Poor Dr.Oz, he just can’t catch a break.

After having his aerobized ass handed to him by Everyman candidate John Fetterman in the November 8th Pennsylvania Senatorial race, all he wanted was to resume his once lucrative career selling diet potions, phony supplements and fairy dust on daytime TV, but television executives have taken a hard pass on the one time surgeon who advised women seeking to terminate a pregnancy to beg the permission of their local alderman and State Rep. for the procedure.

Susan Rinkunas, at the always amusing Jezeble.com has the skinny:

“Dr. Mehmet Oz left his syndicated TV show to pursue a deeply embarrassing run for Senate in Pennsylvania—where he does not live—and spent nearly $27 million of his own money, before losing the state by a bigger margin than Donald Trump did in 2020. The whole thing was a spectacular self-own. Now this man is reportedly desperate to get back on TV, and the industry is not particularly interested in his comeback.

“No one in the mainstream will touch him,” a source told RadarOnline. “You can’t alienate half of your audience with a political stance and expect to bring in an audience on your return to television.”

Seeing as how the demographic targeted by daytime television is largely women, I would speculate that percentage of alienateds probably approaches 60 or 65 %.

But let’s not quibble.

Pray tell, Susan, what could Oz have possibly done to tick off his viewership?

“RadarOnline notes that the campaign badly damaged Oz’s reputation, as media outlets reported on his questionable medical advice and naked opportunism. But it’s not just his history as an insanely rich quack that compromised him—it was also the damaging reporting that his medical research killed more than 300 dogs, him speaking at a high-dollar fundraiser in front of Hitler’s car, and his stupid comments about abortion.

But surely the mighty OZ could ingratiate himself once more, given a chance, right?


“The Dr. Oz Show got canceled last year shortly after he announced his campaign. RadarOnline reports that Oz is “groveling to everyone he knows” in order to revive his daytime talk show about health, but the effort has been dead on arrival, much like his political career. His former producers reportedly won’t talk to him, and Radar characterized him as “too toxic” for TV.“

Oh. That does sound bad. But there is always Fox News – surely they would give some air to their former stalking horse?

“There’s a chance he could pivot to conservative media, but RadarOnline said that while Oz “impressed” execs at Fox News and Newsmax, neither network has made him an offer. He will likely make appearances on right-wing networks, though that may not go over very well since, you know, he lost.

“The last thing that conservatives want to hear right now is Dr. Oz giving political advice.”


One of our Twitter favorites, Ron Filipowski, also commented on this development:


Looks like the good Dr. might as well repair to his villa on Turkey’s Turquoise Coast and let the gentle Mediterranean breeze there blow some of the stank off his reputation before making any attempts to rehabilitate himself.

They say the effects of long Covid are particularly lingering, but the symptoms of ETTD might just last a lifetime…

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  1. He should be happy. In Little Big Man they tarred & feathered Mr. Merriweather for selling potions made from rattlesnake heads. Maybe he & the wife beater can do a talk show.

  2. Oz’s TV career seems to have crossed the Rubicon. Or maybe he’s the leader of the Donnor Party, that crossed the pass without realizing it. And then the group went cannibal. Well, he’s still insanely and undeservedly rich so I’m not going to lose any sleep over his running into major resistance in adding to his ill-gotten wealth.


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