Trumpty Dumpty decided to put himself back together again this morning after a New York court ruling put him out of business in that state yesterday. So of course he had to rally the troops. It is as you would expect. Trump claims all legal actions against him are politically motivated and he’s innocent. Plus, the stupid argument that got five of his lawyers sanctioned for being “frivolous” is the rock that Trump is standing on, i.e. that a disclaimer clause allows him to commit fraud, in essence. It does not. This demonstration is to impress the base and raise desperately needed cash, nothing more. Let’s see if the grandmas will cut loose some of their Social Security check for this.

He doesn’t know the difference between “accepted” and “excepted” but that’s right on course.

And that is exactly the case. Trump survives to rule MAGAdonia because they believe his gaslighting without question, when the plain facts are right there, available to anybody who looks. They don’t want to look. They want to blindly follow.

There it is, that’s where the judge got the figure from. So evidently the County Assessor is in on the plot against Trump. What else can we conclude? The raving continues.

This is Donald Trump’s version of the law. If I screw you, it’s your fault, because you should have known I was going to screw you and done something about it. And that makes sense actually. It’s no coincidence that the one and only piece of poetry that we know Trump likes is the poem about a snake who bites the person that helps it survive. “You knew I was a snake when you took me in.” Interesting philosophy of life, that, “I get to phuque you, unless you figure out first that that’s what I’m about to do.” Very life affirming and humanitarian, eh what?

it ends “assessments instead of relying on experts (those who understand Commercial RE and Luxury REOO valuations), testimony, so the judge simply made a ruling of guilty! It doesn’t get any more glaringly corrupt than that!” Umm…’scuse me, I think that the County Assessor is trained in property valuation. That’s basically the job, that’s why it’s called “assessor.” But this is MAGA reasoning, and this guy will hit a polling place and vote for this fascist criminal lunatic to return to the White House. This is the mental illness in our country right now and it is frightening.

If this was only a matter of a substandard candidate, that would be one thing. But Trump’s reelection is literally the inception of fascism in this country, should it occur.

And don’t think that Trump wasn’t mixed up in some shady stuff. Here’s a link to a 2019 story about one of Trump’s bankers hanging himself in his Malibu home. Apparently he decided that it was better to hang at home in Malibu than do it in prison ala Jeffrey Epstein.

A former Deutsche Bank executive who reportedly signed off on some of the institution’s unorthodox loans to Donald Trump killed himself in his Malibu home on November 19. Thomas Bowers, the onetime head of Deutsche Bank’s American wealth-management division, where he oversaw Trump’s private banker, committed suicide by hanging, according to Los Angeles County Medical Examiner-Coroner’s office. Bowers was 55.

Trump’s relationship with Deutsche Bank—which lent him around $2 billion after most other institutions had forsaken him for his history of defaults and bankruptcies—has come under investigation by two Congressional committees and the New York Attorney General, who are hoping the bank can shed light on Trump’s elusive finances, according to the New York Times. At one point, Bowers had a close connection to those finances.

Rosemary T. Vrablic, a managing director at Deutsche Bank who became Trump’s private banker in 2010 after being introduced by her client, Jared Kushner, reported directly to Bowers. Vrablic reportedly helped Trump secure loans from her bank, which Bowers approved—including more than $100 million to buy his Doral resort in Miami—even after Trump and Deutsche had to settle messy litigation over a Chicago loan that went bad.

Wait, what’s that the lady said? A loan in Chicago “went bad?” And there was “messy litigation?” So, you mean, Trump isn’t being entirely truthful when he said there were never any defaults? Hmmm….interesting. And so is this.

Bowers isn’t the first Trump-connected Deutsche exec to commit suicide. In 2014, Deutsche derivatives analyst William S. Broeksmit, who reportedly had links to Trump and Russia, hung himself from a dog leash at his home in London.

Sweet Jesus on a bagel. This is getting out there. And here’s where it gets scary.

If the disclaimer clause was “ironclad” they wouldn’t be in court in the first place. But what I find is scary is that Trump is flat out saying that the judge has it in for him personally and that’s all this is about. That’s not all that this is about. The way the law is adjudicated and the way Trump twists and distorts reality in fantastical fashion are two different things. One of Trump’s lawyers argued that the square footage of an apartment could be a subjective measure and the judge replied, “That is a fantasy world, not the real world.”

Trump lives in a fantasy world, not the real world. And via the medium of television, which is a fantasy world, he became the pied piper and ruler of a sect which is not only fantasy and conspiracy theory oriented, but dangerous. Ask the people who followed his tune to Washington, D.C. on January 6 and are now doing time.

But what is sobering is that like any cornered rat, like any wounded animal, he’s becoming more dangerous. Is anybody going to address this, or are we going to read more stories about Joe Biden’s sneakers and pretend everything is hunkey dorey?


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  1. Maybe if former guy had paid attention in his Business Law 101 class he would have learned that in the U.S., caveat emptor really isn’t the law of the land-if it were, the students of trump “university” would have been able to get everything they paid for his bullshit “education”. If caveat emptor held sway in our country, you wouldn’t have the ability to return substandard products, even with the receipt/bill of sale.

  2. Trump, the ‘celluloid suck hole’ is now being legally roasted. Soon the legal heat will be turned full blast onto his acetate base, and he’ll be burnt to mere ashes. In response, Trump is glowing twice as bright, in his delusional scribbles and ravings. What he fail’s to grasp is, if he insists in glowing twice a bright in incandescent bravado, he’ll only last half as long. Do us all a service and go your hardest. Your Roman candle act will ultimately turn out to be a fizzier. Amen to that!

  3. if mar a largo is worth 1.5 billion them all trump needs to do is provide the property tax receipts. I don’t know if this was debunked or not but I wonder if the rumor that trump was selling was to create a false property value.

  4. Everybody should read the Summary Judgement. It is only 35 pages, but it is spectacular. Roasting the lawyers for repeatedly offering the same BS even when told to stop two times before is priceless.

  5. Having had a real estate license at one time…square footage is determined by a MEASURING TAPE. It’s a simple math calculation. Of course, the magats don’t deal in facts. I wonder if they ever charge into the bank screaming about the numbers in their account…I have a million dollars in the bank instead of the ten dollars your fake news says I have.

  6. His own comment confirms he lies. He states that MAL is valued at 18 million, but could be ‘worth 100 times that’.

    But the judgement against him notes that he doesn’t claim it’s ‘100 times that’ or 1000% but is 2300 % over the legally assessed value. (And unbelievably for a legal document it’s highlighted in incredulity!)

    So is he now saying everything he has is only worth less than half of what he claims?

  7. The magatman1 xit shows yet another magat who knows f*ck all about anything going on around him. Judges and A.G.’s/prosecuting attorneys get people called appraisers to value real estate unless that is not necessary (i.e. when there are county assessments/appraisals available). Even when there exists tax data available courts will often pull in appraisers who are independent from city/county/state/federal taxation authorities because lets’ face it, donny dimwit is not the first person to inflate property values: real estate brokers do it all the time because it increases their commissions. An independent will give an appraisal and it will be most likely closer to the tax valuation than the broker’s valuation.

    Given the notoriety of this case, I’m surprised the judge/A.G. hasn’t called in an independent appraiser yet. I wonder if he plans to do so?


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