“With Obama we won an election that everyone said couldn’t be won.” Um…scuse me? Wasn’t that Hillary Clinton who ran against you in 2016, Mr. Trump? Or is one of us confused? If you missed it, last night Donald Trump showed up at a prayer summit, because he’s the chosen one and such a godly guy and all so of course that’s where he belongs. He seemed to get a bit confused about some basics.

Is he saying that Biden wants to arrest Obama or that he, Trump, is leading Obama? I can’t sort through this and I’ve listened to it several times. What I do get loud and clear is that Trump is at the podium stumbling along and he has no idea what the hell is coming out of his own mouth or what he’s trying to say.

Biden may be gaffe prone, but he has never rambled aimlessly and off topic like this. This is embarrassing. But like with “covfefe” there will always be somebody to spin it as something legitimate. Oh he meant to say that. That means such and such.

I think Trump is cracking under pressure and that makes complete sense. He raved yesterday about Jack Smith “taking away my First Amendment rights” and this was after he made the demand that the judge in the classified documents case, Tanya Chutkan, recuse herself.

I think what’s going on is that he’s used to going off the walls on Truth Social so much that now he can’t pull it all together and be cogent for a short while when he’s up in front of his MAGA cult.

Once again, if you simply pull out and see this from a distance, it is remarkable that somebody in this condition would be the GOP frontrunner. When I say condition I mean not only his mental state but the fact that he’s under four criminal indictments and is an adjudicated rapist. This is not sustainable. I don’t know where the Republican party is going next, or if America is simply going to fold to fascism, but this, what we’re seeing here and now, is not sustainable. This is aberrant to an extreme. I simply marvel and not for the first time, certainly, that we are actually here in this time and place and having this conversation.


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  1. Ol’ diapers is having some real cognitive difficulties and likely has the intelligence of a low-functioning D.D. person. Unfortunately that still puts him at the top of the heap compared to his magat supporters.

  2. It’s a long way to November 2024…God knows what the blathering idiot will say between now and then. The Grift Over People party is like the monkey, who puts his hand in the hole, grasps a banana, and can’t get his hand out because he won’t let go of the banana. Being greedy and stupid is no way to go through life children.

  3. If ANYONE in the Republican snarl of below normalcy idiots is able to convince US that ding butt Donny IS capable of ANY large business management, much less the business of being a REAL President for even a few seconds in a day, we will need to check ourselves into a clinic for examination of mental acuity …

    Trump not only continues to burn bridges in his rambling interviews, his public rants are going to hell in that proverbial basket … fact checking will lose it’s anchor and flail around for a moment, until someone, (maybe a federal judge), assigns Trump to a mental institution for the criminally insane as an option at his final declaration of Trump’s guilt, with the assignment to equal the length of normal incarceration, (20) years, if found to be sane enough to comprehend and communicate clearly at the institution, his transfer to a federal high-security prison would finish out that length of incarceration … else, private/personal funding would let Trump dissolve into medically supported retirement for the really old and feeble criminals …

    Regardless of all other options, Trump would be permanently out of our faces and until the headlines read, “Former so-called president Trump died today, from an aneurism, caused by pent up anger … after he cursed former President Obama in a blood curdling scream”, his eyes were wild before they closed forever …

    • Darrel, FINALLY I’m hearing from YOU what I think is the BEST solution to the problem of Donald J. tRump: to find him CRIMINALLY INSANE and sentence him to a HOSPITAL instead of a prison. He would serve any sentences he accrued in their entirety in a place where his mental illness would be “managed” (read: medication) and he would be evaluated and recertified periodically to determine (in all fairness) if he has grown a new personality to allow him to be released back into polite society without the need to open his pie hole constantly, creating chaos all around him. BWA-ha-ha! Not going to happen! He would be committed to said hospital until people would say, ‘Who WAS that guy who caused all the commotion in Washington DC and beyond? David Somebody? No, Donald! The last name escapes me…” Wouldn’t that be nice?

    • He is never going to a super max prison. He ie evil.and a con man but not (personally) violent. White collar nonviolent guys go to a Club FedHe would go to,a minimum security federal.prison like the one at Eglin AFB in FL. Two person suites with 2 bedrooms and a shared bathroom. If the Secret Service blocks off adjoining rooms, they can protect him. He will.have to get his hands dirty with chores. It used to be a barracks for Enlisted when I taught at the college there. Far better than what deserves.

  4. Obama has been starring, rent free, in a Broadway musical inside of Dollar Store Pol Pot’s head for about 20 years now. No surprise that as the pressure builds from outside, the fourth wall begins to collapse.



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