It seemed funnier than hell at the time. But maybe that was because the time was so goddamned dark and bleak. This was the bad old days of the spring and early summer of 2020, when the coronavirus was rampant, which are sadly starting to look like the good old days as the Delta variant runs a blitzkrieg in the Toon Town south.

Trump’s newfound favorite butt buddy and FUX News radiologist, Dr. Scott Atlas was running around the White House licking his nuts. His schtick was to let the virus run its course, protect us oldsters, and the ones who survived the apocalypse would be magically protected by herd immunity. And then Trump, trying his feeble minded best to ape Atlas, spoke to the media about the American population finally reaching herd mentality. Remember that? A hearty belly laugh was had by all at Trump’s expense.

But over the last few days, when I think back to that moronic faux pas, I realize that Trump didn’t misspeak at all. He just wasn’t thinking about the coronavirus. Ever the pragmatist, Trump was thinking of his base. And he was 100% correct.

Because, in the current squabble over mask mandates in public schools, that’s exactly what we’re seeing, and the worst of it. Normally, when one thinks of a herd mentality, one tends to think of more docile farm animals, like cows or sheep. But this current herd of Trump supporters is more like a herd of rabid honey badgers, they just don’t give a shit.

Following the news lately? You have teachers and doctors leaving a school board meeting about mask mandates being trapped in their cars by vein bulging Trombies, screaming for them to get out of the car so they can kick their asses! And today, you had a teacher that was physically assaulted going to school, her glasses being knocked off of her face to the ground while her mask was ripped off, while the crowd screamed Get her mask! Get her mask! Mask supporters and anti mask supporters scuffled in the same square, and it damn near turned into another Charlottesville.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is true 1938 Nazi Germany stuff. And Trump’s morons aren’t targeting others, like Jews and Gypsies, they’re targeting people simply for disagreeing with them and their Cheeto Prophet. I heard one report today that there were Proud Bois present and active at the scuffle between the two sides today. Trump finally has his brown shirts.

I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad tidings, but I am. I don’t see any way that this turns around peacefully or quietly. And my heart breaks. When I was a kid, we vacationed frequently in Fort Lauderdale, and I love the beaches and the people. And raising 4 girls, and working for United Airlines, Orlando was a regular destination. And today, my 3rd daughter lives with her wonderful man in Phoenix. So I have emotional ties to these places.

But Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, Alabama, Texas, Arizona, and other GOP controlled states are rapidly becoming Scott Atlas’ petri dish for a Beyond Thunderdome herd immunity. The GOP controlled state governments are actively forbidding common sense precautions to try to stop the spread of the Delta variant, and are going to court to enforce them when necessary. For purely political purposes, the GOP is committed to the nihilistic theory of the old Nietzsche saw, That which does not kill us only makes us stronger.

There is only one piece of good news that I can take out from this pathetic mess. In Florida, Georgia, Texas, and Arizona, there is finally strong pushback to the GOP’s policies. It turns out that there are a whole shitload of parents out there that don’t want their kids going to a school that is basically a Golden Corral Covid buffet. Activism is finally rearing its beautiful head, and they’re showing up in mass at school board meetings to protect their kids. And they’re not all Democrats! And lots of them are suburban soccer moms, and their state government is giving them a very personal reason to show up and vote in 2022. Don’t touch that dial.

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