The Arizona MAGA Nation rally is as nuts as you would have expected. There are a lot of ugly images here today, but this one is particularly bothersome. A protester showed up and the Right Side Broadcasting reporter is simply giddy that this woman wearing a Biden shirt was handcuffed and thrown out of the rally.

This is a sad commentary on who we are as a people. Americans hate other Americans. This is what it was like in the mid 1800s when brother turned against brother, neighbor against neighbor. We’ve cycled all the way back to that.

So much for the party of free speech. Actually, she’s better off being removed from that scene. The MAGAs are nuts, they’re as likely as not to turn this into a scene from Day Of the Locust.* They are that crazy.

And then the Golden One took stage.

There you have it, ladies and gentlemen, the 2024 GOP platform, articulated for you by the frontrunner for the nomination. You can go into cryogenic freeze without concern now, you’re up on all the policies you need to know to be able to vote on election day, 2024.

Here he is slurring, bottom clip.

And then he segues to conspiracy theory. He’s in top form tonight.

I think the bottom clip is supposed to pass for wit.

So when you can’t beat your wife, you beat a witch instead? Or you hunt a witch or hunt the guy who hunts the witch and then beat them both? Say, maybe Trump could use a witch doctor.  He needs some kind of professional help, that much is absolute.

The crowd size keeps coming up. I guess the yous and mes are missing the entire point of what happened that day. We believe that the takeaway was the bloodiest day at the Capitol since 1814, Trump knows that the park was packed like sardines and that’s how he remembers it. And that’s all he remembers, evidently.

I have to drop this in here, because it’s so insane.

I wish we could have heard the “ambassador’s” response.

Now this is pretty wild, even for Trump. Did you know that white people can’t get the COVID shots?

Trump’s got his facts confused on this one. DirectTV is dropping OAN. AT&T loves them some OAN, they sponsor it. But if Trump wants to encourage people to boycott AT&T because he has them confused with DirectTV, I think that’s swell.

And now Trump waxes psychic. He knows who the hostage takers in Texas are. Okey doke.

I’m going to end this piece on that note. He started talking about Afghanistan at the end and I think the rest of the speech will be an anti-Biden tirade, and nothing new. If he says anything particularly bonkers, it will make its way into another piece.

** Day Of the Locust is an obscure reference. At the end there’s a crowd scene in Hollywood and a failed creative type goes nuts and stomps a small child to death. It’s a 70’s movie based on the novel by Nathaniel West.


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  1. Well, we know his kids don’t care enough to get a conservatorship. They really should. It may shield some of their money from all the lawsuits raining down.
    What a sad indictment of our society that he still has followers.

  2. 909 souls died in Jonestown. Everyone but two people died by poison. Jim & his nurse/concubine died from gunshot. They didn’t have the stomach for cyanide. Point is people, once they hand their will & mind to a cult, they rarely make it back.

    • I got out. ’72 – ’88 christian cult run by Witness Lee. “The Local Church.” Same time as Jones. It took 13 years to see the truth. A little over 2.5 years to leave, due to the fear they impart that you will leave God’s move on earth if you leave. Shunned. Years of therapy. Those in 45’s cult, until/unless they wake up to the fact he doesn’t give a flying fuck about them, only himself, they’ll stick around. Those that are up on charges are waking the hell up. Too late.

  3. His base,are mostly evangelicals, so supporting now a religious belief, like the End Times. These folks aren’t well.educated; many went to.Christian schools (CHRISTIAN,not Catholic;I got a,solid education in science,history and civics from my Catholic schools) they . If they go to college it is to a Bible college even the Christian Accreditation Bureaus won’t touch. Good luck coming between them and their earthly Savior anointed by God.

    • Yeah. Nothing like evil hypocrites wrapping themselves in a collection of ancient stories that have survived several thousand years of complexity to arrive in our hands. It also helps if u ignore everything Jesus was reported to have said & done. In addition they claim God made everything but have no idea how ‘his’ world is made or even where they are. Wait til the James Webb, (UNC grad), telescope gets up & running. We know light can go around the earth 7x in 1second. It would require 26,000 years at that speed to reach the center of the milky way. There are an estimated 350 billion galaxies. For now. In fact there appears to be NO true reverance for truth & the MYSTERY of God. Darkness is their religion. Lies are what they tell themselves to feel they are somehow ‘special’. Where’s the short bus parked?


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