Tony Schwartz Shares Comey’s Views About People ‘Falling Under Trump’s Spell’


    Tony Schwartz authored “The Art Of The Deal” and is an astute observer of who Donald Trump is and what makes him tick. Several days ago, before James Comey’s op/ed dropped Wednesday in the New York Times, Schwartz made the same kind of comments, about how people enter Trump’s circle and become enthralled. His views were then explained by psychologist and lawyer, Nick Carmody. Here’s the thread.

    Lindsey Graham, (before his alien conversion therapy, I presume) said about Trump, May 3, 2016, “if we [GOP] nominate Trump, we will be destroyed and we will deserve it.” Now, Graham is part of the Trump love cult. Trump’s hi-jacking of the Republican party is complete, and it will indeed be interesting to see where they go from here.

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      • Doesn’t he remind you of somebody out of a sci fi movie, where the aliens have gotten to him and reshaped his mind? I swear to God that is how he strikes me.

        • He’s a hybrid yes man/lapdog. Given my love for doggies that latter part pains me but I want to convey something in a way people will get it. Graham is a weak person who attaches themselves to someone more powerful who will have them around. For years it was John McCain who for all his (many) faults was a superior person & politician compared to Donald Trump. Graham surely hoped for a while McCain would beat the odds on that particular form of cancer but long before the end Graham knew that wasn’t to be and he became lost. So lost in fact that he wound up jumping to a whole new level of “suckupitude” and latched himself on to Donald Trump who given his own gift for grifting & therefore sizing up “marks” recognized an opportunity to co-opt McCain’s sidekick as a way of getting back at McCain.

          Once hooked Trump reeled him in and Graham is now Trump’s wind up toy, dutifully spouting Trump talking points.

        • If only it was a complex reason and not something stupidly simple…like Graham serves in a massively Trump state, saw that his voters wanted him to be unyieldingly obedient, and decided to do so.

          I think that’s what it really boils down to, although it’s mysterious to me why he has to go so over-the-top all-in. He could support Trump without looking like he’s auditioning for a Southern dinner theater version of A Streetcar Named Desire.

        • Not an alien from a sci-fi movie but a real life Vladimir Putin, Ursula. That’s how Putin makes a #PutinsPuppet by having some kind of leverage over the unlucky person.

      • I honestly wonder where they’re going to go after this. Talk about gaslighting, wait until you hear the tales the GOPers tell about Trump when he’s gone. Nuremberg all over again.

        • ‘m not buying any of those scumfucking GOP’ers books, I know all I want to know about that cocksucker Trump, and as far as Nuremburg well I can’t ‘say’ it but it’d be nice to see him swing from a…too long neck tie.

          • I need to caution you about images of violence here, lone wolf. I understand your anger totally, but we can’t condone violent images or appear to be advocating violence. We’ll be rid of Trump, but by legal and non violent means.

            Please govern your comments accordingly and thank you for understanding. I want you to feel free to express yourself in the threads, but we have to draw a line somewhere. Nothing personal to you.

            • I work to keep my inner jarhead in check on things like this, but I hope it’s okay to say (because I believe it) that it would be far more satisfying to see Trump in an orange prison jump suit, with unstyled stringy hair and awful complexion due to no orange makeup – because it would be worse for Trump to suffer that humiliation than being executed.

            • Yeah what a ignorant redneck and I’m going to laugh at all of you when he does get back in. Atleast he won’t let us be a socialist country like we are headed now….morons

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    2. Lindsey Graham – Pimp for the president, AND whoring out democracy and the American people to keep his own job. An amazing double play !

    3. I would be very happy to see the GOP desolate, they have no purpose . They are more like a gang of thugs . They never do anything to help the people .

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    5. People that are attracted to Trump remind me of cat shit fetishists. It’s a strange thing to be attracted to something that vile and potentially virulent. And to brag about it to your friends and neighbors is the height of idiocy.


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