It’s the year 5784 in the Jewish calendar as they celebrate Rosh Hashanah, New Year, a time of rejoicing and serious introspection. And along comes Donald Trump, the clown, to threaten them on a high holy day. Very classy guy. Trump is apparently upset with American Jews for not loving him enough. Since the Jews can spot a fascist with ease, having been oppressed by so many of them, he shouldn’t have to wonder for too long why they feel as they do about him. But he’s miffed. He did a lot for them and he expects a payback and it better be in 2024 since it wasn’t in 2020. Good luck, Donald. This is digging your own grave further, but please, proceed. As Sun Tzu said, “never interrupt your enemy when he’s making a mistake.”

Happy New Year, sheep, (and I quote) the mob boss just told you what to do if you don’t want to end up sheared and in a curry. Here’s the rant in readable form. I call your attention to the spelling of Nazi.

Jexit was Jews exiting the Democratic party and voting Republican, namely for him. That was the wet dream at the time, in any event. Jexodus was another group, same idea. Trump saw a story on cable news and decided it was a real thing. Voila, he supported it.

I’m with the good doctor. Every Jew I know hates Trump’s guts, too. In all events, Trump tried to buy the Jewish vote and I would bet good money that his son-in-law, Jared, told him that that would take place upon moving the embassy, etc. But alas, Jared was wrong, and so Trump went to the other Jew he knows, Alan Dershowitz.

I honestly think that Trump gets his ridiculously simplistic and warped view of the Jewish worldview from his rich a$$hole son-in-law. To that end,ย Haaretz chimed in with its take on this gaffe in the last hours of Rosh Hashanah. Now unless I am mistaken, this poll Haaretz is referring to is one taken in Israel. That’s important because Trump believes the Israelis love him so much that he could be Prime Minister.

He thinks he’s got the highest approval rating in the world, but Haaretz, which is reportedly Israel’s “newspaper of record” i.e., the analogue of the New York Times, and with the third largest circulation of any periodical in Israel, said this today.

A poll earlier this summer showed 72 percent of Jewish voters prefer U.S. President Joe Biden over Trump, with 80 percent holding unfavorable views of Trump. Orthodox Jews, however, prefer Trump by a 76-13 percent difference.

A Haaretz review of Jewish Republican donationsย over the first several months of the 2024 Republican presidential primary campaign revealed that a notable number of pro-Trump donors will clearly back the former president no matter what as he faces a series of indictments, Jewish donors appear divided on who represents the best alternative to the former president, with several hedging bets by donating to several candidates.

I confess to amazement that Orthodox Jews would back a man who is clearly a “Natzi” through and through but for his difficulty in spelling the word. They strike me as members of the Leopard’s Eating Peoples’ Faces party and they will realize their mistake too late.

In any event, Trump is not winning any contests with Jews in Israel, except in his dreams.

I agree with the tweeter here who said, “he’s not seeking Jewish votes, he’s identifying a target.” I take Trump’s words as a veiled threat that if he gets back into office and if the Jews didn’t help put him there, look out. Of course, if Trump gets back in office, we’re all going to have to look out. The old poem that starts out, “First they came for the communists,” will be all of our stories. One group by one group, one individual by one individual, fascist Donald will get us all. Nobody will be safe and this won’t be America anymore.

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  1. So he’s basically telling Jewish people he’s the Messiah and the increase in anti-Semitic actions is because they spurned him in 2020 but he’ll give them one last chance – and if they don’t recognize him in 2024 he’s going to make them pay. I keep saying Stephen Miller looks like a younger Eichman, and he’s probably itching to play that role in the Trump Reich.

  2. 60 Minutes did a piece last night about the current turmoil in Israel. Apparently the ultra-orthodox are part of the far right scene over there. They are pushing to make the government a theocracy and also want their exemption from compulsory military service formalized into law. There may be more reasons, but they are big in the far right administration of Netanyahu.
    Netanyahu is currently working to make over the country into an authoritarian state. So, I guess that would be why they support 45.


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