawyers can try to argue to the court that there is no choice but to delay the start of the March 4th trial, hopefully until after election day. There’s just one small problem with that tactic.

Judge Tanya Chutkan is no judicial babe in the woods like Traffic Court Judge Aileen Cannon. Chutkan has more than 10 years of experience on the federal bench, and has seen better bullsh*t than this in 3rd rate fraud trials. And unfortunately for Trump, she built this bullsh*t into her court scheduling.

In a criminal trial, normally there is the arraignment following arrest of grand jury indictment. Bail conditions are normally adjudicated within 48 hours. The judge schedules a preliminary hearing at which they lay down the rules of the road for the trial. The discovery date is set for the prosecution to begin turning over documents to the defense, any status update hearings deemed necessary are scheduled, and am pre-trial motion hearing is scheduled, normally about 2-3 weeks  before the start of the trial. It normally runs smoothly throughout the process.

Judge Chutkan did all of that, but she took an additional step that hamstring the nonsensical bullsh*t the Trump defense is trying now. At the preliminary hearing, she set the trial date, set the opening of the discovery period, and scheduled status update hearings. But then she pulled the rug out from under the Trump defense team.

Instead of setting a pre trial motion date, she opened the pre-trial motion date the week after the start of discovery, and set final pre-trial motion date some 5 weeks before the start of the trial, urging the defense to file their motions as they created them, since she would rule on all motions in a timely manner as to ensure that nothing delayed the start of the trial.

That’s why you’re seeing these nonsensical filings now. Chutkan has already laid the hammer down. She isn’t about to let a slew of last minute defense filings delay the start of the trial. And since Judge Chutkan isn’t afraid of her own shadow, as lap poodle judge Cannon is, I fully expect that she will rule on these nonsensical motions within 48 hours. And the closer to the trial date we get, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Chutkan rule on similar nonsensical motions right from the bench, not even wasting time considering their idiotic arguments.

The Trump legal defense team has a simple strategy. Do whatever El Pendejo Presidente wants. Which means going into court and belligerently arguing nonsensical motions that Hair Twitler likes. And that’s exactly the kind of lame legal bullsh*t that could have judge Chutkan sanctioning Trump’s lawyers, including referrals to state bar associations. These nitwits have bitten off more than they can chew..

I thank you for the privilege of your time.

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  1. You know what I find really funny about this? I’ll bet Trump’s lawyers wanted to hold off and submit a blizzard of motions at that final pre-trial motion hearing. THAT would have been their best chance to push the trial date. Of course, if Jack Smith is as smart as I think he is he’s got Trump’s number too and knows all of Trump’s history (sadly, all too successful) of delaying tactics so he’s had a team working on these types of issues for just that possibility. My guess is that at most had Trump’s lawyers waited until the final date for motions they would have gotten at best two months, and maybe only a month’s delay. Because as you say so much of what they’re demanding is already available to them from prior court filings.

    However TRUMP is increasingly frantic. I’ll bet he’s demanded, DEMANDED they come up with a batch of shit and fling it like a bunch of monkey in a zoo flipping their turds at the kiddies. NOW. As a result they will have almost certainly shot their (or rather Trump’s) “wad” well before the date of that final motions hearing. And that the DC trial will in fact start on schedule. Hell, I saw an article recently that Chutkan already has staff working on an initial voir dire questionaire for prospective jurors! So, by the time they are actually called into court they will have had an initial screening which will speed up the jury selection process.

    So Yep. Judge Chutkan has got Trump’s number for sure. I savor the joy I will feel at his humiliation over a WOMAN, and worse a BLACK woman sitting up there on the bench and making sure everyone including Donald Fucking Trump knows SHE is the one who runs the show in her courtroom. Dare we hope that for the first time a federal trial will wind up being televised?

    • It definitely pisses off Donnie Donuts that a met woman, and a Black woman at that who isn’t movie star beautiful, is daring to challenge com likely put him.away for the rest of his life. He is used to civil trials. Criminal trials ate a,whole other animal. If convicted he will try to.use these delaying motions as proof of judicial bias, but it is not likely to sway an appeals court since so.much the material they are demanding a is already public domain. He will have to sit there scowling at his inner circle documenting under oath his attempts to stay in office and overturn an election he knew he lost.

      Chutkan isn’t afraid of him, unlike Loose Cannon. Nor is Fani Willis. I think.it’s hilarious that he will face his downfall by a judge and prosecutor who belong to the two categories he has always considered second class citizens: women and PoC.

      • Cannon isn’t afraid of Trump. She’s enthralled with him. (rest of original comment deleted with apologies to those I offended. I will however say that while she might not come across like the MAGA goobers we see at the rallies she’s as much under Trump’s spell as those folks.)

    • it should not be televised, that would just give him the opportunity to grandstand and call for his flying monkeys to rise up and save him.

  2. When it comes down it, Don Don’s legal team appears to be blind to the reality of their own Dunning-Kruger arrogance and incompetence. All they’ve managed to do is show one and all on the other side that they can, given the chance, which they’ve been given by Don Don, only ‘boil toast and burn water’ whilst thinking they have the competence [knowledge, skills, experience] as subject matter experts, that they won’t fu*k-up the task that Don Don gave them. It’s possible Don Don won’t pay them even one bent penny, after what’s been discussed above!

  3. Calling cannon a Traffic Court judge is an insult of great proportions to actual Traffic Court judges. Traffic Court judges serve a useful purpose and where they exist have one hell of a load on their hands. cannon serves no useful purpose that I can see and the only load she has is the load she gets while picking her nose.



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