I love the smell of Trump panic tweeting in the morning. It smells like Democratic landslide.

“Horrible things?” Speaker Pelosi aka Crazy Nancy said that she lacked confidence in Dr. Birx. Birx presented herself early on as a Trump propagandist, talking about the “granular level” of comprehension Trump had of the coronavirus data presented to him. She knows as well as the rest of us do that he never even reads a daily presidential brief. And she jumped right on board when Trump said that the virus would just “magically fade away.” Birx is the coronavirus coordinator and she “was reportedly sharing models with senior staff that optimistically—and erroneously, it would turn out—predicted the virus would soon fade away,” according to the Vanity Fair bombshell which exposed Jared Kushner’s complicity in derailing the national testing program. Birx is in league with Kushner on a cover up and 157,000 people are dead. Birx has violated her Hippocratic Oath to first do no harm. And she was brought on board by Mike Pence to whitewash and do damage control and that’s what she did. Pelosi exercised admirable restraint in speaking about Birx, considering the facts.

Here’s the clip. You decide how this is saying “horrible things.”

Legal minds are discussing causes of action which apply to this mis-administration’s mishandling of the coronavirus. Although one administration holding another administration accountable for malfeasance is not something that is generally done, the facts of this case are extraordinary and an exception may be made.

Birx’s most egregious moment in this entire pandemic debacle came when Trump turned to her and asked about injecting bleach and using UV lights — and she didn’t expose that notion for the idiocy that it was right then and there. As a result of that, a lot of Americans began drinking fish tank cleaner. Calls to poison control centers spiked. Deborah Birx is an M.D. The fact that she backed a game show host’s delusions rather than stay true to the creed of her profession is appalling. She needs to be held accountable along with the rest of them. If anything, Pelosi downplayed Birx’s role so as not to inflame another front of the culture war.

But what Trump is really reacting to, is the fact that Birx was finally forced to say that the virus is “extraordinarily widespread.” Yes it is. And why is that? Because some bozo chose to sweep it under the rug starting in November, 2019. And that’s why 157,000 people are dead.

“It’s not super spreading individuals, it’s super spreading events and we need to stop those,” Birx told CNN. “We definitely need to take more precautions.” In Donald Trump’s mind, this is betrayal. It’s laudable, perhaps, that Birx is finally coming clean but for many Americans who are no longer with us, it’s too little too late.


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    • Thank God idiocy is not a virus that can infect and kill — well, it is, but it takes a while longer. Mostly it wrecks a person’s life. But that’s the real Trump plague, stupidity and a lot of gullible people get it.

      • Sometimes I even feel a little sorry for them, as the plague of stupidity ups the COVID 19 probability (see Louis Gohmert). Then I remember what else they did to others because of the stupidity and my pity goes away.

      • The problem there Ursula isn’t that idiocy doesn’t kill per se. It may not kill the idiot, but the idiot can cause the deaths of multitudes

        • And that’s exactly what has happened. I agree with the people who are saying that just voting Trump out is not accountability. I think we need to find civil or criminal accountability. It may not be possible, but I’m glad that people are thinking about it.

      • Last week, in the newspaper, there was a story about a school board member in Red Oak, TX. I’m a little rusty on the location, but it is on the outskirts of the Dallas-Fort Worth area. The board was discussing mask requirements, in the context of reopening schools. This lady said “I don’t get these Sharia law mask things”. All I can do is shake my head at the fact she is a school board member.

      • I don’t think Birx was backing Trump’s stupid disinfectant and UV light notions. The clip of her obvious embarrassment was played again and again, and I seem to remember it is featured in one of the Lincoln Project ads. She stated her objection in the gentlest possible terms. However, Trump doesn’t hear gentle. Dr Fauci also tried being gentle and diplomatic. A reporter once asked him why he didn’t intervene more forcefully when trump is spewing his nonsense. Fauci answered that he couldn’t just grab the mic away.

          • Both tried to keep Trump happy. Fauci’s moment of no return simply came sooner than Birx’s. Eventually she would be put in the position of contradicting him because she also puts public health above keeping Trump happy. she was merely able to walk that fine line longer mostly because until a couple months ago Fauci was the task force’s main voice. Then the briefings stopped entirely. When they started up again and Fauci was no longer a particiapnt, it was just a matter of time for Birx.

  1. **eye roll** Another day, another Trump backstab. No pity for Birx and whatever fate awaits her after this.

    Wouldn’t it be the height of irony if Kellyanne Conway a) winds up being the only person who he doesn’t turn on and b) turns out to be a primary source for every unflattering leak Trump ever endured?

    • Yas!!!! Been thinking it may have been Conway all along who is anonymous. But then I hear her, when I can stand it for more than 20 seconds, and wonder how she could be such a great actress.

      Further: yep, Birx does not deserve any of our by now in short supply pity. Crikey but she had to know this was an abrogation of her Hippocratic oath. Or in our more modern understanding of medical ethics, first to do no harm. And buddy roe, I’m here to say bleach does harm, as does rampant ignorance and the condoning of it as Birx has done.

      • I have also thought Kellyanne might be Anonymous. That’s the only way her marriage to George makes sense. And I’ve also had a fantasy that Melania is Trump’s KGB handler. Wouldn’t it be something if she ran away to live with Vladimir Putin after all this is over. Just fantasizing. But you have to admit, with the weird things we’ve seen, these developments wouldn’t be that weird.

  2. Birx needs to have her medical license suspended, forever, for gross negligence and shameless pandering to every conspiracy nutbag in Trumpworld. Complete waste of skin…..

  3. Dr. Brix was like the Wizard of Ooze when it came to Trump. ;; But first, because you might have trouble understanding her statement, I will translate it from her favorite ventriloquist: Donald John Trump.
    “ He’s been so attentive to the scientific literature and the details and the data,” Birx claimed, despite plenty of public evidence to the contrary. “And I think — his ability to analyze and integrate data that comes out of his long history in business has really been a real benefit during these discussions about medical issues,” she added, ladling on even more adulation and stroking of Trump’s well known demand for absolute loyalty.

    By saying this, and on a right-wing religious network no less, she passed the baptism of fire and now is officially an officially Trump approved sycophant. If she were honest and adhered to her hippocratic oath she should have said: : President Trump has tested positive for being an asshole. He must be quarantined to prevent the spread of his massive stupidity

  4. The worst virus, upon which EVERYTHING has depended since mid-2015, is the triple hybrid of IGNORANCE, STUBBORNNESS, and STUPIDITY. It’s a pandemic among the extremely information-proof DUMMIES who are Trump’s CULT.

    I am SICK TO DEATH (I hope this is just a figure of speech!) of seeing the FACES and NAMES in print, and hearing the VOICES of this ASSHOLE and his MINIONS.

    We need to do whatever is necessary to insure that this will never happen again.

    • Opportunity is on the way in three months, two days. Still, given how many hundred thousand of Americans are in the ground, I’d say neither of us are quite as sick as they got.

  5. Doctors did terrible things in the death camps. An ‘oath’ is only as worthy as the person that takes it. You will know a tree by its fruit, someone said long ago.


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