Bill Barr did an interview recently, wherein he characterized Donald Trump’s Big Lie as “bullshit” plain and simple. That obviously has not endeared him to the denizens of Trump world. Marjorie Taylor Greene went on Newsmax to disparage Barr and to gin up frenzy about the Arizona audits. Then Trump himself issued another one of his edicts from exile, disparaging both his former attorney general and taking a shot at the senate minority leader. In other words, it’s just a normal Monday in Trump world. Sigh.

And then of course Marjorie Taylor Greene is doing a better job of being the female Donald Trump then Ann-Margret did of being the female Elvis Presley.

This is her usual vitriol, nothing new. The part about Bill Barr comes at :50.

Still, hearing Bill Barr referred to as a member of the Deep State is somewhat amusing. It’s all relative, right? Pretty soon anybody who isn’t unabashedly on the Trump Train 24/7 will be a Deep State collaborator, just watch.


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  1. Everyone but his own lying self.
    He can’t allow himself to believe or even understand that he was so unpopular that most voters were against him.

  2. Trump really needs to pay better attention to things. McConnell WAS primaried in Kentucky; he faced SIX active candidates in the primary (there was also one guy whose name remained on the ballot even though he withdrew before the primary).
    Maybe Donnie’s thinking about the presidential primaries where HE wasn’t primaried.

  3. I hear that Marjorie Taylor Greene doesn’t believe in evolution. I think of the words of Bill Hicks that those who don’t believe in evolution don’t look very evolved.


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