This is what happens when you’re as arrogant as you are stupid. The timeline is simple and direct, and when you think about it, the result was almost pre-ordained;

  • Trump is arrested, processed, and arraigned in federal court in Washington DC
  • In the arraignment the federal magistrate judge admonishes Trump that any attempt on his part to bribe or intimidate a witness or potential juror could put him in the diaper pail
  • Within six hours of arraignment, Trump goes to Bullsh*t Social and directly threatens pretty much everybody on the planet but Vladimir Putin

Hell, I almost set my watch by this one. When the magistrate judge warned Trump to bridle his tongue, if you simply closed your eyes, you could see Babe Ruth pointing out to center field and calling his shot. Because it’s pure Trump.

Just look at the past 50 years. Traitor Tot has spent more time in district, state, and federal court than Perry Mason. He has sued and been sued by so many people that the roster of his court filings would rival the size of the Manhattan Yellow pages.

There are two common denominators in every Trump court case, regardless of the venue. First, every one of them up until the Manhattan DA’s Stormy Daniels case has been a civil trial. And in every single case Trump has been a flaming *sshole to the judge, as well as the prosecutors. Just remember him slamming the federal judge in the Trump U case for being a Mexican, even though he was born in St. Louis, and insisting he couldn’t be fair to Trump while he was building a wall.

Again, there are two reasons he could do this. For one thing, all of Trump’s trials have been civil trials, and there is no prison time possible in civil trials, only cash penalties and awards. And more importantly, in a civil trial, a defendant is not required to show up in court for hearings or trial. The chickensh*t weasel could piss all over the trial judge in the media, and then scurry away and leave it up to the lawyers to take the beating in court.

Here’s why I said that this outcome was almost pre-ordained. Forget the admonition that the magistrate judge to keep his mouth shut about witnesses and evidence. The die was cast, and Trump had already mentally vowed vengeance in the first five minutes of the hearing.

For starters the judge was 15 minutes late for court. This was an outrage to Trump. Trump doesn’t wait for people, people wait for Trump. Then the judge asked the two sides to identify themselves in court for the record. The prosecutor gave his name and said representing the people of the United States, Your Honor. Trump’s lawyer identifies himself, then he gilds the lily. President Trump is also present in court Your Honor. The judge gave the lawyer a look, looked down to the court reporter, and said The record will reflect that Mr. Trump is in the courtroom.

Who the f*ck does that pipsqueak judge think she is?! He’s already got to waste time in this bullsh*t hearing, and now she doesn’t even give him the courtesy of using his proper title? To make it worse, every time the magistrate judge referred to him in court, she called him Mr. Trump. By the time she got around to her warning, Trump had already gone from low simmer to high boil. Obviously somebody needs to teach this snotty woman judge a lesson!

Straight to Bullsh*t Social, IF YOU COME AT ME, THEN I’M GOING TO COME AT YOU! Umm, Mr. Trump? The 80’s called, and Don Corleone wants his cheap theatrical threat back. Just to make sure that the point was made, Trump returned to Bullsh*t Social today and sublimely threatened potential witness former VP  Mike Pence for being too honest to do what needed to be done.

One nice thing about Special Counsel Jack Smith, he never looks a gift horse in the mouth. But last night Smith’s team had asked the trial judge to issue a discovery protective order, barring Trump from publicly commenting on the evidence and witnesses of the case, and barring Trump from taking notes or viewing the evidence without one of his attorneys in the room. Earlier today Trump’s team responded to the judge with a letter of their own, asking for more time to prepare a written response to the prosecutions request. And moments ago, in a rare Saturday ruling, the judge told Team Trump to shut up and have their response filed by 5:00 PM on Monday.

It’s funny when you think about it, but for all of Trump’s legion of state and federal lawsuits, Trump has almost never even met a judge that he wasn’t making a political contribution to, or asking for a favor. because all of his previous cases were civil, he almost never had to show up in court.

And it shows. Reporters covering his Manhattan arraignment said that the Trump who shambled out of the courtroom and into his limo looked weak, and almost frail. The arrogance was knocked out of him for once. And following Trump’s Thursday arraignment, Speaker Emeritus Nancy Pelosi told MSNBC that when Trump got back on his plane after the arraignment, she saw a scared little boy. No more sneer, no more jutting chin. He knew he lost the election, and now it was time to pay the piper. 

And federal judge Tanya Chutkan is Trump’s worst nightmare. A former federal pubic defender she is known as painstakingly fair, but also strict in her court. Former AUSA Harry Litman, who faced her in DC murder court in their younger days that that he never worried that was a worthy opponent for him. Instead he worried if he was a worthy opponent for her.

But here’s what roasts Trump’s nuts over an open fire. Judge Chutkan has been elbow deep in the blood of January 6th cases for the lower level scumbags that His Lownes sicced on the Capitol. She is the one federal district court judge that has handed down longer sentences than the prosecutors have asked for, stating that Everybody needed to have some skin in the game. And worse yet, in sentencing one lower level miscreant who claimed that it was Trump that had summoned him to Washington, and order him to the Capitol, she replied, I understand your point, and I have my own feelings on that matter, which I’ll keep tp myself since they’re personal, and not germane to this issue. The fact is that I’m not presiding over that case, I’m presiding over your case. 

