You know, if we had a few more courts like the Colorado Supreme Court and the DC Circuit Appellate Court knocking them out, we wouldn’t need the nine national nags in black muumuus. Because these guys and gals are doing their job for them.

First it was the Colorado Supreme Court in the issue of Traitor Tot having violated Act 3 of the 14th Amendment by facilitating or assisting in an insurrection. After a week long trial, the district court in Colorado found Trump ineligible for the ballot, The case was immediately appealed to the Colorado state Supreme Court.

The state Supreme Court took its time. And it came out with a ruling that was so thoroughly researched, historically documented, and anchored in legal fact that almost every legal and constitutional scholar who read it said that all the US Supreme Court had to do was to take a piece of letterhead, type in the applicable case information, and add the two words, We Affirm. The Supreme Court did everything for them. Oral arguments on that case are Thursday.


And now today the DC Circuit Appellate Court of Appeals dropped their neutron bomb on Traitor Tot’s head. They didn’t just slap Trump and his 3rd rate ambulance chasers down, they turned them into legal poi. And as in Colorado, they laid down a legal Rand-McNally road map that a blind man could follow. And as I like to do here whenever possible, they didn’t just put down a ruling on the issue, they took the time to totally dismantle every stupid claim with the surgical precision of a master butcher.

People were bitching and complaining about how long it took to come down with a ruling that seemed like a slam dunk. Now we know why. Mastery takes time, perfection takes a little longer. And the DC appellate came up with the legal equivalent of Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel.

They took every single Trump claim, no matter how small or frivolous, and coldly dismembered it with legal fact. In the first pages of the ruling, they fired the kill shot before even getting into Trump’s ridiculous claims. Noting Trump’s heavy leaning on absolute presidential immunity, the court basically castrated his entire premise, For the purposes of this issue, President Trump is citizen Trump. In plain English, Get that lame presidential immunity sh*t out of here, yo’ boy ain’t President no more!

That kind of care and research takes time. And so does this. In their ruling today, the 3 judge panel gave Trump until next Monday to file a request for a stay with the Supreme court pending an appeal, or the case goes back to DC District court judge Tanya Chutkan to proceed to trial.

Normally there would be a path for Traitor Tot to file a request for the entire DC appellate court to hold another hearing. This ruling today cut that off at the knees. Which means that as the 3 judge panel began writing their draft ruling, they regularly checked in with the other judges on the court, to ensure that they agreed with the ruling, and wouldn’t accept a Trump request for a full panel hearing.

But what does all of this mean for El Pendejo Presidente? As I put in my title, A last gasp appeal to the Supreme Court, with a stay to keep judge Chutkan from proceeding. And that includes a stay, which requires five justices to agree, as opposed to only four to hear the case. Which means it’s possible that the Supreme Court could agree to hear the case without ordering the stay, meaning judge Chutkan could chug along towards trial while they schedule a hearing.

But where is Traitor Tot going with his last gasp? He has been arrogant enough to almost constantly reminds people that he alone put those justices on the court, they’re his justices. And how have they repaid him;

  • Trump went 0-64 in his post 2020 election lawsuit-a-palooza. He appealed every losing ruling he could to the SCOTUS. They declined to hear a single case
  • During the January 6th hearings, both Trump and his minions were in a frenzy to get the Supreme Court to block testimony from key witnesses due to frivolous claims of presidential immunity. They did the same thing for subpoena’s from the DOJ investigation. End result? Steve Bannon and Peter Navarro are headed to the federal pokey, and after lengthy delays, other Trump acolytes like Don McGahn were ordered to testify to the grand jury
  • Trump was on his hind legs to keep the US House, the New York Attorney General, and the Manhattan DA from getting his tax records from his former accounting firm. Everybody who wanted them now has them

The Supreme Court has shown an almost perverse glee in flipping His Lowness double barrel birds almost every time he appears, hat in hand, in front of them. You could say that the court was displaying it’s independence from Trump’s pressure by slapping him around like a gamboling puppy. I have a slightly different take. The arguments posited by Trump’s 3rd rate divorce lawyers are so goddamned ridiculous that the Supreme Court couldn’t find a legal peg to hang their hat on, even if they wanted to.

And so it is this time, but with a twist. As I said, the DC appellate court did such a complete dismantling of Trump’s ridiculous claims that there is literally nothing for the court to rule on. Every claim was dismantled and rebutted. The Supreme Court likes to thrive on dissention. It wants to be the tie-breaking vote. In this case, Judge Chutkan made a detailed ruling, and the DC appellate court spent 67 pages basically saying, Yeah, what she said. Why would the Supreme Court want to be involved when everybody is in agreement.

