Trump’s hearing over violations of the gag order was held this morning. Judge Merchan could have issued a ruling right then and there from the bench. Instead, he stated he will rule, with no indication of when. Speculation of course is rampant, and talking heads are in a tizzy about the judge’s options. What he could do. What he should do. What Trump wants to see happen. Meanwhile as ABC tells us the Secret Service is making plans just in case Trump finds himself in lockup whether for a short period of time or a longer one.  In the meantime I’ve got a suggestion. It’s a variation on something I wrote about a day or two ago.

The plain fact is that any other defendant would be sitting in lockup this very second. However this is the United States where rich and/or powerful people, especially when the charges are for “white collar” non-violent crimes get special treatment. Trump is getting special treatment of course, but even by the standards of the rich/powerful it’s at a whole new level. Now, as the prosecution noted this morning Trump actually seems to want to get locked up, at least for a bit. I gather they didn’t say why but everyone knows – he thinks it will mean a major fundraising haul. Judge Merchan knows this. The judge also has to know the damage this is causing to the entire criminal justice system. How many defendant’s lawyers will plead both at the trial level and on appeal that their client isn’t getting the same leniency TRUMP has been getting? And they will often have a point.

Anyway, Trump’s fundraising is down and he thinks getting locked up, even overnight will bring in the bucks. He’s goading the judge, who so far hasn’t taken the bait. So Trump WANTS to get locked up, just for one night. Or thinks he does. Even a night in a holding cell down in “the tombs” as they are called would have him crying for his long dead mama. He’d be a real life “Fat Ass” from The Shawshank Redemption.

Trump deserves at least one night in lockup. I think it might not be necessary for the judge to take that step however. I’d previously suggested making him cool his heels in a small room with a basic chair for a couple of hours after court concludes before letting him go back to Trump Tower. No cell phone. No Diet Cokes either. A small chemical toilet in the corner. However I’ve come up with what I think is a better idea.

Give Trump a literal tasted of jail food. As often as it takes. Both right away, and every day after violating the gag order the judge can order Trump to that bare bones room I mentioned. And feed him a jail meal for lunch with a bottle of water. (Maybe two). Most of those in the tombs awaiting being taken upstairs to court are lucky to get a soggy, cold grilled cheese sandwich and a bottle of water. Often it’s just a “horsecock” (baloney) sandwich on white bread, maybe with a little packet of mayo or mustard and a bottle of water.

Yes, it would be special treatment for Trump to get the middle or right-hand selections in the title picture but if it came from the kitchen, by the time it was sitting there for him it would be at room temperature. Let him spend the lunch break locked up alone with jail food and a bottle of water with no cell phone. His lawyers can join him, and eat the same f**king thing HE does. Quite literally give him a taste of actual jail food!  It’s not like he doesn’t already have a major flatulence problem while in court.

Oh, Trump will whine and complain on Truth Social and to cameras catching his comings and goings from court about the “horrible”, “unprecedented” “cruelty” being visited upon him. Would reporters call him out on the fact that’s what hundreds of others at court that day get for lunch? And that’s what a couple million prisoners around the country get? Every  Single  Day?

It might, just might get his attention. His lawyers can show pictures, even video to him of prisoners getting and eating lunch and other meals while incarcerated. Hell, let Trump talk to Weisselberg who currently doing his SECOND stint at Rikkers (thanks to Trump) about the freaking food. Now that I think of it, they could put out a “rack”, a prison style bed with a prison mattress and pillow, thin, cheap cotton linens and a scratchy wool blanket if his can’t stay awake in court fat ass needs a nappy-poo during the break!

I think that might actually get his attention. It would I think terrify him. Seeing what could be in store for him, knowing the full treatment as in an actual cell would be worse! At least what I’m describing would be clean, with painted walls and nice smelling. Well, except for his own stench which he’s probably nose-blind to after all these years.

However, if Judge Merchan would do what former Solicitor General Neal Katyal suggests it might instill enough fear in Trump to get him to semi-behave. I say semi-behave because that’s as much we could hope for and even that’s mostly likely  too much. Katyal says the judge should impose a 30-day sentence for contempt, but suspend the sentence. For now. How much Trump might serve after the trial (or dare we hope starting during jury deliberations?) will depend on how well he behaves himself the rest of the way.

Do what I’ve suggested tonight, and that combined with a 30-day sentence for contempt hanging over his head and Trump just might tone it down to mere “sh*t show” levels.

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  1. In a county here the local jail serves McDonald’s food…..another county serves leftover high school lunches… jail food.

    Can you imagine eating at Mac Puke 3 meals a day???

    *makes icky face*


  2. For the average folks, the court never considers the ramifications, if it locks you up for contempt in the same jails where accused murderers are awaiting court appearances. The people who really demonstrate that there are two sets of rules are the judges. Ironic.

  3. Somehow, I can see in the near future, maybe a major plus for Trump, his own invention, the fully automatic rapid fire fart generator, guaranteed to drive close-by observers to eye-watering discomfort, especially if he takes no action to prevent the eye-crossing wet ones … “Eeeu-awful”, some have already reported this kind of problem with Trump’s more than arm-length personal bubble …

    His personal hygiene does not seem to phase himself, pretty sad for someone trying to be the biggest baddest dude in a group of REAL intelligent PM’s from around the World … If he continues, as long as he is not yet incarcerated, to eat Burger shop shit every meal … He might just have a serious cardio/stroke problem …

    • A lack of attention to personal hygiene is rather telling-I’ve known some people with Alzheimer’s and taking care of themselves-bathing/washing/changing skivvies/etc.-happened to them all. That right there is the indicator I see that something is going wrong upstairs with trump. Sad thing is, his family (i.e. Ivanka) could pay for someone to make sure he’s clean and all that. If he’s smelling like sh*t it’s because he is not receiving the care a mentally ill person should receive. I don’t care how much I loathe someone or how much others do, basic care should be given to those who need it. This is another good reason to have the man institutionalized or put into an assisted living facility. I suppose if he’s in jail/prison the folks watching over the prisoners will hose him down regularly.


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