When given a choice between doing the right thing and doubling down on previous idiocy, in order to impress and continue to fleece the base, Donald Trump can always be depended upon to do the latter, religiously.

This video, unless I miss my guess, is what so incensed him yesterday and caused him to issue his self-aggrandizing, ludicrous statement about how we owe him for the coronavirus vaccine. Deer Gawd.

Now why is Trump not here in the PSA?

  1. They asked him and he said “no” because his base is anti-vaxxers?
  2. They didn’t ask him, because they wanted to keep it real, and not reality TV?
  3. He’s not a member of this club and never will be?
  4. They asked him and he said he would do it if he could talk about the stolen election?
  5. All of the above.

Here’s his statement, if you missed it.



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  1. The fact that the Pfizer vaccine was developed by two Turkish (Muslim) immigrants to Germany and was all done with absolutely ZERO support from either the Trompador administration or any other US assistance is a sort of irrelevant fact.

    Don John naturally claims credit for all of it

    • Credit or bragging rights is everything to him. He said something to the effect that Biden shouldn’t take credit for the vaccine. He doesn’t understand that not everyone is about taking credit and there are more important things in the world than that.

  2. Emotions are still raw. Seeing Jimmy Carter getting his shot. Teared up. 45 isn’t invited to the party. Ever. Never. 520,000 and more deaths DID NOT NEED TO HAPPEN FFS. Watched the MSNBC, Nicole Wallace special last night. That’s why I’m still livid. 45 is a sick mofo. Very, very sick with his malignant narcissism. He is not worthy to have those other four POTUS walk over his grave (wish it was soon!)

  3. You’ll

    I’m having to scroll this down, cos an ad blocked beginning of this text box, so couldn’t see what typed. When tried to ‘x’ it away, it went, but Google invited me to click on ‘stop seeing this ad’ or ‘why this ad’, and whichever i click on, or on the backarrow at its top left, as soon as i click back on this text box, Google takes out the same area as the ad so can’t see my comment anymore. (It’s still doing it, but i can scroll below it now.)

    Anyway, as i was trying to say:
    You’ll know option 5 is a contradiction, don’t you?

    I really hope they didn’t ask him – they shouldn’t have to sink that low.

  4. Regarding the list of why Trump isn’t in the PSA I say numbers 1 and 4. I really do think an overture was made but I also think the other Presidents knew or at least hoped (fervently) that he’d say no. Or as I’ve indicated only agree if he could spout his bullshit and allow his inclusion under the condition that his segment would be unedited.

    As I indicated in a comment elsewhere even if some manufacturers didn’t want or accept help from Operation Warp Speed (and even if Jared would run Trump’s grifting supplies like they did with PPE) those capable of doing a major effort using modern techniques that they’ve been playing with on a small scale for ten years or so had a major financial incentive to go big on Covid vaccine development. So, even if in an ass-backwards and semi indirect way Trump did one useful thing. Of course, he did so much more that was harmful and if he tried to do one good thing it was for the wrong reason. He bet his Presidency on having a rushed process, and talk from credible experts that we’d be lucky to have a viable vaccine (using new methods of development and manufacturing) in a year’s time was music to his ears.

    Trump heard “one year (maybe)” and assumed that as soon as one or two promising candidates were identified (probably sometime during the summer after small initial clinical trials) he’d be able to browbeat regulators into approving something that he could use as an October Surprise. A “Trump Miracle” that would, even if the vaccine turned out in full on clinical trials to have major problems or not be nearly as effective as advertised would still have been a bombshell. Maybe enough of one to affect just enough states that were close and allow him to thread the EC needle a second time. THAT was what Operation Warp Speed was ALL about. I guess you could call it a case of doing the right thing for the wrong reason.

    In the broader sense, there is a ton of credit to go around for the development of the vaccines that are making their way into people’s arms. The folks who developed the theories and techniques of gene splicing for example. Those who designed and developed the machines that allowed those scientists to do that incredible work. Those at drug manufacturers who leaned into the headwinds of bean-counting management assholes and allowed some of the work to, even if on a small scale explore some of the new vaccine development and manufacturing technologies, and any executives who even if only grudgingly went along with it. A couple of prior Presidents, including and especially President Obama who openly questioned why more time and money wasn’t going in to creating new vaccine development and manufacturing techniques. Especially President Obama who openly challenged them with his “You’re telling me that the old chicken egg process is STILL your primary way of doing things?” which spurred a little more money going into the new techniques. And there are all those researchers and scientists who doggedly stuck with trying to develop this new stuff even in the face of all the “you are wasting your career with this because the company will never commit the funds you need – you’d be better off switching to other projects” yet kept plugging away hoping their time would come.

    Countless people both known and unknown were responsible.

    I lost interest in college basketball years ago when they went to the “one and done” model of recruiting “student” athletes. Still, for much of my life I was a huge college basketball fan although my own career (such as it was) topped out at the Jr. College level. Being in my mid sixties I of course admired the legendary John Wooden, the Wizard of Westwood. Wooden always saw himself as more than a basketball coach. He saw himself as a teacher and mentor and didn’t limit that to his players. I love going through some of his quotes, especially the ones about teamwork.

    Given what I’ve written about just how many people were involved and for so long in developing these new vaccines in record time one particular quote about teamwork is one that seems appropriate:

    “It’s amazing how much gets accomplished when no one cares who gets the credit.”

    Think about it. If I could be in the room this afternoon as Biden works with his speechwriters I’d suggest better wordsmiths than me whittle down my musings on all the effort over so many years by so many unsung (and a few well known) people got us to viable vaccines so quickly, and remind them of Wooden’ quote.

    As for Trump’s level of credit, it’s already been noted by our new President and others that vaccines in and of themselves are worthless unless you get them into people’s arms. And Trump didn’t do jack shit on that score. The ONLY thing he cared about was being able to announce before the election that HE had created a miracle. And his dumbass supporters would have (and many no doubt do) that Trump personally was in labs doing the real work! But the important thing is that Trump never gave a rat’s ass about saving people with a vaccine.

    He only cared about being able to announce one in time to help his re-election.


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