For three days now Donald Trump has been desperately trying to deflect from the awfulness of Monday’s FBI raid on Mar-a-Lago. Trump has a video which runs for 3:50, Nation In Decline, which is embedded on Rumble. He keeps reposting it. I would show it to you here, but I don’t have the means to embed it.

It starts out with a black screen and the sound of a thunderstorm. Then Trump intones, “we have the highest inflation in over 40 years.” (Wrong. We had zero inflation growth this month.) He goes on, “Where the stock market just finished the worst half of the year.” Umm, we’re well into third quarter at this point, Donald, not at the end of second quarter. And again, it’s a blatant lie. News broke a few hours ago about how the S&P 500 closed with its fourth consecutive week of gains.

Clearly, Trump is doing what George Orwell spoke about. He’s asking you to disbelieve the evidence of your own eyes and ears. And for MAGA, he is the evidence of their eyes and ears and so they swallow whatever he says and keep sending money. I guess.

Why he is so desperate for people to see this video, I know not. But he keeps reposting it at least once a day.

He also posted this on Truth Social.

More lies. Trump watched the FBI agents from New York on closed circuit. Christina Bobb, Trump’s anchor woman attorney, anchor-torney, met the FBI at Mar-a-Lago the morning of the raid. She was quoted as saying, “He [Trump] probably had a better view than I did.”

Lies and desperation continue, but that is vintage Trump, is it not?

Now here is what I find intriguing. Read this list of What We Don’t Know from the Washington Post:

  • What else was in those boxes.
  • If there were nuclear documents at Mar-a-Lago, what was in them? Was it information about U.S. facilities? Other countries?
  • We don’t know what, if any, other laws Trump may have broken by taking the information out. Presidents have the authority to declassify whatever they want, but not former presidents.
  • Whether the Justice Department is planning to file any charges — the Presidential Records Act is rarely enforced — or if it just wanted this information back in its hands. The search warrant raised the question of whether Trump violated laws against hiding or keeping defense-related information.
  • We don’t know why Trump wanted these documents with him.
  • It’s still not clear how this is going to play out for Trump politically. Far-right supporters have used this search to criticize or even attack law enforcement. An armed gunman was killed in a shootout after trying to breach an FBI office in Cincinnati on Thursday, and he was a frequent poster in support of Trump on the former president’s social media network. This risks muddying Republicans’ midterm message, which is that it’s Democrats who are weak on crime and Republicans who have law enforcement’s back.

And as to the b.s. regarding Barack Obama’s alleged “30 million pages of documents” it was reported in late 2016, the Obama team was transferring the records to Chicago through the National Archives, which legally owns the documents once a president leaves office. Once the documents ultimately reached a warehouse in Chicago, the Obama Foundation was then due to pay the National Archives and Record Administration to digitize the documents. The lengthiness of that process aside, there isn’t the faintest hint of legal violations, which is what Trump and Fox News are screeching about. The documents will find a home in the Obama Presidential Library.

As to a future Trump presidential library? What will that house? Copies of the Forbes Magazine that Stormy Daniels spanked him with? Copies of the MAD Magazine issue that predicted many years ago a world in which Trump became president?

As this story continues to escalate, prepare yourself to be inundated with garbage. Trump and his right-wing cronies are desperate. They’re on the ropes and they know it. And the midterms are less than 90 days away.



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  1. You can be sure if TFG says something, the opposite is true. I think he finally realizes he really stepped in it this time and for the first time in his life, there will be repercussions.

  2. Anyone care to take a bet that the footage fromn the CCTV surveillance camers in Mar a Lago during the search will suddenly, sort of accidentally, get overwritten or erased?

    • What would REALLY be funny if having anticipated exactly what you suggest the last thing the FBI did before leaving was copy all the footage of their time at Trump’s little faux palace. Wouldn’t you LOVE to see Trump’s reaction to his lawyers making the equivalent of a “gee whiz your honor, some seagull must have gotten in and landed on a keyboard in the security office and erased everything!” Only to have the DOJ lawyer stand up and say “No worries – we’ve got it all right here on this flash drive!”

  3. “He goes on, “Where the stock market just finished the worst half of the year.” Umm, we’re well into third quarter at this point, Donald, not at the end of second quarter. And again, it’s a blatant lie. News broke a few hours ago about how the S&P 500 closed with its fourth consecutive week of gains.”

    Not to mention, here’s a little bit of an “inconvenient truth” that the Donald needs to be see.
    When the Donald took office in January 2017, the Dow ended the month at 20093.98 and when he left office, it ended the week of Jan 22, 2021 at 30996.98. Sure that might sound good BUT the week ending Mar 20, 2020, the Dow stood at a miserable 19173.98 (a full 920 points lower–or 4.78%–than the month-ending figure in Jan 2017).

    Under President Biden, the Dow’s lowest point was 29888.78 for the week ending Jun 17, 2022. Sure, that might have been 1108 points (or 3.57%) lower than his starting point but it was still more than 9000 points higher than Donald’s starting point and more than 10700 points higher than Donald’s lowest point. (It should also be noted that the Dow reached its highest point EVER under President Biden–just missing the 36800 mark back on Jan 4th of this year. Oh, and the Dow cracked the 30000 mark for the first time ever in Dec of 2020–a full month AFTER Trump *LOST* the election.) And Donald largely had only himself to blame since he did virtually nothing to counteract the early days of the COVID pandemic (beyond blaming China) which caused businesses to shut down which surprisingly didn’t cause the Market to collapse even more than it did. President Biden has been dealing with a continuing (but somewhat manageable) COVID crisis, an economic crisis started by Donald’s handler Vlad Putin, an outbreak of monkeypox and even a resurgence of polio but Wall Street has actually been coping with this better.

    Of course, it’s funny how the Donald ONLY seems to measure America’s economic performance by the ups and downs of the stock market–because we all know that the average, everyday American blue-collar worker cares about how the stock market performs.

  4. If folks knew the difference between a “RAID” and a legal “SEARCH” they would STOP USING THE TITLE RAID! I have experienced BOTH and trust me that was not a RAID!


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