This is the newest ricochet around the blogosphere that’s going to come back and hit Donald Trump between the eyes.

A few observations:

  1. When something gets under his thin skin, he bristles with “that’s OK”
  2. There’s a pattern here of him talking about losing the election. First it was, “Joe Biden’s going to be your next president because nobody loves me, maybe.” Then it went to “nobody likes me,” and now it’s “If I’m wrong, I’m going to lose an election.”

Trump doesn’t grok the earth shattering, culture changing events of the past several months, because he doesn’t live in the real world. He’s a media personality. He’s never been anything else. He manipulated the tabloids in New York, “wrote” his books, and created a fable about himself, because he’s too stupid and lazy to achieve anything of substance. So anything that he was ever going to achieve had to be based on image and manipulation of perception. If Reagan was the Great Communicator, Trump is the Great Manipulator. He’s all show. No substance, form only — and the real killer is that he thinks that’s okay. All that is important is that you believe he’s a billionaire, not that he really is one. And now, events are completely out of his control and he’s trying to save his image.

The comment about Black Lives Matter being Marxist is the campaign’s pivot under the new campaign manager, Bill Stepien. The campaign stopped airing ads for a week to do a reset, because demonizing Joe Biden wasn’t working. The fact that Uncle Joe is not Hillary finally got through, apparently. So now the Trump message is the impending takeover by the radical left. With colossal irony and projection which is beyond description, Donald Trump is running for reelection on the premise that America is at the crossroads and only voting for him will prevent socialist, Marxist, communist — pick your buzzword, the base doesn’t know what any of them mean, anyhow — takeover. Now, interestingly, precisely the inverse is true. If this clown would win reelection, that would be the death knell of the democratic way of life, not to mention the end of America’s place as a world leader. We’ve lost a tremendous amount of face in the eyes of the world already and only making Trump a one term president is going to fix that, plain and simple. So, paradoxically, Donald Trump is right. We do stand at the turning point. This election is about America or an ism, banana republic form of government that is frightening to contemplate. He does see the choice as fundamental, he just has it backwards, as usual.

In all events, angry Trump, burn it down Trump, insult comic Trump is not doing so well in the polls and apparently he can’t get any farther than “people don’t like me” and saying that it’s “okay” to lose. Apparently that’s what’s left, when somebody is a hollow shell of insecurities, powered by malignant narcissism. Politico:

In her new book, “Too Much and Never Enough,” Mary Trump… Asked how she thought Trump might be processing the sudden limits of his once formidable political powers, she said, “He’s not processing any of it.”

She added, “He’s deflecting, he’s projecting, he’s denying. And I think one of his favorite things to do in such circumstances is to blame and distract. So, you know, it’s everybody else’s fault and everything needs to be called into question and delegitimized so that he doesn’t actually stop winning, you know what I mean? So it’s not that he’s going to lose the election, it’s that he’s not going to be able to be allowed to win it.”

I don’t know what would “allow” the man to win it. I guess we would have to roll back the events of 2020, the virus, George Floyd, the protests, all of it. America is not the same nation it was on New Year’s Day and the last one to comprehend that is the guy sitting in the Oval Office. That would be truly incredible if we were talking about anybody other than Trump.

Another thing Trump predicted on Fox News this morning is that the virus “will go away, like things go away.” That makes seven months in a row that Trump has predicted that the virus will go away and it has not, it’s only gotten worse.

This is the biggest psychological tell of all. Trump keeps saying the virus will go away because he needs it to go away. He can’t deal with it and doesn’t want to. He just wants it to stop existing. And he has spectacularly botched the response to it. 157,000 people dead and counting. We have 25% of the world’s cases and we’re only 4.2% of the world’s population — but Trump would have you believe we’re “winning” because he can’t process reality, because he’s spent his life living in a money-insulated bubble. That’s why he’s useless.

The tragedy of this is that the man is no kind of a leader and didn’t think he had to be. He thought he would just play a leader on TV. And the GOP gave him the green light. That’s the tragedy. And for that, the GOP needs to be held accountable along with Trump.

November 3 can’t come fast enough.

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  1. I say this again…he’s constructing an exit narrative for when he loses in November. When you’re reduced to trying to scare voters with outdated late 20th Century tropes in the face of a virus that continues to ravage the land, you’re on the wrong side of the tide. Deep down, he senses this. He might even be relieved a little…or would be if criminal prosecution wasn’t in his immediate future in the event of a loss.

    • In yesterday’s piece about Mary Trump saying he would make Ivanka the Vice President, Mary Trump said that Donald would be “narcissistically crushed” or words to that effect and so he would have to slink away, with a “you’ll be sorry” exit line. That makes sense to me.

