We’re in a peculiar middle place now, where the worst danger of Donald Trump has already passed. The day he slunk out of Washington, D.C., without the class to attend Joe Biden’s inauguration, accompanied by Melania in funeral garb, and his children sobbing at the airport over their lost stature, was the worst of it.

Since then, we have been promised by the Trump Team that an amazing, new and improved version of Trumpism will soon sweep the nation.

Instead, we get nothing but tepid rally upon tepid rally and lame interview upon lame interview. At least there used to be good comic relief in it all. I think those days are past as well. Now it’s all just anti-climactic and tedious. Here’s Trump teasing the solution to peace in Ukraine.

Alright now, in for a penny, in for a pound. Whuut might those magic words, incantations, promises be?

  1. Trump will give Alaska to Vladimir Putin?
  2. Trump will finally give us his health care plan AND infrastructure week? That probably would blow Putin’s mind, and it certainly would ours.
  3. Trump will reveal what he’s got on both Lindsey and Vladimir?
  4. Trump will trade Melania to Vladimir to effect the peace?
  5. Klaatu parada nickto?

Here’s something I didn’t know, but it makes perfect sense.

As a “bonus” here is Trump sharing more historical perspective. I guess he feels that this is incumbent upon his new dignity as elder statesman, returning from exile to save us all.

As said before, this act is old and tired and needs some new material.


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  1. He’s a one-trick pony. This is the same bullshit he spewed in 2016 (“Only I can fix it”).
    Wasn’t real then, not real now. The MAGAts will lap it up like kittens with a saucer of milk.

  2. I’d bet if pressed, he’d say he won’t tell us how to do all these things until made president again. I recall during his last campaign, the moment I knew for sure he was both bad news, and full of shit. He recited a litany of problems in America, then told us he was the only one who could fix them! Of course as we know, he didn’t really do anything as president but sow discord and cause Twitter tweet storms at 3 am. Oh yeah, he also enriched himself while pissing on all the rules, traditions, and etiquette of the office of the president.


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