Donald Trump Jr. took to the microphone of His “Triggered” podcast yesterday to bemoan the fact that, gosh darn it, he is tired of seeing grifters “line their pockets” selling his father’s scowling mugshot Merch – than promptly pivots to his sales pitch for his own Dotard swag. And all the money will be directed to the crime familie’s legal defense fund…


If you believe that, I have a Trump trial date in 2026 to sell ya.

Our friend Ron Filipkowski captured the video and his followers eviscerate Jr.

Well, his and dear old dad’s.

What, Rebel, you don’t believe him? 🤣🤣🤣


Most of it anyway. The Gobfather will have to wet his beak.

I would pay to see that.




The over/under is 2.5%



💯 💯 💯


And, in the next breath he will be telling us how dad won all fifty states in 2020.

How does his idiot audience believe a word he say?

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  1. If it weren’t for diptshit junior’s hypocrisy, he’d be nothing but an empty sack of skin. As for “the cause”, the only cause we should be supporting is getting this entire crime family behind bars. He would do himself a large favor if he’d just STFU so that maybe he, princess, and his even dumber brother could slide under the various and sundry legal radars relatively unscathed. Does he think law enforcement is going to ignore his obviously coked-up behavior forever particularly when he constantly throws it in their faces?

    Hey junior! Eventually your idiot daddy’s star will set, a lot sooner than you realize, and you will be a nobody just like you were before he came down his schlocky escalator. Keep a low profile and maybe you’ll be forgotten which is about the best thing you can expect.

  2. “Prudent Democrat” tweeted (or X’ed or whatever the proper term is now) “I don’t know why but I feel he’s gonna keep most of the money” to which Dino responded, “Most of it anyway. The Gobfather will have to wet his beak.”

    Wouldn’t it be absolutely delicious if Junior decided to extort “dear old Daddy” for all the years of abuse and neglect he’s suffered from Trump the Elder? “Sure, dad. I’ll spot you a couple grand but I need you to beg for it like a dog.” Then, after exacting his own pound of flesh, Junior decides, “You know what, dad? I don’t think you deserve any of MY money.”

  3. Jr. please…I know coke is expensive. I know you have to share with the gargoyle in the skirt with pufferfish lips. I realize daddy dearest may have moved on from Adderall to the Columbian snow. But please don’t use it to hoover up the equivalent of the Aspen runs. You are losing control of you hands! They are flying around like butterflies with no place to land. Can you imagine how they will suffer if contained in a pair of cuffs? Oh the horror! The horror! SNIFF!!!!

  4. I dunno. IF it turns out to be a decent sum Junior is sooooooo desperate to get a pat on the head from his sperm donor he calls dad he might actually fork it over. Along with a whimpering revision of Oliver’s famous “Please Sir, could I have some more?” on in this case it would be “Please daddy, can I have a little increase in my allowance?” If however Juniors mugshot grift is a bust, his ole p.o.s. dad might let him keep it BUT only after taking a cut (wetting his beak as you put it) and forever after making fun of his namesake about how little money his loser son raised.

  5. I’m sort of hoping that the Fulton county sherrif will hit them for copyright fees (the photos are really the property of the cop shop I think)

  6. How long will the’s all of it last once Daddy Dearest lands in jail.and Don Jr. and Eric and I banks take charge? How long before they either sell it ( would any sane investor want it?) or file for bankruptcy?


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