Trump Wakes in Full Conspiracy Mode, Because Evidence, That’s Why.


Weekends. Especially in summer.

Fewer staff around to insist upon attending to something that matters, great big houses all over the place, from D.C., to NYC, NJ and Mara Lago, just to putter around in, and think. It would seem the more Trump thinks, the more Trump thinks about all the evil done to him and who is to blame. He knows who’s to blame, the people with all the evidence against him, the FBI. Oh, and it must be made-up evidence because Trump has never once been wrong or done anything wrong.


First of all, as if it need be pointed out, that though text messages, like email, are subject to the FOIA requests, they are also subject to being withheld on account of state secrets or to preserve the secrecy of an ongoing investigation. Someone like McCabe, being one step below the director, would near all be either completely irrelevant and/personal, or would be considered part of ongoing investigations, especially of Trump.

Next, the pompous, “I might have to get involved.”


Presidents do not “get involved” in any single criminal investigation handled by the FBI – ask Comey how many times he spoke to President Obama alone or on the phone (where no one else was a party to the conversation) and he will answer; “twice,” once at an interview, and once when Obama was about to leave office and called him to thank him for his service. Other than that, Obama left the FBI alone, except for large meetings with many people to discuss policy. Trump wants to “get involved” in his own investigation. He wants to personally ensure that anything said about him that can be construed as negative is out in public, to be used as a tool to complain about the unfairness of it all.

Can’t a guy just conspire with the world’s most ruthless dictator in peace for christsake!

“So many men and women of the FBI have been hurt by these clowns and losers!” …”that investigated my association with Russia and have all that evidence on me that they gave to Mueller …” he did not add, but may as well have.

How about “DO NOT DESTROY”? Do you suppose that the All-CAPS makes it a presidential order? Wait, no, there is actually an official way the president can order something done, it involves papers and signatures, and evidently Trump is not ready to go there yet, maybe in part because presidents don’t get involved in individual criminal investigations by the FBI!!

Oh, and it’s all just a bunch of horse ship anyway. There is not a man walking this Earth more responsible for Trump being president than James Comey and his letter to Congress that gave away the election, with one exception. There certainly is no American walking the Earth. McCabe, Strzok, Page, the whole gang, they did their damn jobs and kept their mouths shut, as the general public didn’t know there was an ongoing investigation in 2016. This is all to create an issue where there isn’t one, a conspiracy theory.

It must be a conspiracy, it simply MUST(!) because every news report on Trump that isn’t glowing is FAKE(!), and created by the fake media – enemy of the people. So you can bet that any evidence acquired against him as a criminal is most definitely FAKE and engineered by Trump’s “enemies” like Hillary Clinton and President Obama.


Another weekend, another bleat that means nothing about nothing. Immigrant kids are still sitting alone without their parents. Trump won’t involve himself in fixing that. But, he WILL get involved if he thinks it’ll help keep his grown self out of a cage.




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