Once again, the abject stupidity of Donald Trump is matched only by his limitless ignorance. He did an interview this weekend on Fox News and it was one for the ages. The man demonstrated beyond any doubt not only his utter lack of even a basic education and nominal knowledge of American and world history, but also his complete misinterpretation of human nature. He thinks he’s successful in situations where he has clearly fallen on his butt and people are laughing at him. But still he keeps running and running like the Energizer bunny from Hell, telling anyone who will listen how wonderful it all is and how he’s a winner. Here are some of the lowlights, to get started, but get down to the end. Where this goes will blow your mind.

This last clip is the one I was referring to when I said that Trump doesn’t understand when he’s made an ass of himself. The way he tells it here, Jimmy Kimmel made himself look bad and he “should have kept his mouth shut.” No, Kimmel got the biggest laugh of the night. Trump did not control that narrative, he was the one who should have kept his mouth shut, not the talk show host. Kimmel’s crack, “Isn’t it past your jail time?” is now part of American culture.

So there you see, Kimmel won that round, not Trump. The reason this is noteworthy is that this, right here, is what defines Trump’s mental illness and his sociopathy. He is unable to conceive of a situation where he was wrong or he looked bad. Mentally healthy people have some awareness of how they actually are in the world. We all have our good and bad sides. We’re aware when we haven’t behaved at our best or when we’ve misjudged a situation and messed something up that we could have handled differently. We resolve to do better in the future. Not Trump. He is batting 1,000 every day, even in the face of reality telling him otherwise.

Nowhere does this unique dementia of Trump’s manifest itself so clearly as when he lies about winning the 2020 election. I think he may truly believe it at this point. We know he has admitted losing from time to time but here he is with his fantasy again.

Isn’t that stunning? Trump believes a lot of Democrats are voting for him. No Democrat is voting for him, by definition. If you’re voting for Trump you’re a MAGA. Sane Republicans who have had it with this guy — and I talk to some of them just in the course of daily life — aren’t voting for this guy.

I firmly believe that Republicans who didn’t vote for him in 2020 won’t vote for him again and he’s gone out of his way to alienate Nikki Haley voters in his insane purity drive. It will do him in, I predict.


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  1. There is no way he has picked up more support from his high point – when lest we forget, he lost to Biden.

    Maybe they’re hoping that Biden will have lost even more support?

    But I can’t see it happening.

    Despite their efforts at a bizarre sort of ‘equivalence’, there is no way that Biden has lost support and Trump has gained it. Guaranteed it’s the other way round – and Biden hasn’t started campaigning yet, Trump never stopped. And most of us are sick of him already, more exposure can only harm him.

    Trump will lose.

    • Can’t see what? Biden losing more support? I see it happening and actually see/hear people saying it: on a weekly basis in fact. These are the people whining about how they don’t like their choices this November as if there actually were a choice. There isn’t a choice unless you consider the choice between living in a xtian controlled taliban nation vs. living in our republic. Personally I don’t see a choice there-we have something that somewhat works where we do occasionally progress vs another hell on earth where we revert back to the dark ages.

      Unless we can persuade these people of what actually IS on the horizon and will come to be if they do not vote to reelect President Biden, the darkness will encompass us completely. Biden cannot afford to lose voters because I truly believe that the republicans who won’t vote for trump in November, probably won’t go to the polls at all. They don’t seem to be all that hyped for kennedy (I do think that would hurt trump more than Biden).

      You’re correct though: Democrats aren’t gravitating to trump. Not in this reality. Problem is they might stay home-not good.

      GOTV folks!

  2. Trump’s only good side is that like every other living thing (plant or animal) the time will come when he will die. Not soon enough, but he will die. With luck he won’t be found until he’s begun to decompose (admittedly it might be hard to tell and I’ve actually seen and worse smelled decomposed bodies!) and then & only then will we see Trump’s “good” side.

  3. ‘I had a dream so different from this hell I’m living…life has killed the dream I dreamed’. Les Miserables


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