One of the oldest adages in the world is, When you’re in a hole, Stop digging! But because he’s Trump, not only isn’t he dropping the shovel, he’s having his lawyers and flacks bring in a steam shovel to lighten his load.

See, from where I’m sitting, and I’m totally sincere about this, here’s the problem. Trump is so arrogant, so self centered, so narcissistic, that in his dotage, he has no idea of what his words mean. Whenever he opens his mouth, everything he says os geared to fleecing his flock of money. He lives in a self contained bubble of endless success. He has never been held personally responsible for his actions. Trouble is something to be skated from or bought off. As such, he has no idea of what his words actually mean in a world he doesn’t personally populate.

For example. Trump, without actually having his lawyer stand up in court and advocate on his behalf at the hearing, is screaming for the search warrant affidavit to be released unredacted. This is too stupid to be true. One of the legs of Trump’s 3 legged coffee table defense is that all the National Archives had to do was to ask for the shit back.

Even if the affidavit is redacted, there is no reason to redact such generic information as the dates and contents of the myriad of letters that first the National Archives, and then the DOJ sent to Trump’s legal team, asking for their return. BOOM goes Trump’s claim that all they had to do was ask. It won’t matter to Trump’s slobbering MAGAts, but potential witnesses in a criminal case?

Next, Trump put out a bloviating communique that asked a series of open ended, loaded questions. And he looks like an imbecile for doing it. Any lawyer with two kopecks to rub together can recite the first rule of examination or cross examination, Never ask a question that you don’t already know the answer to! Asking a witness an open question, and giving him free permission, and giving him an invitation to explain away his actions is the quickest way to bury your case.

Lordy, lordy, lordy, I wish that AG Merrick Garland would send out a spokesman with a copy of Trump’s blatherfest, and blow him right out of the water. Why did you guys raid my personal residence? To get our classified government secret documents back, fool. Why didn’t you just ask for the documents back in the first place? See the phone book of letters sent from first the National Archives, then the DOJ, asking for the return of the documents. Why did you want my security cameras turned off for the raid? To protect the identity of the agents conducting the search, you moron. Why haven’t you released a detailed inventory of the documents you seized? Because those are classified government secrets, shit-for-brains.

Then there’s Traitor Tot’s moronic motion to appoint a Special Master to scrub the documents that were seized before they are turned over to the FBI. have already written derisively that the time to ask for a Special Master is immediately after the raid, not 14 days later, when the FBI has already seen oodles. Trump’s beef is that there were documents covered by Executive Privilege, which Trump doesn’t have.

His defense is so clownish that the judge, who Trump appointed had to tell them to refile the motion because it was incorrect. She even provided them with a link to a tutorial on how to write the motion correctly. They re filed it, and today the judge tabled it, sending Trump’s lawyers 20 very pointed questions as to exactly what they were looking for?

But it’s even worse for Trump. Normally, when a Special Master is appointed by the court, it’s for privileges like Attorney-Client privilege, or doctor-patient privilege, or work product privilege. But in this case, you’re talking about Top Secret National Security documents. Where does a federal district court judge go to find a Special Master with Top Secret clearance who wants to pick up some spare change?

But I saved the best for last. Right now, Trump’s best defense should be the simple one, Stupid ignorance. I never actually thought I’d have to leave the White House. We didn’t even start packing until the last 2 days. We were just throwing shit into boxes left and right, I had no idea what was going in there. Once we got to Mar-A-Lago, I just threw all of that shit into the storage locker and closed the door. Never even thought about it again. Lame ass excuse, but you go with what you got.

But that excuse is toast for 3 reasons. First, there’s all of those letters from first the Archives, and then the DOJ, requesting the return of the classified documents. Kind of hard to not think about something when you’re getting dunned like a deadbeat by the National Archives and the DOJ.

The second one is worse. The New York Times has reported that one of the things that moved the DOJ to pull the trigger on the search warrant was Trump’s own security videos of the storage room. They showed boxes going in and out, and even showed boxes of documents being loaded into tube instead of the original boxes. The DOJ realized that the documents were no longer secure, or even necessarily in that location, and authorized the search.

But the third one is the gold ring, and it’s what is going to put Trump in steel bracelets someday soon. Trump can claim that he never even knew what was in the boxes. Fine. Until you take into account the New York Times reporting that while all of those boxes were moving in and out of that storage locker, Trump himself went through those boxes of documents. And that’s the prosecutorial enid game for Espionage Act charges.

Because Trump went through those boxes of documents after he had already returned 12 boxes of documents to the National Archives. That single act convicts Trump. Because it shows both guilty knowledge, since he Criminal Intent, since he went ahead and kept them, fully knowing they weren’t his to keep. The two most difficult part of a criminal trial for a prosecutor to prove, since it means getting inside the defendants head. But Trump gave everybody a guided tour inside his head.

For 7 long years the GOP has abided by one simple principle, Let Trump be Trump. And right now, if you’re in the FBI, the DOJ, the J6 Committee, or the Fulton County District Attorney’s office, you would be well advised to do the same goddamn thing. Let Trump be Trump. He’ll hang himself with his own rope.


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  1. Here’s another point to consider: Back in June Trump’s lawyer (at his direction I’m sure) provided a written statement to the FBI and the Archives that all material had been and there was no longer any stuff, much less CLASSIFIED stuff down there in FL. Except as we now know that was a flat out fucking lie! Lest we forget, it’s a crime to lie to federal agents. Just ask Mike Flynn. So we have a Trump attorney who submitted an affidavit containing lies to the authorities. The FBI/DOJ has that attorney dead to rights. Better yet, since there is prima face evidence of a federal crime normal attorney/client privilege with Trump (and any other lawyer stupid enough to sign or help craft that affidavit) AND Trump can’t hide behind attorney/client privilege. There is a crime/fraud exception and as I’ve said the crime is right there in writing and EVERYONE knows it!

    That means the feds can ask some pretty pointed questions about exactly what Trump’s orders were regarding that memo and those documents he lied about having, and since it’s likely others (not necessarily lawyers) were involved or at least knew about it and who was a party to the damned thing. I don’t know what that lawyer(s) would find worse, prison or disbarment but it’s safe to say they will roll on Trump.

  2. Living in a bubble of success requires that you first succeed at something. Am I forgetting one of his “successes”? Aside from his 2016 win, which putin made possible so…, what are these “successes”?

    • Mostly succeeding at skating.
      He pulled millions for himself out of every one of those businesses he ran into the ground. Success for him, failure for everyone else involved.



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