Trump Compares Himself to Abraham Lincoln (Favorably)


Generally speaking, we don’t “cover” Trump rallies any longer. They are not “news,” they are not “important.” Even if he announces that he will be having a summit with Vladimir Putin, he could change his mind in three days, so … We don’t cover the rallies because Trump uses them as nothing more than a very expensive dopamine injection straight into his amygdala. From a budget deficit perspective alone, we should look into getting Trump the fanciest VR set going, a permanent central line IV port ready for …anything, and a doctor on duty on any given Tuesday night.

BUT, every once in a while, I’ll “report” on something said at a rally because … because if I didn’t, you wouldn’t know that Trump compared himself to Abraham Lincoln in Tampa Florida on Tuesday July 31st 2018.

Yes, he did.

Stop laughing.

Never mind, go ahead. I’ll wait.


“Polls are fake, just like everything else. We are doing well, we are doing well and I’m happy you are doing well. They just came out with a poll, did you hear? The most popular person in the history of the Republican Party is trumped! Can you believe this?”

President Trump continued: “So I said does that include honest Abe Lincoln? He was pretty good, right? Remember I said we might be a little bit wild, they say he’s not acting presidential and I would say it’s a lot easier to act presidential than to do what I do. Anybody can act presidential.”

While you’re catching your breath, note that the line “anyone can act ‘presidential'” is almost as priceless, because if you ever find yourself talking about acting presidential, you’re not acting “presidential”!

Jesus Christ running as an independent, you didn’t hear Barack Obama talk a lot about “acting presidential.” The reason, of course, is that “acting presidential” is like dancing, either you can or you cannot, and there’s no fking way to fake it, either. Those that can dance, they don’t go around talking about how well they dance. They just dance! Those of us who cannot, come right out and admit it, and hope that the subject turns to more favorable ground, fast. Same as “acting presidential” – you know someone “acts presidential” when you never hear the words “acting presidential” associated with that president.

I hazard that Lincoln didn’t schedule rallies in which he bragged about how “presidential” he could act. No, he was too busy defining what it means to be “presidential.” He did his job, which entailed freeing the slaves, saving the Union and winning the Civil War, then he gave his life to the nation.

Instead of “rallies” dedicated to his greatness, Lincoln gave an address to remember those who died making us great, one so perfect, so short and humble, that it is etched into stone near a statue of him looking out to the beating heart of the nation. Maybe some day, Trump can etch his speech into a stone wall, if Mueller has the goods we believe he has, Trump might get the chance.

Oh, one other thing. I am pretty sure that “ratings” hadn’t really been invented yet, during the Lincoln’s time. But, one thing I know, Lincoln is our greatest president precisely because he didn’t worry about ratings. Trump won’t do the “right thing” ethically if it involves risking some cash. Lincoln did what he thought was the right thing, even if it meant risking half the nation.

Trump compares himself to Lincoln. In the end, maybe it’s not so funny after all. But, maybe it is kind of important, you just have to think about it for a second.




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