Fresh off his underwhelming victories on Super Tuesday yesterday, when he managed to maintain his stranglehold on his hardcore MAGA base while bleeding off a solid 1/3 of registered Republicans and independents to Nikki Haley, Der Gropinfuhrer took to the flag busy stage of the Mar-A-Lago ballroom – where he apparently had an Adderall moment and hallucinated unnamed “celebrities” onto the ballroom floor:


“Former President Donald Trump shouted out some “celebrities” and “incredible, talented people” who showed up to his victory speech on Super Tuesday.

One of the only stars identified at the rally was none other than MAGA rapper Forgiato Blow.

“This is an incredible group of people,” Trump told those in attendance. “So many celebrities that I’m not going to introduce … because I’m just going to get myself in trouble if I do that, because I’ll leave out most of you. But we have, this is a room chock full of incredible, talented people, like some of the guys standing right in front of me.”…

… “Forgiato Blow, whose real name is Kurt Jantz, the self-proclaimed ‘Mayor of MAGAville,’ was in the crowd cheering at Mar-a-Lago alongside other high-profile Trump supporters such as Georgia congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene.

No other celebrities were able to be identified at the event, leading several political commentators and online sleuths to call out the former president for exaggerating his support amongst the rich and famous.”

Yeah right, blowhard.

As you might imagine, it did not take Twitter long to advise the ex-(R)esident to avoid the brown acid in the future.

Mike Sington gets the kudos on this thread:


Or likely will never see.



He won’t need one…

Some other thoughts:


Is it too late to vote for James Woods?

And incoherently too…



Trump’s entire understanding of the world is built on ignorance and lies.

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  1. That gal with the peach colored top and those casaba melons, or whatever she has stuffed in there, is really something. Why would anybody want to look like a cartoon character? She looks weirder than Angelyne.

    Angelyne was a local Los Angeles personality, with an enormous chest. She drove a pink Corvette, always wore pink, she was quite the character. I was at Simply Blues, a jazz club in the Valley, when she walked in. She got stared at, any woman built like that will be, and even Angelyne didn’t have a chest like this Mar-a-Lago character.

    Angelyne’s escort was straight out of central casting, if you were looking to cast a pimp or low level hood. They were some pair.

  2. You know, if trump had actually been hallucinating it wouldn’t be so bad-reaction to a medication or something like that. He just lies because his lips are moving. What do you do with that f.f.s.?

    I keep asking this and I don’t suppose I will ever really know-what do magats see in someone to whom this applies: “is he lying? I don’t know, are his lips moving?” Are they stupid, hateful, what is it that could fool so many people into ignoring the obvious?

  3. Chip and Dale, Snow White and the seven dwarves were there? I know Rocky and Bullwinkle were missing! They were with Natasha…bring me moose and squirrel! Probably in Hunter’s hot tub after watching the horse faced lady flash the dick pics.

  4. Somebody told him that Washington, Franklin, Lincoln and Reagan were all there to support him (and, Heaven knows, he NEEDS support – athletic variety)

  5. Well, I recently saw a wisecrack about MTG being Tonya Harding in a fur coat (it being SOTU day I’m flashing back to last year) so at least Trumpy had that one in the house. As for others? Some of those depicted in tweets were WTF? types. I got a kick out of the two who’s dresses looked like they been made from curtains/draperies.

  6. I read elsewhere that guests at the “victory” gala had to pay for alcoholic drinks, probably at highly inflated prices. Many attendees were NOT amused.


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