There are people in media outlets who hover on Truth Social waiting to see if Donald Trump shows up and spews anything particularly strange. He’s the boy who cried wolf most of the time. You’ve heard it all before, but you cock an ear just in case something different comes your way.

Today, after news of Jack Smith’s superseding indictment posted and it was learned that the maintenance head at Mar-a-Lago, Carlos DeOliveira was charged, people waited to see if Trump would react and how.

He finally did. And it’s just the weakest, most pathetic thing you can imagine. The man doesn’t have a leg to stand on and he knows it. This shows that.

That’s it. Totally pathetic, both sider, victimhood. That’s Donald Trump to a tee.

He’s holding a rally in Erie, Pennsylvania this Saturday night. He had to pay the city $35,000 before they would let him speak. That’s how much he stiffed the city the last time out.

He’ll huff and he’ll puff to the Deadheads that come to every rally. I don’t expect too much originality from here on out. I think it’s pretty much downhill from here.


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  1. Must have been a curl up in the fetal position and cry evening for him after learning about this new stuff in Florida and that there were more people (Employees 4 & 5 and who knows how many others?) that have rolled on him if this is the best he can do. I’m sure he’ll come back with some Trumpian outrage today, and if so if I were Don Jr. I’d be checking my stash because pops will be raiding it to get a “boost.”

  2. Kind of funny how *NOW* Trump is claiming that his POST-presidency possession of records is somehow immune because he *WAS* President when he took the documents but he’s arguing, at the same time, that the *CURRENT* President’s possession of documents cannot be covered by his Presidential status.

    Is Trump now admitting that one’s presidential status is NOT a sufficient defense for having the documents when one is NOT the current President? I think I’d be pulling that little “Truth” and putting it into just one more piece of evidence for the prosecution.

  3. 20 X’s more boxes? I thought President Biden had some boxes in the corner of his garage. Didn’t former guy have boxes pretty much all over Lard-a-lago? I wonder if this is more projection on former guy’s part and we have no idea how many hundreds of boxes he has???

    • he is on about the Senatorial papers that Joe gave to Delaware State college, which were his to give, by law. and he keeps trying to imply that records stored for purposes of presidential libraries, (still under NARA control) are somehow stolen.
      he just keeps talking about healthy apples as if they were his rotten oranges.

  4. Baby huey even sucks at being a mobster. Did you see the ending of Casino? There’s a reason they hunted down everyone and introduced them to a 22 caliber bullet. Loose ends. Frump is like an old golf ball with the cover off and all the rubber strands fraying off. I wonder when he’ll flee the country?



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