There are lies, there are damn lies, and then there are monolithic misrepresentations which bear no relationship to reality whatsoever and that’s what you are going to see here. Trump Won And You Know It is a song that went viral last May, according to KXAN. It’s sung by Natasha Owens who touts herself as a Christian and a patriot. She may end up a defendant, as well, if she keeps defaming Dominion Voting Systems. This is worth taking a look at because this is every cliched (not to mention debunked) fantasy of the “stollen” election set to music. But it’s what’s at the 2:12 mark, claiming Trump carried both New York and California, that puts me on the floor.

This is Ode To The Big Lie, folks. It’s got every stereotype in the book. It’s a flight into total unreality and conspiracy theory. I’ve been documenting for years now how there are two versions of reality in this country, running side by side and we are two different cultures, comingled and contiguous, but not congruent. No, we’re as different as night and day.

And do you love the comment below the song? Why would Trump have rallies after he’s won election? I can only speculate that it’s because in that case MAGA would be the ruling party and they want their cult hero to have rallies just for them. This is entertainment after all. There’s no pretense of any serious leadership. This is the Make America Hate Again crowd.

Trump never had any intention of being president for all the people when he was elected. He made that clear. And that was a departure for a president. Every president, upon winning, has gone through the ritual of saying that he (and so far it’s only been a he) wants to be the president for all the people, not just the ones who voted for him. Not Trump.

Do you love the Aryan superman imagery? And the white crown? Dripping what, I don’t want to even speculate. And here’s another jewel.

It’s magical thinking at its finest. Just pretend that what you want to be really is. This is so unhealthy on so many levels. I worry about the MAGA kids being brought up to believe that you can only listen to certain channels and read certain newspapers, because the forces of evil control the outlets that were somehow okay for your grandparents and their grandparents before them. The potential for people going bonkers by cherry picking what to believe and what not to believe is frightening to even think about.

Fake news has an appeal. It provides a comfort zone to live in, where things are as you want them to be and wish they were. The tragedy of all this is that Trump is fleecing these people, taking their last dime. Like any cult.

The only thing missing now is Trump taking one of his golf courses and having the MAGAs create a Trump Town with it and they all live together and worship him, until the kool aide party happens. Man. Never thought I’d see anything like this.


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  1. “there are two versions of reality in this country, running side by side and we are two different cultures, comingled and contiguous, but not congruent.’


    There is one version of reality also known as ‘reality’ or truth or facts.

    And there is also a widely prevalent fantasy, or lie, or made-up fiction, believed by many poorly informed people about what they would like to think is reality, but isn’t. Because it’s not based on facts or truth.

    There is only ever one reality, anything else is a fiction.

  2. I told my husband today that I used to think most people to be intelligent. With this political difference it’s not what I believe anymore. How can so many people believe that guy and everything he stands for? It actually hurts my heart to think that some people believe Democrats to be evil and hate this country. I couldn’t listen to that song, I really can’t handle the madness.

    • It’s where we’ve come to as a country. I have people I’ve known all my life. Shared campfires with. Hunted and fished with. They now think they need to beat the liberal out of me. Always confuses me that they are right and I am wrong. They talk about how great the economy was when Trump was in office. I ask them is that the economy he paid for with 8 trillion dollars, one quarter of the debt since we became a country. They start in on Joe Biden. How bad he’s doing. I ask them is that before or after he paid two trillion of Trumps crap off. They don’t want to hear it. Lies. You can look it up if you want. They talk about jobs. Yeah there’s only 3something% of jobs to pick from. All the good ones are taken. Yeah Trump had fewer jobs than he started with. That hasn’t happened a lot. Joe is up around 13 mill. Oh well that’s just post Covid jobs coming back. Well don’t think so but you can hope. Speaking of Covid that’s when Trump lied to America and caused the deaths of thousands of Americans. Then he wouldn’t sign the authorization for the companies to switch to hospital stuff. But not to worry, Jared ran an auction that practically gave them the stuff while gouging blue states. One of his people asked him about some blue state stuff that was needed and Jared said F**k them, let ‘em die. Nice sentiment. And you know as far as I can see that money from that auction which was up in the millions just up and disappeared. Imagine that. So actually you have two deals that Jared was involved in. The two billion, whatever the auction was. Oh and I keep forgetting. Jared bought the biggest white elephant in NYC and was about to go bankrupt until the Saudi government slipped his daddy just shy of a billion dollars. And you would know this is just after he got out of prison for some kind of white collar crimes. I swear to God. These stories almost write themselves. I cannot for the life of me figure out who is the bigger criminal. Hell we need that gal to write us a tune that covers this. Well on second thought, good old boy called Tennessee Brando. Been in music probably 30 years. He also has his little stories on Meidastouch. If you haven’t heard of them, best thing to start with is google them on YouTube. Will change your life. Sorry Ursula but I’ve seen you “occasionally” mention them. They got over 1 1/2 million subscribers and are trying for two million. Who knows they might make it.

  3. Why is he posting continuous LIES, that have been proven over & over FALSE! Why hasn’t a Judge issued a GAG order by now?? Guess they believe it wouldn’t be worth the effort! Poser & pretender, thinking their making a movie about him…..The world is so TIRED OF this crook & delusional AH!


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