Right about now I would imagine that Jack Smith might be putting champagne on ice because Donald Trump just handed him another gift. As Napoleon said, “Never interrupt your enemy when he’s making a mistake,” and Trump just made a whopper of a mistake. Here’s what today’s gaffe du jour looks like.

I don’t know why Ken Paxton didn’t get impeached for admitting to this crime in 2021 but what good would it do? The Texas state senators all received their marching orders from the MAGA mob and things would have been no different in 2021 when this was said, I’m sure. The Texas State Senate is a microcosm of the United States Senate, insofar as being filled with cowering Republicans, unwilling to vote against the cult leader, so that they themselves can remain in power. And screw democracy or the rule of law, who’s got time for trivia like that? As Mitt Romney pointed out, “a large portion of my party doesn’t believe in the Constitution.” So you think an oath of office is a biggy, if you don’t believe in the document and what it stands for to begin with?

I wonder if his lawyers talk to him about these things or if they’ve just given up.

I wonder if Paxton will appreciate this comment or if he’s groaning, even as we are?

So, let’s see where we are now: Trump just admitted to blackmailing a bunch of state senators and now he owns the attorney general of Texas, to all intents and purposes. Does that strike anybody as actionable?

What Trump doesn’t understand is that the MAGAs might be impressed by his peacocking and boasting about how powerful he is, but the prosecutors are taking this all down. Everything Trump says can and will be held against him in a court of law. He doesn’t seem to grasp that.

Wouldn’t that be something if there was a fifth indictment? The mind reels. At some point, the mind just can’t process anymore and I think that as a nation we’re reaching that point of overload.

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  1. Sun Tau never spoke the quote about interrupting your enemy….it was Napoleon Bonaparte. It’s fine to try and sound clever and well read, but unless you are sure, check your attributions.

  2. “‘He has the right to remain silent. He just doesn’t have the ability or the will to do so and it will be his ultimate downfall.”

    Perfectly, succinctly put.

    • I honestly don’t know. My confusion comes from whether that would be considered a state crime or if it violates some federal statute because Trump (if he did the crime) was in another state when he did it, either New Jersey or Florida. There are legal questions that come up in the era of Trump that nobody ever thought about before. A perfect example is whether the Secret Service would still guard Trump if he was sentenced to prison. Nobody knows answers to a lot of this stuff.

  3. Wouldn’t those same senators have to testify against dfg? I don’t believe they would. They wouldn’t stand up to him in the Paxton impeachment.

  4. Trump does not grasp that rain is wet-does anyone seriously thing he grasps the fact that he is giving the prosecution enough ammunition to blow his ass away? I have a vision of his attorneys starting their their day with booze for breakfast because it’s 5 PM somewhere and they sure as sh*t don’t want to deal with his idiot ass and his moronic actions sober.


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