Another day, another mystery in Trump world. The post you’re about to see is Donald Trump going on about the once and future (he wishes) First Lady, his wife Melanoma Melania. Just out of the blue and apropos of nothing, he does this. Except that in Trump world, everything has a reason. So what could be the reason behind this display? And display it is, since it contains several shots of Melania at her worst, when she insults the country at large and caged children in particular with her green pea coat.

Wardrobe, hair, you name it, lotsa lotsa cash has been spent on making Mel look mahhvalous.

Ho ho, an answer. Right here in the threads.

Yes, April 15 is coming up quickly and that is the beginning of the hush money trial. Who knows what will be revealed and how bad it could make Trump look, not to mention wifey. Only Trump knows what’s liable to come out at trial, so maybe he’s doing this preemptive strike, so to speak, to be worshipful of his wife publicly so that when he comes out in the course of the trial how unworshipful he was back in 2005 or so, that it won’t look so bad.

I like this next post. It shows Trump’s basic thought processes with respect to anything.

Fuck it eat it kill it, that’s about the entire gamut right?

Now this next one is to the point.

That is Trump’s bottom line. That’s what he thinks about, sunrise, sunset, swiftly flow the days.

I had almost forgotten this. This, to Melania, is some kind of chic or imagination. Or, it is exactly what we all thought it was at the time, which is a fuck you. And you remember her being recorded on video, “Who gives a fuck about Creesmuss decorations? But I have to do eet, right?” Yeah, I guess you had to.

Man, the image certainly doesn’t improve with age.

Let’s see what Melania does. I’m betting she doesn’t show up in court, that’s a no brainer. As to showing up on the campaign trail, I don’t think that will happen either. I think that the supercut you saw of Days Of Melania Past is about all you’re going to get.


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  1. Ursula, I don’t think you meant “incognito.” That word is defined as “without being known; in an assumed character or under an assumed title; in disguise.” It usually means a person who’s present but keeping their real identity hidden from the people around them like a female celebrity going out in public wearing a wig and sweats or like the TV show “Undercover Boss” where the owner of a company would wear something to hide their real appearance so they could mingle among the peons working for them.
    I didn’t watch the videos but the general consensus is that Melania’s not there at all and Trump’s just talking about her so “absent” would probably be a better choice.

  2. During the clip, when the song said “put your hand in my hand”, I thought about all the times she refused to hold his hand. As with everything tRump, it’s all BS.

  3. Melanoma/ Malaria is the cousin of Most India Addams the Frump family (Morticia’s maiden name is Frump) doesn’t acknowledge because she’s mean and unpleasant and ruins every family reunion by sporting that Praveen jacket.

  4. Oh Gawd. The Handmaid trees constructed from used tampons.
    MiL bought a two.foot o e in lime green glitter. We were living with her at the time. It was on the mantle. It made me nauseated. I moved it to the never-used dining room table. She either didn’t notice or didn’t care.

  5. How to give the illusion that your wife is campaigning for you when really she’s barely speaking to you and there’s more Stormy weather up ahead. Kind of like pretending you have millions in cash when really all you have is a lot of heavily mortgaged real estate.

  6. She obviously hasn’t finished negotiating a suitable price for her services during the campaign. Yes, this makes her look the part of a whore and yes, that is what she is. You can put a ring on it but when you f*ck for money, regardless of the surrounding circumstances, you descend into the brothel.


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