In order to keep your faith intact, make sure it remains unsullied by fact

It continues to amaze the mainstream media that no matter how many state and federal indictments pile up, his primary poll numbers continue to show him as the prospective front runner for the GOP nomination. The standard mantra is that it’s the FUX News bubbles sphere, and the rest of the far right media that refuse to report on the indictments, and instead portray Traitor Tot as a political martyr at the hands of a corrupt Biden DOJ.

Trump himself plays on that fact in his speeches and rallies on the campaign trail. Prior to two days ago, Traitor Tot bragged that one more indictment would put him back in the White House, because it only energized and solidified the GOP base behind him.

Which is pure and unadulterated bullsh*t. On two fronts. First of all, recent polling is showing that more and more soft and moderate Republicans won’t vote for Trump if he is criminally convicted. And the numbers are even worse for independents. But Trump isn’t worried about that. His goal is to solidify the base. He’ll figure out the rest of that sh*t later.

The problem is with the far right media. Here’s a hypothetical for you. Let’s just say that I’m a far right politician up for election or reelection. There are some uncomfortable truths in the past that are coming back to bite me in the ass on the campaign trail. What do I do? I go on my nearest far right media outlet and angrily proclaim that I’m a political martyr of the far left politically weaponized machine. That’s something they should be abler to sink their teeth in and work with for my ultimate benefit.

There’s just one small problem with hypothesis. Nobody lives in a vacuum, and very few people, including Trombies, take things on blind faith. If you go on a far right network and claim that you’re a political martyr, the first goddamn question that every single person watching that program is going to ask themselves is, Why? What are they accusing you of?

Because we are all, at the base, shallow creatures. And the lower our education and sophistication, the more shallow we tend to be. Why do you think that The National Enquirer and the World News Weekly have been around for so long. And what good is a juicy scandal, or conspiracy theory if nobody knows what it is?

Which puts FUX News and the rest of the far right media like News Max, and OAN in a box. because every time His Lowness comes around complaining of being a political martyr, or being the victim of a weaponized Biden DOJ political hit job, they have no choice. They must at the very least report on the content of the indictments, otherwise Trump’s nonsensical claims make no sense. They don’t know what he’s talking about.

In order to keep your faith intact, make sure it remains unsullied by fact. Even FUX News was forced to cover Fulton County DA Fani Willis’s indictments in real time before they could begin to bloviate about what a crock of sh*t the whole thing was. Which means that anybody watching FUX News that night now at least knows what the charges are. And the same thing goes for all of the other far right media networks in Trump’s orbit. Which means that now at least all of the sheeple know what the charges are. And they can never un-ring that bell. People know it now. What they do with it is up to them.

That’s the problem for the far right media. The more Trump proclaims his political martyrdom, the more time the far right media outlets have to spend reporting on the latest updates in order to justify Trump’s claims.

But nobody lives in a vacuum. And all of these Trombie acolytes, in their regular lives, are exposed to media, and the truth. Newspaper headlined on the subway. Talk around the water cooler. Conversations at a restaurant or bar at other tables. These people are going to be exposed to the truth, and they will make of it what they will. But they will have been unwittingly exposed to the truth by the far right media.

This is the whole problem for Trump. He is depending on the far right bubbles sphere to keep the sheeple at bay. The problem is that Trump is feeding them all bullsh*t. But Trump’s bullsh*t requires at least some factual grounding in order to make the bullsh*t make sense. And that’s a funny thing about facts. Once they take root, they can be a bitch to dislodge.

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  1. What the privileged, self-serving idiot failed to understand was that democracy, and how it functions, was not handed down to him by his affluent forebears. it was, in reality, loaned to him, by America’s children. He abused and perverted everything about that fact, to the extent that even the outliers of his adorers and enablers are now beginning to both question and dispense with the vile prick, that he is. He’s just about reached his use-by-date, and it’s a most welcomed fact – cause for a justified celebration.

  2. Thx again, Murf, for an excellent analysis. I believe this is another way of saying “Timing is everything.” To those who wailed about Garland, hold my beer. 🙂 Plus, every time Mango opens his mouth, surely someone in his orbit is bound to ask “What’s he complaining about now?”


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