And now she is going to have the chance to put her money where her mouth is, since she’s officially overseeing his case. And being as big of a legal imbecile as he is a political imbecile, Trump literally has no idea just how deep he’s digging this hole. She has almost a decade of experience on the federal bench, and if El Pendejo Presidente got pissed when the magistrate judge constantly referred to him as Mr. Trump in his arraignment, just wait until judge Chutkan insists on referring to him in court as The Defendant. A federal court judge is kind of like a Marine drill sergeant. The first thing they do is to knock the ego out of you to ensure compliance with orders. And since they have all the power, your dumb ass can either do it the easy way or the hard way. And as a military school grad, Trump knows that drill.

This is going to be fascinating to watch. Judge Chutkan has already set the preliminary hearing date for August 28th, much earlier than the Trump legal team wanted it, with their keep away strategy. She should also open the discovery process at that hearing, although if she gives Smith his protective order in the interim, I expect Smith to begin immediately, as he did in the Florida case, to forestall Trump whining about voluminous amounts of discovery requiring a lengthy delay before trial.

Here’s my best guess. Chutkan is known as a judge that likes justice dispensed at 60 mph. If my memory serves me correctly, the 2nd E Jean Carroll trial is scheduled to open on January 8th. That should be a short trial, since Trump is already guilty of defamation, the only question is whether or not he needs to pony up any more to the kitty. Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg has already said that he’ll defer his trial date in late March if the Special Counsel needs it. Since Trump’s Carroll lawyers aren’t involved in his DC case, I’m looking at Chutkin scheduling Trump’s trial for the 3rd or 4th ween in January, and letting the chips fall where they may. Don’t touch that dial.

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  1. ‘Unstoppable force’ of Trump, or so his acolytes think, meets immovable object of the US legal system represented by no-nonsense Judge Chutkan.

    Trump will stop moving.

    And only partly because he’s scared stiff.

  2. Everybody, at some point in time, knows what panic both looks and or feels like. Your comment “… here’s what roasts Trump’s nuts over an open fire. Judge Chutkan …” has enough intensity and integrity to cause pathological level of panic in the Mango Moron – outwardly episodic and inwardly non-stop. Threatening one and all is his way to release the pressure buildup, but to no avail. His nemesis knows this, and so does he, himself. He cannot stop with his puerile threatening diatribes because he’s too used to getting away with this type of behaviour. However, this time circumstances are different. Circumstances that he has no control over, and he hates it. So he lashes out, threatens all and sundry, but only manages to shoot himself and his advisory confidants in the foot. All he’s doing is telegraphing is how he’s becoming increasingly bewildered, angry and irrelevant as he implodes under panic from the stress of it all. Tick. Tick. Tick.

  3. Had anyone noticed that one of the statutes charged includes the death penalty? Applicable if anyone died in the course of violations of the statute? Because people died in the course of violations of the statute.

  4. I have a saying I use occasionally. The day you find out, you know as smart as you think you are is a very bad day. I don’t know if it’s happened yet, but when it does it happen to the orange bozo, it will be obvious to everyone around that it has happened. I’m sure he’ll try to put on a steely exterior, but the interior tremors will show through that spray-on tan. I would love to see this trial to be broadcast live just for that moment. The karma train has Left the station and he is standing defiantly on the tracks. this needs to end well for democracy. LOCK HIM UP!!

    • He had best replace his Depends just before the Judge describes to a Jury, if he cannot plead out, what they can do with all the evidence the USA has to charge him with, in each item, which will be presented to the Jury in writing for reference … The face of total panic will result in a massive drain on the air-conditioning system … the Jury can recommend punishments …

      In this huge wrong-doing with Trump’s button-busting posture of power, he no-longer has, the decision to call him into full 10-20 years each count, served sequentially, or even a sentence with 20 years total all charges met, it would decimate Trump to an incontinent, incoherent, babbling freak, while the court appointed officers in the changing room, helped him into his new bright orange outfit, a good time to say to Trump, “We will hang these up in a closet within a zippered cover for you, if you EVER get released, and if you are STILL alive …

  5. It’s a shame what has happened in America since he started running for president back in 2015. I used to like him a lot before then. Never knew he had racist ideations. Why? He’s so privileged already.

    If anyone doubts he’s gotten special treatment up to now, just imagine if Obama was accused of doing just one of all trump has been accused of.

    I rest my case.

    • You must have missed his Central Park Five moment if you did not know about his racism. It was on full display then just as it is today.

    • You weren’t paying attention if you thought he wasn’t racist. He had to pay a big fine for racist rental policies in housing he owned.

  6. “Trump’s nuts roasting on an open fire, Mike Pence talking to his toes….” BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! We’ll sing it at Christmas, Murfster!!! BWAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!

  7. If you are going to use words like “shit” and “asshole”, etc., spell them correctly. Anything else looks like you are afraid of those words.

    • Afraid to use them or just not being deliberately and needlessly offensive. Look, I use them when I post here and I am pissed off as all get out. Those are times I probably shouldn’t be posting at all. The sh*ts and f*cks say and mean the same thing so WTF?

  8. Trump is both contemptible and contempuous. That’s a “twofer”. I hope our country can withstand his toxicity for the next however many months. I admit that I am quite concerned about his unstable moronic vigilantes, how they will react. Our country is teetering.


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