You are going to get a powerful sense of deja vu when you see this and no, it’s not a glitch in the matrix. You are merely experiencing a sense memory of November 3, 2020, as the clock rolled over into November 4. Many states had not been counted yet and it was obvious that nothing could be determined at that day and hour but Donald Trump made his own determination and announced that he had won. Part of that was to begin the process of gaslighting and the Big Lie. What you’re about to see is Big Lie II, because the truth is, Trump knows he’s hurting but he needs to plant disinformation with his troops so he can set up another stolen election fable. Does that mean he’ll run in 2028?

Isn’t that extraordinary? Trump actually claims that he has the support of the intelligentsia. And the people on the other side of the bell-shaped curve. He’s got everybody’s support, you just heard him. He’s universally loved. So that means he’s a shoo in for reelection, right? Right. Say, weren’t you the one who mentioned you were in the market for a bridge?

Now since Trump is so totally on top here, leading with everybody, it’s surprising that he punches down at Meatball, DeSanctimonious, the one who belongs in a pizza parlor, that guy.

The mango man doth protest too much, methinks. And then things go into the hard to follow at best, incomprehensible at worst portion of our show.

And here’s more fantasy.

He must be getting the figure from that old Peter Paul and Mary lyric, “500 miles, 500 miles, 500 miles, Lord I’m 500 miles away from home.” And why the Obama administration would have something Trump did “in their stats” I’m not clear on. But it doesn’t matter. He’s just up there improvising and winging it anyway.

And then he actually brings up melanoma, we mean Melania.

Melania’s not the First Lady and that’s how everybody wants it, including her. And here he coins a new word “elects-ri-cution.” Maybe that’s how God strikes an election conspiracy theorist with lightning, ya spose?

And here’s a non sequitur. Call niece Mary or any psychologist. I think we have reached the limits of lay person analysis around here.

And if you were sitting there wondering, “but what about the big strong men with tears in their eyes,” this clip’s for you.

People who have never cried, cry when they see Donald. And I can believe that. I feel the onset of emotional breakdown every time I look at him, too. Not to mention indigestion and profound disgust.

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  1. Oh, I might just cry if I were to meet him. Not the tears kind. My fear is the sentence I’d get for going “Cry Havoc! And let slip the (devil) dogs of war!” on his ass! (For those who don’t know once upon a time when I was young I was a Marine grunt. “Devil Dog” is a term the Germans bestowed on the Corps after the ass-whupping we gave them at Belleau Wood which turned the tide in WWI)



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