Music hath charms to sooth the savage beast, including the one that roamed the White House smashing coffee pots and television sets in his rage, apparently. The latest White House tell-all contains an anecdote about Ohio GOP House candidate Max Miller, who in his incarnation in the White House was known by the euphemism “Music Man.” it was his job to soothe Donald Trump when he flew into into one of his otherwise inconsolable tantrums. Miller used to play different songs for Trump, among them “Memory” from the Broadway hit CATS!

Betty Buckley sang the anthem song from the play and received a Tony award for the performance. She tells Jim Acosta how she got loads of text messages telling her “you’ve saved the world,” meaning maybe she pulled Trump back from reaching for the nuclear codes. What a great  time we had of it there, four years of wondering if a lunatic man-child was going to blow us all to hell.

What a list of musical giants she reads off, who refused to let Trump play their music! That alone is all the indictment that you need to hear for the man’s politics. But Trump’s got “Gloria” and “God Bless the USA” so he’s alright for now. And he has been known to play “Theme From Titanic,” incredibly, and without irony, at his shindigs as well. So he’s set.

Here’s a clip of the whole song.


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