Maybe this is 2024’s version of “grab ’em by the pussy.” Or, maybe people have heard this drivel for so long that this is going to roll off of the collective American consciousness like water off a duck’s back. One thing we have become inured to all these years and that is Donald Trump’s tastelessness.

Still and all, what you’re about to see is interesting. We find out that Trump ogled an 18-year-old actress, nothing new there. And we find out that none other than his wife, Melania, gave him a copy of Paris Hilton’s sex tape to watch. If true, that says a lot about Melania’s relationship with her husband. I don’t know too many gals that would give their partner a copy of a sex tape — but then again, Melania worked in that business, so she may view it all differently than the yous and mes. (The second clip is the one I’m referencing although the first clip will take you down memory lane.)

That’s a crass, chauvinistic comment to make in all events. But unpack it a bit more: Trump is saying that he prefers to go to bed with somebody messed up. Does anybody here remember the old adage, “Never sleep with somebody more screwed up than you are?” Apparently, in Trump’s case, the more screwed up they are the better. Here’s the other tape I was referring to, where Trump claims Melania gave him the Paris Hilton sex tape.

Trump undoubtedly wished Ghislaine Maxwell the best so that she wouldn’t be inclined to start blowing the whistle on him. Yet. I daresay that we don’t know everything Maxwell knows about Trump at this time. But what a couple Maxwell and Epstein were: mega wealthy, uber depraved, one ends up dead in prison, the other is still in prison. I can’t wait for the movie to be made about those two.

Magnifying glass time, people.

I remember well this case being dismissed. The lawyer was Lisa Bloom, a lawyer famous for associating with cases involving both Harvey Weinstein and Bill Clinton. She was located in Woodland Hills and I was also living in the San Fernando Valley at the time. The plaintiff had received so many death threats and so had her family, that she decided to dismiss the case. She was terrified, plain and simple. And who wouldn’t be? Plus, we don’t know what Trump may have been doing to intimidate her as well.

And the other point to be raised here, is that for this one woman coming forward and talking about Trump raping her when she was 13, how many other women are there who simply didn’t bother? Who figured that they couldn’t possibly win and it would only blow up in their faces?

I don’t blame them. The problem with a lot of rape trials is that the victim is raped twice, first, the actual rape, and then the dehumanization of the person when the case comes to trial, and relives the situation all over again. You can’t blame somebody for not wanting to put themselves through that. I greatly admire E. Jean Carroll for having the sheer courage to have seen her own case through. That took a lot of moxie. Listen to the bottom clip, you probably remember that one.

And of course Trump used to barge into the dressing rooms of the beauty pageant contestants. He considered that his right, droit de seigneur, all that.

I hope all this gets a lot of publicity as time goes by and the year progresses. Although, maybe it doesn’t make any difference. Maybe those who can be persuaded have been persuaded and whomever is going to vote for Trump wouldn’t care if he did shoot somebody on 5th Avenue.

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  1. First my apologies to the pigs…I’ve eaten too much ham and bacon in my life to disparage you. Thank you for keeping poor folks in meat by eating table scraps and slop.
    Second, he’s not only a nazi, he’s a rapist in every sense of the word, including being a pedophile. He’s a PIG. If this democracy survives, I can’t imagine what future historians will say about the character of our culture given this man was once President. I’m sorry Dr. King, that, we as a people, have ignored your dream from 1963.

  2. It’s amazing, the Magats don’t have any reservations about trump, before, now or in the future … I wonder how many of them would be OK, with trump using their daughters for sexual fun and games, even if they were 15-16 years old or younger?

    Now, that it has been revealed publicly, would it make any difference to them to know Trump carries a strong odor of a bag of dead fish left out in the sun a few days, to force that on any women is just WRONG …

    Geese, how decedent IS Trump going to get before his troop of morans give up on him?

    Any one of them that claimed it would be OK for him to molest their own daughter, should be sent to prison for threats of child-abuse to their own children … Like Trump NEEDS to go to prison for actually being the pig he IS …

    I never thought the 14th amendment said that a president pedophile, should be excused from responsibility for his horrendous actions against children as well as adults … maybe it was worded different from what I remember, I have a LOT of reservations to the way the mentally challenged Don Junior was saying it released the President from ANY responsibility for virtually anything …

    Well, it is what it is, we NEED that BIG BLUE WAVE now …

    Please vote against the guy with NO VISABLE signs of intelligence, to free him up from any actual time away from prison in a couple months …

    • Did you happen to see any “good people” as this pig claimed about the nazis when they marched and killed an innocent girl in Virginia? How about in the documentaries about Hitler and WW2? Or when you study how slaves were treated by the ‘christian’ people in the south! These phuckers are pure phucking EVIL! Expect the worst and you’ll be in the ballpark.


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