But there’s a better, more practically pressing reason for the Supreme Court to just shut up and butt out. The Supreme Court is still suffering from PTSD from the disastrous Bush v Gore ruling of 2000, when they made themselves appear to have tilted the election to one candidate with no legal reasoning. The last thing they want to do this year is to seem to have their finger on the scale again.

But they will. Because oral arguments in the Colorado case barring Trump rom the ballot is on Thursday. They took this case on an expedited basis, and will certainly rule in short order, at least for the Supreme court. And no matter which way the court rules, somebody is going to bitch about a SCOTUS thumb once again being placed on the scale of electoral politics.

And now Traitor Tot wants to use the butchers thumb to tilt the scales as well. Take the case, issue the stay, and then slow walk it through the hearing and decision process until it’s too late for Judge Chutkan to hold the trial before the election. That’s the plan. But I don’t see the Supreme Court taking that road, for one simple reason.

Here’s the McGuffin. They already had the chance! After Judge Chutkan made her ruling on Trump’s absolute immunity claims, Trump immediately appealed to gum up the works. In a brilliant move, Special Counsel Jack Smith went directly to the Supreme Court, asking them to bypass the appellate court, take the case on an expedited basis, and issue a definitive ruling so the case could go forward. And the Supreme Court declined to take the case. For them it was like that dead muskrat on top of Trump’s head.

So why take it now? They’re already about to become mired in a controversial election case that they can’t win, no matter how they rule. And the DC appellate courts takedown was the legal equivalent of the St. Valentines day Massacre for Trump’s appeal grounds. It was ridiculous from the start, and they very respectfully treated it that way.

Ask yourselves one simple question. Does the United States Supreme Court really want to spend 90 minutes with the specter of Seal Team 6 in their courtroom, spectrally threatening to blow them away if they oppose Trump? Because that’s exactly what Trump’s Boondog Saints argued in the appellate court. And those justices must be aware of the threats Judge Chutkan is receiving. There is no valid reason for SCOTUS to take this case, the appellate court already did their work for them. And that’s why I firmly believe that next Monday or Tuesday the Supreme Court will respectfully decline to take up Trump’s appeal, and send the case back to Judge Chutkan for resolution.

I thank you for the privilege of your time.

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  1. They also need to start worrying that if these privileged corrupt judges install a moronic nazi into a KING, some true patriots may sacrifice themselves to take THEM out! I recall the speech Michael Corleone gave to his brothers Sonny and Tom when they pointed out no one could kill a police captain. “If history has taught us anything, it’s that anyone can be killed”. Handing over our democracy, with many of us knowing how illegitimate several members are, including one who’s wife is an insurrectionist, would be an ACT OF WAR! They would be DIRECTLY responsible for installing a dictator. Read 1776 by David McCullough about the Revolutionary War and notice what Washington, and others, were willing to do to overthrow a king! I guess because the morons on the other side are so vocal with their threats, they ASSUME, our side is full of passive citizens willing to accept whatever comes down the pike. Really? A hornets nest is quiet until you WHACK IT WITH A STICK! Then you better run! Last time I checked there are leaders around the world shot all the time. Over a million boys have died from 1776 to this day to establish and protect this democracy. Declare war to end our republic and blood will flow once again, and those responsible cannot guarantee their robes will stop a bullet. They better consider unintended consequences! It jumps up to bite people in the ass all the time. It’s called history.

  2. People like thomas, beer bong, and the vagina who replaced the mighty RBG do not need a legal peg to hang their decisions. If they don’t like it, they declare it unconstitutional. The conservative morons, but I repeat myself, have performed the seven basic ballet positions so they could say anyone can own a firearm, craporations are people, and denying bodily autonomy is not an invasion of privacy which they think isn’t even part of the constitution. We can hope Roberts and gorsuch do actually need such a peg but I’m not counting on anything until they either refuse the case or take and rule on it.

    • The ‘anyone can own a firearm’ should make them nervous, given their buddies put 400 million guns on the street. I’ve been part of a poor black family for 20years, and know a lot of black folks who are NOT the professional people, sports stars, or rich entertainers. THEY ALL HAVE GUNS! Getting a weapon in America is easy. Hey Roberts, the next time you’re getting a cappuccino at Starbucks, if you kill our democracy, someone may pop a cap in your ass, shoot up your car or home, or burn your house down. Better do the right thing. Starting the next civil war is no guarantee of safety in America. When kids get slaughtered at school, what the hell makes you or the other traitors think your ass is safe? Talk about clueless and entitled. Do your goddamn job and stop paying attention to the loud mouthed chickenhawks riding in Uhaul trucks who cry in court when caught. You’re concerned with the wrong people. It’s the quiet ones you need to watch out for. They don’t telegraph their intentions until it’s too late for YOU!


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