Tonight, Joe Biden Answered The Call


My personal view? This week, the Democrats unveiled the future of major party conventions. After all, why waste millions of dollars on renting a venue, and getting 20,000 people in one place for four nights of 5-6 hour coverage of badly spliced speeches and videos when you can present two hours a night of tightly packed, superbly orchestrated speeches and video segments from remote locations? And considering that it took more than 5 months of concerted effort to put this masterpiece together, I have less doubt than ever that the GOP convention next week is going to be a debacle.

And now on to Joe Biden’s acceptance speech. I went into tonight with a lot of expectations. I expected Joe Biden to be Joe Biden. I expected Joe Biden to be humble, because Joe Biden is humble. I expected Joe Biden to be positive, because Biden by nature is a positive person. I expected to see an earnest and emotional, because Joe is a man who has always worn his heart on his sleeve. And I expected to see a sincere Joe Biden, simply because Joe Biden cares. But there is one thing that I never expected to see.

And the thing that I never expected to see was one. truly. fucking. pissed. off. Joe. Biden! And My heart sang. I bounced on the chair, clapping my hands over and over again, and fist bumped Teri. Joe Biden is a true patriot. He is a career public servant, and a man that whatever his deficiencies, has always done the best for the people he served. But Biden truly loves this country, and everyone in it, and he had had more than just about enough of the likes of Donald Trump. He let his anger and passion show as he described Trump’s shortcomings, and then followed up with the simple solutions that should have been instituted immediately, and promised to get them rolling on day one.

Biden touched on the other pressing issues facing the country, and then almost spat out his solutions, making it clear with almost every word that It really isn’t all that fucking hard, dummy! if you just want to do the work! And then he spoke yet again about hope over fear, light over darkness, and inclusion versus division, and it meant something. And he challenged the entire country to look into their souls, ask what kind of a country they really want, and get together to start digging out of yet another GOP excavated hole.

Joe Biden was called on tonight to make the speech of his life, and he more than delivered. His fury at the corruption and indifference of the current administration, and his passion for the better angels that call all of us to respond to the horn, dared people to resist to rise up and answer that call. And it was beautiful to see. All he has to do is to keep bringing that same passion and indictment of Trump for the next 75 days. GOTV.


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  1. Hope he prosecutes all the Trump scum and Trump himself. It is time Republican traitors are put in jail. Yes, he did look mad. I love it. I just hope we all stay mad till this shit show is over.

    • Hell, Blue, I been mad for three and three quarters years. The time to exact revenge draws nigh. As to prosecutions, heh, as Murf would say, don’t touch that dial.

    • No worries. He got himself an attack dog for that. An accident that he picked maybe the top prosecutor in the land, who had the bogus attorney general caught in his lies, having to admit you can rise to the top of the legal profession without knowing what ‘suggestion’ means? I don’t think so. That’s why everyone in this transnational criminal conspiracy isn’t getting much sleep. Hell, Putin had to distract himself with another attempted murder of a political rival. Even Joe is looking to nail there arses on the barn door eliminating my fear he would be another Gerald Ford, except Ford didn’t get voted in. I know I wouldn’t want Kamala looking for a conviction on me especially if I was guilty. U go Joe.

      • Putin has got bigger problems than us right now. That “vaccine” which is basically using his entire country as a petri dish for a longshot at a cure? Exhibit A.

  2. It’s been my experience that the nice guys are the last people you EVER want to piss off. And given how much of an insult Trump’s very existence is to public service, why are we surprised by Joe’s tonight? “When angry, count to four. When very angry, swear.”–Mark Twain

  3. Joe was no “happy warrior” last night. No matter what anyone in the Party thought about our candidates going into the primaries Joe was the person Trump most feared running against. The thought of the two of them squaring off, where clips on the news of the both of them on a given day made Trump break out into cold sweats. The down to earth with a real, up from modest roots who after all those decades in the Senate & WH is still on the low end of the net worth ranking for Senators & politicians who’ve been around that long shows through. He’s authentic and is just too damned well known around the country and just too many Republicans have differed with him politically but admired him, worked with him and most importantly let their constituents know he’s the real deal, and is someone that can be trusted will kick Trump’s fake ass in news cycle after news cycle.

