If there’s one issue that’s like stepping on eggshells in Trump world, it’s the Taylor Swift issue. Swift doesn’t like Donald Trump. And she wasn’t nuts about Marsha Blackburn either. But beyond that, she sees the big picture, that this isn’t about personalities or one party over another, the 2024 election is literally about the continuation of democracy versus the inception of fascist rule in this country. That is as stark and black and white as it gets.

So the Swift attacks have mounted and then the MAGAs have come to their senses, and they stop for a while. And then the pattern recommences. But a couple of side issues are happening at the same time. One, when the Swift dirges get rolling, they are the epitome of sexism: she’s “ugly” “does she have any eggs left” and this is my favorite, the classically unaware, “she’s a narcissist with very little talent.” That description doesn’t remind MAGA of anybody they know, ironically. Here’s a tape from a few months ago which is now recycling. Expect this to be a fixture in 2024.

When criticizing a woman, whether the debate is politics, business, and definitely entertainment, it’s always the gal’s physical attractiveness or lack thereof and her maternal status that take the lead. Why not? That’s the essence of misogyny, that women aren’t really human, they’re merely on the planet to be used as a resource by males, whether ornamental or to repopulate the planet. You seriously are never going to hear a political discussion where a man’s name comes up which is focused solely on his looks — unless it’s Ron DeSantis, who goes out of his way to cut a bizarre figure with white go go boots, high heels, and flicking his tongue like a lizard. But even with respect to DeSantis, his spectacular mismanagement of Florida and his efforts to be Trump Lite are the foundation of 90% of the criticism leveled at him.

Not so if he was a female. You well recall how discussions of how often or how well Hillary smiled came up.

And this “conversation” got much worse. Meidas Touch wrote it up in detail. Here are a few crazy excerpts.

19. Taylor Swift is going to hell

Kirk complained Swift “isn’t leading people to God,” but to “wokeism” and speculated that she had abandoned her Christian faith. Kirk then implied Swift would be going to hell.

20. Awful comments about Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce’s deaths

Blake Neff was also on the panel. Neff is Kirk’s radio producer who was hired after working for Tucker Carlson. Neff resigned from Fox News after racist, misogynistic, and homophobic posts spanning 5 years were uncovered.

Neff commented that the Swift and Travis Kelce relationship could end in a “suicide pact.” Kirk then commented that the covid vaccine could “make Travis Kelce drop in the middle of practice.” Neff said that scenario would be “more fun.”

21. The Swift / Kelce relationship is a psyop

Neff and Kirk suggested the relationship is a psyop in order to make money.

22. Taylor Swift has been replaced by a double or could be an alien

Posobiec suggested Swift had be “switched” out. Bowyer thinks she could be an “alien.” Kirk then abruptly ended the show and stated they were out of time.

The remarks in this podcast episode condemn Swift, strip her of autonomy, glibly discuss her death, blast her and her fans’ character, contain homophobia, crudely discusses Swift’s reproductive abilities from a misogynistic view, and attempt to degrade Swift’s outward physical appearance.

MAGA Republicans can’t stand a strong, popular woman is encouraging people to educate themselves and vote. They will continue flinging awful, vile attacks toward Taylor Swift and anyone else using their platform for positive change.

As stated, I think this is going to blow up in their faces. At least, that is my devout wish.

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  1. “MAGA Republicans can’t stand a strong, popular woman.”

    Is writing off half the electorate a winning strategy in the 21st century?

    • They have pretty much already written off half the electorate by pushing abortion bans & telling women they don’t have the right to make decisions about their own bodies or their healthcare.

    • The Republicans do. Evangelical women often seem to loathe beautiful, talented, intelligent women who don’t get married soon after high school and start pumping out babies every 2_years. (9 + 9= 18 months for two.pregnancies,,and a bit of time for her to.recover and get knocked up again) while cleaning the house, cooking his meals,,doing the laundry, changing diapers,,and homeschooling the kids once they hit 5 and are required to enter kindergarten ( she is hopelessly unqualified to.teach anything more sophisticated than coloring inside the lines, but they have never allowed something like zero.qualifications to stop them).

  2. chiefs win the Superbowl. Travis Kelsey brings Taylor Swift to the White House to meet Biden. sounds like a winner to me. not to mention pat mahomes and Andy Reid who are in just about every commercial.

    • Yeah, that’d be great. Just need the chiefs to get back to playing football rather than what they’ve been doing. Saw the one offense guy get an off-sides penalty while he is looking at where the ball is sitting. Doesn’t get much screwier than that which isn’t helping the team one bit.

  3. that kirk fool needn’t really speculate about whether or not Ms. Swift’s ovaries produce anything-it isn’t as if he ever would or could be a candidate to make use of one.


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