Man, these trial Hindenburgs just get more and more inflammable.

Alina Habba, the Trump lawyer who was fixing traffic tickets a year ago, and who may be in deep doo for claiming to the DOJ last May that she had personally searched Mar-A-Lardo high and low for documents responsive to their subpoena… and couldn’t find any, today went on Charlie Kirk’s Real America’s Voice show, where she could lie as much as she wanted unchallenged, and asserted that espionage and obstruction of justice are just “mundane” charges, and so, I suppose, unworthy of our attention.


There will be a fresh batch tomorrow, Luke.

Only the best people🙄

Didn’t work for them.



Maggie Haberman opines they might not ever 😡😡😡


They’re audacious, gotta give them that.

Dollar Tree

Release the crackheads!

Actually, Ted probably had the better argument.

Throwing ketchup against the wall to see what sticks.

That guy should make an ad.

You are most likely right, Janetta, more Trump lawyers end up in the toilet than do his documents.

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  1. What law school graduates these morons? Are there any standards? If I were a reputable lawyer, I would want them disbarred. They are bad for the profession which has enough jokes aimed at it.

  2. We’ll see what kind of “mundane” charges she will be facing. Isn’t she the one that signed the letter, stating no more docs were present?

    • Nah. Let her keep talking. Hey frumpy. What happened to the mob rules? Never rat on your friends, and keep your mouth SHUT. Well…too late now.


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