Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. And intelligent women have little or no patience for the members of their gender that are throwbacks to an era of repression that women of strength, perseverance, and courage fought tooth and nail to bring us out of. Things have changed in the past century but we are far from being out of the woods. If you go over to Twit-X right now, you will see Women For Trump trending. And you will see a lot of very pi$$ed off women who are not for Trump. And a term has been coined to describe our less enlightened sisters.

I do love Democrats, of both genders. We see things with a certain clarity, shall we say? And even Donald Trump’s sister, Maryanne, sees him for who and what he is.

Donald is cruel. And his casual cruelty became the hallmark of his administration. And all that the trunts love about him, is the fact that he hates the same people that they do. That’s the sick attraction.

Trump is perfectly named. I marvel at that. I always have. Last month I posted a piece about a 50’s TV show, Trackdown, starring a pre-I Spy Robert Culp, whose townย was invaded by a conman named Trump who wanted to build a wall, and who proclaimed, “I alone can save you.” I don’t want to get too metaphysical here, I leave magical thinking and childish ways to the QAnoners and the MAGAs, but you have to admit it is thought provoking, these coincidences. My thought is that this is Satan’s little jest. If it is, the last laugh is going to be on Trumpty Dumpty and we may see it come soon.

Now this is a horrifying montage. I was actually going to put this on top of the story but I was afraid Google would have an issue with it.

It has been said that Women For Trump is like Chickens For Colonel Sanders or Horses For Alpo.

the cut off words are “sustains them.”

And yet another jewel.

Trump is an adjudicated rapist. Women For Trump are women who are okay with all this, apparently.

He asked that in 1993 and in 1992, as you read above in this article, he told New York Magazine, “You have to treat ’em [women] like shit.”

Here’s a close up of two of the women in the collage.

Since I’m speechless, I think I’ll end here. Maybe go take something for a headache.


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  1. Well, before reading the definition you provided I thought trashy c*nt but I think the one you provided is better because not all the women who support Trump are trailer trash. On the other hand those pictures of “Trump Women”, I guess from rallies or events promoting Trump? Let’s just say that even though an afternoon at the doctor’s office getting checked, completing with some probing (an ear), and plenty of needle sticks (at least I couldn’t feel the ones in my feet when she tested for changes in my neuropathy) it was still an afternoon out. Saw a fair number of women, and enough attractive ones I felt wistful about my lack of a social life by the time I was back in my apartment.

    Then I see the pictures in this article and all THAT is cured. I know, I’m a guy and I shouldn’t go admitting something like that especially online. It’s not like I’m any prize to look at anymore, but then I don’t go out and act like I’m desirable either! THESE gals think Trump would actually f**k them. Wouldn’t be awesome for someone to organize these gals in the pre-appearance of Trump on the stage to toss their lard-ass panties at him like women have been known to do at some concerts? The reaction from Trump would be PRICELESS as he recoiled in horror, especially if said undies had been worn all day long instead of being nicely laundered ones tucked away in a pocket.

    Maybe that would finally break the Trump spell.

  2. Pictures of Darwin’s waiting room. If you were an intelligent alien, having conquered the unimaginable distances of space, and you saw those life forms, would YOU land? No phucking way…I’d zoom off, like so many UFOs seem to do.

    • I’ve read people say that the UFO lock all the ramps and the portholes when they come through this neighborhood in space. I know I would.

      And you know what is sad? Or hilarious, or both. Literally, TV broadcasts are going out from this planet and they could be received by some world 50,000 lightyears away, eventually, and those people will have to look at who we are and say WTF?

    • I have said for many years that if aliens are listening to and watching what we broadcast, they would say “Well, no intelligent life on that planet!”

  3. The granny with the “boner garage” needs to realize something: her turd emperor wouldn’t stick someone else’s dick in that garage let alone his own.

    I’m gonna need some acid or something to rid myself of these images of trunts. and even that might not do it. Jeez Ursula you are cruel to us. lmao

  4. These images go well beyond disgusting. But the one that really riveted my attention is the list of young girls he has allegedly raped and settled with. Isn’t rape a class I felony with no statute of limitations and no option except to prosecute? And these are literally children. What became of them?

    When he is broke and behind bars, I suspect many women will feel safe enough to come forward to tell their stories.

  5. A couple of thoughts:

    First, Maryanne’s little commentary. Her note about “if you were a religious person, you want to help people” seems to ignore a certain type of contemporary “religious” person who seems less inclined “to help people” and it’s that type of person who supports Trump.

    Secondly, as for all those “women for Trump” and their “lustful” messaging directed at Trump, well, ladies (and I use that term very loosely), Trump wouldn’t take you up on your offers. Well, maybe if you paid him enough but, somehow, I don’t think all of you could scrape up enough money Trump would expect from a single one of you for more than a 5-minute roll in the hay and even that would probably be 4 1/2 minutes longer than Trump would want (and I’ve got a feeling all of you would be really disappointed with the encounter, assuming he could even get it up and keep it up long enough to, um, “break the plane”). See, ladies (note the above remark again), Trump has a definite type–and it ain’t none of y’all. In fact, I’m not even sure you would’ve been his type when you were at your physical peaks. Oh, I’m sure he’d happily spend time eating at McDonalds with you (provided you pick up the tab) but, as the saying goes, he just ain’t that into you, hon. (That goes for all y’all.)


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