I wonder which one of the five stages of grief this goes under? Denial, anger, bargaining, depression, acceptance? Oh, wait, this is Donald Trump we’re talking about. So mourning the loss of a sibling, whom he claims was his “best friend” his one remaining brother, in fact, by doing a review of TV news networks, is not out of line.

Trump would know what’s on TV on weekend afternoons, because that’s all he does during “executive time” in the Oval TV Room. I mean, what else is he going to do? Those briefs are boring, not enough pictures, and the pictures they do have, don’t have bright colors, and they got mad the last time he drew on a map with his sharpie, so whaddya expect him to do? Huh?

“Plus, “Fair & Balanced” means they kiss my ass like they’re supposed to. What’s up with Fox these days, anyway?”

“And Robert should have waited until after the election to die, doncha think? How rude. He wasn’t thinking about me at all. What’s wrong with him?”

Hey if you’re the television president, what else are you going to do besides review TV networks? I mean, really.

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    • To be fair, Murf regularly ends his posts with “Don’t touch that dial.” It’s just an expression. Trump uses a remote like everyone else.

      • A very dated expression. Murph is humorously using the actual quote from old radio stations, while Trump is really instructing people to select a channel that way.

  1. No one and I mean NO ONE should ever expect any normal emotion or thought processing from mofo45. Never, ever. He does not have the ability. I wish more people understood malignant narcissism. My husband, for years, kept telling me, there’s making sense of crazy (my mother and family members.)

  2. ‘The five stages of grief:
    1. golf
    2. golf
    3. golf
    4. golf
    5. anger at Fox News
    Then comes:
    6. Lost Presidency
    7. Arrest by Brown & Black Police
    8. Being dragged, screaming from the White House on TV
    9. Impeachment
    10. Prison & permanent humiliation.
    11. America will be built back better by all of us working together. ‘

    Let it be so.

  3. From a purely scientific and psychoanalytical perspective, it is truly stunning just how much of a malignant narcissist trump is, with nary an ounce of sympathy or empathy even for his own brother. His pathology is on a par with Jack the Ripper.

    From the country’s perspective, it’s just horrific that this conman wheedled his way into power, and Moscow Mitch aided, abetted, and allowed him to stay. If our country survives and does not fall to fascism and tyranny, many a PhD thesis will be written about this ignominious era in American history and politics. (And hopefully large sections will be devoted to explaining how the GOP as a meaningful entity ceased to exist.)

    • As horrific as it is that he got to power, it must always be remembered he didn’t do it alone. He did it with his GOP enablers. They don’t care who the figurehead is, how competent, how incompetent. They just want to put on a show for the American people. Let’s see what they do to top this one.

      • The entire Republican Senate except mitt, (he only went halfway), committed perjury when they violated their oath to hold a fair trial to hear the evidence & remove this criminal. Given the mountain of evidence that Putin is running this circus, throw in treason. Vote early!!!!

        • Scott, just a nitpick but NO ONE in the Senate committed “perjury” during the impeachment hearings. Perjury is the deliberate telling of a lie, in giving testimony, while under oath. Since no seated Senator was permitted to give testimony–they are, after all, the jurors–there was no perjury. Breaking an oath (which they did; they were, per the oath they took, obliged to hear the arguments and testimony and base their vote SOLELY on that) is a different matter, and, in a jury trial, can result in a juror’s being fined or even jailed but an impeachment proceeding is a slightly different matter than a courtroom jury trial (whether criminal or civil).

          I agree the GOP Senators behaved horrifically but, in all honesty, there was NO WAY that you were going to find 20 GOPers who were going to remove Trump from office, no matter how horrific his crimes were.

    • JLaw52, there will be an entire VOLUME of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual devoted to Donald John tRump’s particular brand of malignant narcissism! 170,000 murders and counting–and he takes sadistic pleasure in every one.

  4. Trump’s five stages of grief:

    1. Hey! Why isn’t everyone devoting ALL their attention to me?
    2. I don’t care WHO died. Someone write a tweet for me so people will only pay attention to ME again!
    3. Dammit! Hey Meadows – fire that staffer who wrote the lame tweet and get back my twitter machine so I can get people to PAY ATTENTION TO ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    4. Say some outrageous, totally offensive thing on my twitter machine and issue some really outrageous thing I want the military, or Barr, or one of my minions to do that screws as many people as possible.
    5. Ahhhh. That’s better. Everyone (including the fake news people like CNN and the failing New York Times) is talking about ME and only ME again. I’M ok now…

  5. Something to think about: some folks apparently “said” on Twitter that the wrong Trump had died. And then came in for holy hell. And were told they should be ashamed, Robert’s death was tragic, awful, yadayadayada. Said chastizers then were roundly reminded that 170,000+ deaths is actually a tragedy. One death, sad of course; but 170,000, unspeakably sad. And the clincher? Well, 170,000 deaths is actually a statistic. Not a tragedy.
    This ladies and gentlemen is what all of us here and everywhere else in the country who can’t wait for November are hearing and seeing. We have too much to do to tilt at windmills–but it helps I think to keep them in mind when we consider using energy to make sense of some of this cray-cray.


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