    This is one TV show where Trump won’t be able to count on Mark Burnett to edit him into looking like the “all wise” mogul. Trump, for all his schtick will come across as phony as a three dollar bill because Joe is genuine and Trump knows it, and worse will as the campaign now moves into the traditional final stretch phase suck up a lot of the attention. Attention is what Trump craves more than anything else (except perhaps his daughter Ivanka) and while the pure drug he craves is fawning attention he’ll settle for notoriety if it allows him to dominate the news. Trump is a dumbass in the classic fictional Red Forman’s definition but he’s got the gift of media savvy in self-promotion. He knows what gets on TV, and what looks good on TV and this election will be a TV/visual media affair like in the old days and one thing he can recognize is someone who comes across well on TV. Someone who can seemingly come right out of the TV screen and make a person feel like they are sitting in the room talking to them directly and feeling like they have been talking with a friend or even family member they like.

    Joe Biden is that kind of person. (Kamala Harris has some ability that way too) Trump’s “gift” is that he’s able to jump out of the TV screen but not with the warmth and actual genuine sincerity Biden does. Biden will play very well on TV and Trump has decades of watching “Uncle Joe” to know it. He also knows he can play on TV, but if forced into a comparison with Joe Biden he’d come off as the LOSER most, if not damned near all the time.

    And side by side on a debate stage? Trump can wear dark pants but the only way to keep viewers from seeing him pissing himself in fear is if he were to have a catheter shoved up his crank with a bag twice the size of one of those big bags I had to wear last fall!

    I was surprised last night to see little of “Uncle Joe” as in the kindly, friendly guy. And before he was done I started thinking (with all I’ve written as the backdrop) if Trump hated the thought of running against Biden before he’s absolutely fucking TERRIFIED now! THIS version of Uncle Joe was the protective – “Knock off your bullshit and stop treating my loved ones this way or I’ll tear you a new asshole” Uncle Joe. There were quite a few candidates of ours who’d carve Trump up during the debates, and I’ll admit to having fun imagining an overconfident Trump getting that treatment – especially from a woman. But with Biden, for all the bluster he might walk on to the stage with Trump always would be doing so in fear because he’s always known Biden could carve him up too.

    What Joe showed Trump last night was a guy who wouldn’t bother with a scalpel of fillet knife. Nope. Joe showed Trump and the country that bullshit and bluster will be treated like he (Trump) had walked on to a Little League field and started abusing the little tykes. And that Biden wouldn’t go with telling him to stop and pleading while waiting for the cops to arrive. Instead Joe showed he is like the dad who will walk right out there, and even if hit once or twice by that bat will rip it from Trump’s hands and then beat him into a bloody pulp with it! And make sure not to hit him on the head while doing so because he wants EVERYONE to see and hear the whining and crying from the would-be bully lying bleeding on the ground with cracked and broken ribs begging for mercy.

    Joe will mostly go back to being the happy warrior. But he served notice to Trump that he’s perfectly capable of delivering a major ass whupping when called for and willing to actually do it. My prediction? Especially since it’s been mentioned lately a (what passes for) strategy that has been taking shape for the Trump campaign to run against HUNTER Biden that Trump will skip the debates. Even if his campaign tones down the attacks on Joe’s son Hunter, Trump still won’t want to be in the same zip code, much less on the same stage with Joe Biden. He was already scared to death of an actual side by side comparison of him vs Joe’s genuine, down to earth demeanor. But since part of Trump’s psychopathology is self-loathing over NOT being the “tough guy” he so often projects himself to be seeing the angry, yet well-controlled and focused angry side of Joe Biden that Trump will have Dr. Ronny Jackson write him up a doctor’s note “excusing” him from the debates that would make that ridiculous letter from the weird dude up in NYC look like Shakespeare.

    The ONLY way Trump can win is to cheat like never before. He was already deathly afraid of losing and has been marshalling the entire resources of the power he exerts as head of the Executive Branch. I shudder to think just how far Trump will go now, especially with a GOP that’s as terrified of him as he is of Biden & therefore unwilling to step in and stop the very real “American Carnage” that Trump will not only continue unleashing but actually escalate.

    I’m encourage on the one hand, believing we can win this and will but also coldly realistic that things are going to get worse, in fact much worse before we can start making them better.

    • Stillness rather than motion is the key to conveying power. It makes those moments when a person does move much more striking. So it is with Uncle Joe’s temper last night.


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