  2. Without the cloak of the Presidency and Billy Barr’s use of the full weight of the Department of Justice as a personal legal defense team Trump faces serious civil and criminal jeopardy. Covid-19 would be his excuse for losing and he could spin his “I was the greatest President ever” b.s. and move on to his next con. (Trust me – the entire GOP will be using the pandemic as an excuse – to quadruple down to the 9th power to the 9th power that the reason they lost was that they still weren’t conservative enough!) Now that he can’t have his rallies any more, and won’t be able to for the rest of the campaign (at least without multiple repeats of the Tulsa debacle) there’s nothing at all fun in the job for him anymore. In fact being President has become the opposite of fun and in a “bigly” way. So he wants out. However he’s spent enough time in various legal proceedings to know he’s worse than screwed if he’s no longer President come Jan. 20, 2012. By becoming President he’s invited a level of scrutiny of his entire life and career that he can’t control. I wonder if he’s toyed with the idea of fleeing to a non-extradition country. He can after all refuse Secret Service protection and have Keith Schiller gin up a new personal protective detail like he’d wanted to have all along in the WH instead of the Secret Service. IOW while the Secret Service wouldn’t aide in Trump fleeing our country (and justice) personally hired bodyguards would. I wouldn’t be surprised to see it happen early next year.

    • I think he might do what you suggest, say “I was the greatest president ever and it wasn’t my fault COVID-19 didn’t disappear when I told it to.” Some total idiocy like that is possible.

      • Oh, when it comes to Trump’s total idiocy, I think we passed “possible” long, long ago—hell, we’re even past that dreaded phase, “undoubted”. I wake every morning now braced for incoming.

    • There is no next con, Denis. For all intents and purposes, he’s run his last one. And I have infinite faith in his ability to screw up his own escape plan.

  3. “Trump doesn’t grok … trying to save his image.”

    The most succinct summation of Trump and his presidency I’ve seen. How will he react on November 4, after he has been badly defeated? I’d speculate that he will resign, because nothing could be more painful to Donald J. Trump than enduring three more months in office as a loser.

    • While certainly a possibility, you have to remember the massive amount of charges, lawsuits and related legal proceedings waiting for him if he goes there. My man Hoarse Whisperer on Twitter thinks it’s more likely he’ll slink down to Mar-A-Lago for those last three months.

      • I’m not sure he even realizes that states have powers separate from the feds. Or that the president isn’t an absolute monarch.

    • It’s all about image. When I was in my twenties I worked in the motion picture studios for several years. I knew people who only were concerned with image. They drove the “right” cars and were seen in the “right” places. Trump wanted to go to film school in his youth and run a movie studio. His father made him go into real estate.

      • ‘All that is important is that you believe he’s a billionaire, not that he really is one.’

        As well as…

        All that is important is that you believe he’s a president, not that he really is one.

    • He will mess things up as much as possible, with intent between November 3, 2020 and January 20, 2021. His version of Hitler’s ‘Scorched Earth Policy.’ It’s all the POS has done “it’s” entire f**king life!!!

  4. The tragedy is too many believe in him. My neighbor had one 45/Pence sign up. Now there are three. Last time he had five. I don’t speak to him. If I did, it wouldn’t be pretty. I’m in the mood to go off on someone. I’m worried.

    • I have gone off on Trumpers and it has not been pretty. And I don’t care. I have to fight for what I believe in. What’s the old expression, “If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything?”

  5. I’m envisioning his future orange jumpsuit matching up with his outrageous orange makeup. (Would Jesus use makeup?) That is what’s motivating him as much as his beached whale of an ego.

  6. I don’t beg to differ with you Ursula, but whereas Trump was previously not a billionaire, I’d bet any money that he is now a billionaire with all the corruption he and his demented demon sperm have manipulated. Maybe that’s what all his affection with Putin is all about because Putin is reputed to be the real richest man in the world. 200 billion. Check it out.

  7. Just as we learned to say “Never Forget” about what Hitler and the other power-mad “leaders” did to their own people in WWII, we in the USA must own to “Never Forget” what Donald John tRump tried to do in our nation. He will not succeed but we will be suffering repercussions from the immense damage he will leave in his wake. I wish election day AND inauguration were tomorrow! I still fear the “Lame Donald” period from November 3rd to January 20th. (Actually, the last four years have been the “Lame Donald” period!) ☹

  8. Really, it is totally OK with us if tRump loses in November. Of course, when he says it’s OK, he is no doubt conjuring up some scorched earth fantasy revenge for the ungrateful nation.

  9. Over in NeverTrumpLand, they are arguing among themselves whether to outvote any Republican running because they deserve to lose, or to leave a few Republicans standing to be a check and balance on Biden.

    • Thus confirming how inflated their egos have been of late. They can pretend to be movers and shakers all they want. But when Trump is gone, they’re going to be the same powerless little courtiers who failed to stop him in the first place. I look for some epic brawls among their ranks, sort of how hatred of Rasputin held Russia together until he got dumped in the Nevyh river.

  10. Amen to that! November 3rd, 2020 and January 20th, 2021 can’t come soon enough… God help us deal with this evil, sick *resident until then!


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