This is beyond ketchup bottle throwing, which is a release of frustration, this is raw fear. You’ve heard that Donald Trump uses social media to process his feelings. His biographers and his psychologist niece have concluded that. He must have gotten negative news from one of his lawyers about the New York Trump Organization case, because he went on Truth Social and lost it.

Do you love it how he starts out in normal text and then the minute he says, “the facts of this case are simple,” starts screaming in all-caps. ARRGGHHHHH!!! LISTEN TO ME!!! THIS IS WHAT I WANT YOU TO KNOW AND I DON’T CARE WHAT THE EVIDENCE IS!!! WAAAHHHHH!!!! THE EVIDENCE IS WHAT I SAY IT IS!!!! WAAAAHHHHHH!!!! He continued:

This is Trump-speak for “I don’t have $hit compared to what I claim that I have, but that’s because my “brand” is supposed to be worth billions. If you don’t buy that fantasy, I’m cooked.” And of course, that’s exactly right, he’s in the kitchen and Leticia James has on the chef’s hat and the apron. And she’s going to baste Donald a l’Orange until it’s roasted to a nice crisp and totally done (for).

Now here’s something a MAGA posted which explains the MAGA “mind.”

That’s the situation. Trump hates everything they hate — including democracy and the rule of law, unfortunately. But they don’t understand that part. Let’s just hope we outnumber them.



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  1. Lips or fingers moving = A LIE! God these dumbass Maga cult members are more gullible than a two year old. Send this fascist turd ALL your money!!! Be sure to stay home November 2024 because the deep state has all the elections rigged. Go show your ass in public and go to jail for the cause!!! Who knows…you may have cheeto Jesus in the cell with you!!! The rest of us sane folks can only hope and stick with the FACTS!!!

    • I think we can safely read between the lines. He keeps saying that his “brand” isn’t factored in and that’s a yuuuge asset, simply enormous. I will be interested to see what the two sets of books say. I’m willing to say he pleads poverty to the IRS and having probably three times what he actually has to bankers he wants to borrow from.



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