Donald Trump belongs to a particular breed of human scum that resents the fact that the worker, the people whose efforts he and others like him have always exploited, needs a paycheck and more than deserves one. Trump is somebody who is a throwback to the days of landlords and serfs and even overseers and slaves. He doesn’t want to give anybody an honest days wage for an honest day’s work. He proves that right here.

Nobody is buying this. Not with his track record, not only of stiffing his own workers but what he did in office.

This next image I love. This is MAGA fantasy. I’m go to hell if I understand it, but I recognize that this is it.

Now what is comical here, is that the “world” he holds is actually the GOP. Imagine him shrugging, watching the globe shatter and then kicking the pieces around. That’s what he’s done to the GOP.

This next clip is seven minutes of his lies, be warned. But the first part starts out with the lie that he just spoke to the auto workers. He no more spoke to the auto workers last night than I did. He spoke to a crowd of people at a non-union factory, at the invitation of the owner. And the chyron on RSBN and presumably other right-wing outlets as well, was false. But this is how it goes nowadays.

These people are not union members. They are people holding up signs. This is a photo op. This is reality TV. This is propaganda. And in the not too distant past, this would be a scandal, front page news. In this day and age, it’s a mere ripple in the pond. Here’s more.

As stated, reality TV, propaganda, Trump doing what he does best: perpetrating a fraud. He is the essence of a fraud. Donald Trump, like Satan, is the father of all lies.


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  1. “Trump argued that regardless of the outcome of the strike, the bigger threat to employees was the shift to electric cars and trucks.”

    You know, that “threat” wouldn’t exist if the “Big Three” automakers would’ve moved their own plants to building electric cars and trucks. Why is it that GOPers seem to HATE any kind of innovations that could, you know, actually be good for business? Things like “green energy”–sure, you’ve got the fossil fuel folks trying to keep their monopoly but green energy also needs things built. Windmills don’t just pop up out of nowhere, you know. Solar panels don’t just grow out of the ground on their “farms.”

    You just have to wonder what these modern GOPers would’ve been like 125 years ago after the “horseless carriage” came along? Would they have been in favor of cars or would they have been whining about how the “wagon” industry would be devastated? About how people would be buying and keeping fewer horses and whips?

    • There is much to criticize about Henry Ford. He was racist and a “moralist” who wanted his repressive “Christian” values imposed on everyone. However he shocked and dismayed his peers and the rich bigwigs of his age by designing and building a car AND the means of mass producing it that an average person could afford. He also ensured his own employees would be able to afford one of the cars they built without mortgaging their family’s future. IOW a good day’s pay for a good day’s work. That was pretty freaking revolutionary for those times.

      Also, while he was an isolationist and hated FDR when WWII broke out he set aside all his personal political beliefs and threw his company’s resources into winning the war, to include sharing some of Ford’s technology with competitors. When push came to shove he took care of his workers and later put the country’s needs ahead of his own personal beliefs and ambitions. It’s hard to imagine an American CEO like that in these times.

      I’ve said before and I’ll say it again: Trump is representative of a too large class of people with money and/or power – they HATE the idea of a single effing dollar in someone else’s pocket and they HATE workers who believe their hard work is deserving of any wage at all. If they had their way workers would be forced into servitude and be on their own in the few free hours they had away from work to try and gather scraps of material to build shelter, and to kill or grow any food. Haul water in buckets from whatever source no matter how dirty or polluted.

      THAT is the mentality of most of the uber rich.

      • Using Henry Ford is a bad example. First of all he was a rabid anti-semite
        then there is the fact that he demanded (and got) compensation for the US bombing of the Ford Werke in Cologne

        From Wikipedia:

        “…With the outbreak of the war, car production continued at first with the Taunus being made until 1942, but increasingly, military production took over. Ford-Werke built both conventional trucks and Maultier half-tracks for the German armed forces. Most notably, Ford-Werke manufactured the turbines used in the V-2 rockets. In spite of the heavy bombing of Cologne, the factory got off relatively lightly and, after the war ended, production was able to restart in May 1945 with truck manufacture, the US government having paid $1.1 million in consideration of bombing damage….Robert Hans Schmidt presided over Ford-Werke during the Second World War, and engaged slave labor and the illegal manufacture of munitions, including such manufacturing during the period before the U.S. entry into the War. Once the war was over, notwithstanding all his carefully publicized efforts to erase the stain of the company’s past, no evidence emerged that either Henry Ford II or any other top-level Ford Motor Company executive ever raised any moral objects to rehiring [Schmidt]…”

        • I said at the outset of what I wrote there was plenty wrong with the guy. Should have included the anti-semite part but I’m not quite recovered from what happened a couple of days ago. My point however still stands because despite being a bigoted and self-righteous asshole he did believe that working folks should be able to make a living. And he did through his company/factories into production for US during the war including sharing proprietary engine technology with a competitor for our tanks. Again, that’s why I cited him. For all that was wrong about him he reached a point where he gave help when it was needed and needed badly. Finally, when it comes to some of the folks that got great jobs after the war one of the things that tarnishes NASA was the utlilization of Von Braun and other German rocket engineers who built the weapons that terrorized and killed so many on our side. War criminals or allies given that we knew the Russians got a bunch of those guys and would put them to use? It’s one of those awful moral calls that leaders do all they can to avoid, and if they HAVE to make the call do everything possible to hush it up. At least until they are able to polish that particular turd.

    • They still have to hire people to build electric cars,and trucks, so Trump’s notion they’ll all.lose their jobs if electric cars become the norm. Apparently as well as spouting the usual lies, it defies basic math and basic common sense.

  2. Just how effing delusional are these people? That cartoon pic of trump as atlas is the most asinine thing I’ve seen today. It is still morning however and I am quite sure some magat or the magat chief himself will post something worse.

    • You’re tuned in. That’s what I have observed. I think the bottom has been hit and nope, just another sub-basement and down we continue to go.

  3. If Dante lived today he’d realize there’s no reaching the bottom of Hell. The motto over the door would still hold: Abandon hope ye who enter here. Of course, Satan would put dumpy in charge of the door with a sign saying: Heaven This Way!!!!


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