What do you get when three people who rabidly hate anyone in the LGBTQ+ community get together on a so-called “talk show?” You get a lot of nastiness, bile, fear-mongering and abject cruelty. That’s what you get. Vincent James, who’s virulently racist, anti-Semitic, misogynistic as well as being a fascist and a major conspiracy theorist who serves as the treasurer for equally repulsive Nick Fuentes’ America First organization appeared on the equally bigoted Christian nationalist program Cross Talk Wednesday night. The program is hosted by racist conspiracy theorists Edward Szall and Lauren Witzke, according to Right Wing Watch.

Well my, my don’t they all sound swell?

I’m not sure if there is a hell, because I’m not a particularly religious person, but if there is, I’m sure these three were created there.

The trio did the usual shtick that such haters do and spent much of the program complaining that gay people are infiltrating the conservative movement in order to weaken and dismantle it. That’s loony of course, but in the unlikely event that it’s true I say way to go gay folks! You all rock!

Szall, who despises people in the LGBTQ+ community, insisted that gay people having children should not be tolerated, for the welfare of the children.

“there used to be a day and age,” szall said “[when] it was just bad for the kid. when you think about the kid in the situation; we beat up the kid at school who had two dads. and we weren’t jerks for that, that’s just what we did.”

“We weren’t jerks for that.” Really? That’s the very definition of a jerk. Someone who causes bodily harm to another person because they aren’t a carbon copy of everyone else in school.

James, being the charmer that he is, has in the past openly declared that he yearns to live in a society where gay people are tossed off of buildings and has also suggested their kids should be kidnapped by government task forces. He agreed with Szall’s sentiments, saying when he was younger, kids who were “obviously gay … pretended not to be gay” so that they wouldn’t be bullied and beaten up.

And with creeps like this, you can substitute “gay” with being black, or Jewish, or if you’re like me, hearing-challenged because of severe allergies. I was severely bullied because kids thought I was “retarded” (because that’s the word they used in them good ol’ days). All because I couldn’t hear and mispronounced words as a result.

Witzke is just as nasty as the other two. Fortunately she’s being sued by a gay couple because she did what too many other homophobes do: she baselessly claimed the couple were pedophiles.

“that is how we kind of maintained the line as far as behavior,” she chimed in. “i think that they all need to go back in the closet.”

This is such disgusting drivel. The U.S. is being riven by fascism and while this kind of talk has often wound up with innocent people being hurt such incidents are almost certain to increase because too many bubble-gum brained gullible idiots belief this stuff.

I’m including a clip of the video below, but if you’re like me, you may want to keep a big bowl right next to you. Because it might make you barf.

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  1. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. The vast majority of people have no real issues with someone else’s sexual orientation. But whenever you come across people who are violently, virulently, and hatefully anti-gay, you are dealing with a closeted, self-hating gay person. Every time. You can almost bank on it.

  2. What part of CIVIL rights don’t these fools get? I believe every failed civilization can trace its downfall to the emergence of a few who believed they were better or more deserving that certain groups whom they began to marginalize or actually attempted to exterminate, in order to exercise personal control over the day-to-day behavior of the rest. I remember the tattle-tale mentality Hitler promoted in nazi Germany neighbor spying on and reporting on neighbor. We ar going through it now at a more rabidly frantic pace than ever in our own history, and we are doomed to fail of somebody in government does not grow a it set and get the religious zealots, homophobes, women-haters, and oligarchs out of government and under control.

  3. Beaten up and killed-let’s not forget that.

    LGBTQ+ folks do not have to infiltrate the con movement-they have the Log Cabin Republicans if they choose to support ‘pubes (although why they would do so is baffling). Are there really folks in this community who hate themselves so much? Never met one yet but my life isn’t over so I suppose I might.

    I wish young voters would pay attention to this crap being spewed by con xtians. young voters are our future, they have little use for xtianity, conservatism, etc. and they WILL make a difference if they just get out and vote.

  4. I made Chef at A huge Hotel chain
    you know when someone has different preferences. Imean get over yourself
    It’s none of your business. I’m straight but consider them good friends. Just good people
    Good friends.

  5. Well, my claim to fame was I had red hair. Seriously red hair. And of course I had a bit of a stutter on top of that. It wasn’t pretty. There were some other family issues. I just had a crappy childhood. But sooner or later. The bullies quit coming after you when they figure out you are done and ready to put a whuppin on the next dummy that crosses your path.


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