Trump Fails 4th Grade Writing, Basic History, But So Dangerous


This site’s irreplaceable and irascible Mayme Barth already eviscerated Trump’s tweet from this morning in a column you should read now, then come back, because it’s not like Mayme “missed” anything. It is much more that there are so many shades to these glimpses, peeks into the bottomless pit of mirrors that is Trump’s mind. He sees only himself, and he must love the view, since he’s never gazed outward at that thing we call reality.

Let me dispense with one thing right off. The kewl kidz on the left, and they know who they are, just ask them, they’ll tell you how much purer they are in their progressive views than you – yeah, those guys, they often are heard to say that the media is complicit in helping Trump by printing or covering all his tweets. They are wrong, but it’s not their fault. They instinctively look to blame the media for everything. Ironically, so do …never mind. The point is, I put my liberalism up against anyone’s and I think it is mandatory to cover every tweet, because each one reveals something we must know, because the man with these thoughts, can order some scary shit.

Ok, now we’re ready:

Clearly, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, as English teachers, right down to my daughter’s 4th grade fave, cringe at the “countries” history. If he spelled it right and forgot the apostrophe, he’s talking about many countries, likely every country, claiming ownership of the world. More likely, he meant “country’s” – and, well, why the fck can’t we impeach a president who clearly doesn’t read beyond a third grade level. (I make many grammar errors, too, and that’s partly why I’m not president, so why is he?).

On to the dangerous stuff. As Mayme noted, they’re not supporters so much as cultists. That’s dangerous in and of itself. What I’d like to add is that Trump is leaving out many of us not in his cult, indeed a majority of voters (by 3 million, he should be reminded once an hour that he “lost” the real election). As anyone can see, if Trump doesn’t see the love you have for him, if you fail to express enough loyalty or devotion, you become what he termed early on, his “enemy.”

That’s just so damn dangerous, because as President Obama once noted, (Paraphrase) “I am everyone’s president, not just the people who voted for me, and I never forget that, especially when dealing internationally.” Obama was mocked, yet he was also right, when he said there is no red America or blue America, there is one America. And though we can fight like cats and dogs politically, we should never, ever, see other Americans as our “enemy.”

But, Trump does, and therefore he becomes an enemy of the constitution. Under our constitution, we are (in theory) all equal, and Trump should be aware that, though he may disagree with the media, and liberals, disagreement does not an enemy make. Well, except with Trump. But Trump being an enemy of the constitution removes him from normal American citizenship, he truly does become a threat, and dare I say, “an enemy”?  I’ll stick with “terribly dangerous opponent” for now.

Do you know what political scientists call leaders who view opposing citizens as their enemy? Yes, you do. They are called dictators. Today’s post was the post of a dictator, at least in his own mind. He is such a dictator that his own party fears criticizing him, even Senators. Trump is not Saddam, yet, they’re not afraid of being shot, yet – they’re afraid of being brained in the parking lot, mob-style, politically, of course. Loyal Repubs like John McCain, and Jeff Flake become instant enemies for expressing disagreement. Only Trump’s loyal (meaning never, ever, questioning) are worthy of Trump’s largess. They are strong, smart, hard-working …, you, then, are clearly not. So, what good are you to Trump? That is a scary thought.

Trump’s tweet is clearly meant to separate the good from the bad, those he’d like to reward, and those he’d prefer go bankrupt, or receive some misery, short of death – so far. Or just “lock them up,” the crime being failure to support dear leader.

Am I taking this too far? Reading too much into this? No – not with respect to what Trump wants, what he wishes he could do. He is constrained by institutional strength that so far is holding up, with the exception of a too-compliant Congress, though Congress has said, “Do not fire Mueller.”

Also, it’s liberal cool to presume that Trump owns the Supreme Court. Not so fast, they don’t stand for election. They likely feel the weight of history on their shoulders. Rumor is that even Roberts can’t stand Gorsuch. So, there remains a divide between what Trump wants to do, versus what he can.

But, he’s dangerous in chipping away at what had been the most basic norms. Example? Commenting on Manafort. Presidents don’t opine on ongoing criminal matters – PERIOD. But Trump does. Speaking truth? He says we have the greatest economy “numbers” in history. All those poor white Walmart workers (Walmart being the largest current private employer) that voted for him, the ones I see every day, likely don’t know that in the 60s GM was the largest private employer in the U.S.. The average assemblyman made $55,000 a year in today’s dollars. Think that Walmart worker wouldn’t prefer that $55K? Of course they would. But, they don’t know, because Trump so routinely creates his own reality.

These tweets are necessary to examine, if for no other reason than to expose his weaknesses, what to exploit. Not doing so is playing the role of the Germans who went along with Hitler, assuming he’d moderate. No, the U.S. will not likely gas 6 million, nor invade all or Latin America. But, we already have “tent cities” for kids. Can’t happen here? Germany was by far the most sophisticated country in the world just prior to descending into dictatorship, in science, the arts, education, and yet it happened there.

Continue to follow these tweets, follow closely. You can teach your fourth grader English tips, and you can get a glimpse into what this man wants to do, and head him off at the pass. Because no less than the future depends on it, and history is counting on you.

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