I guarantee that you’ll miss 100% of the shots you never take   Wayne Gretzky

Well, it certainly took these idiots long enough to get their shit together. I mean after all, Trump has only been around for right around 7 years now in the political arena, and there have only been Never Trumper’s for about 6 years now, but until now, they’ve been fractured and ineffective. But now somebody wants to change that. Better late than never.

Look, whether you’re a Democrat or a Republican, the basic composition of the parties are the same. On each side, you have an energized, highly motivated far right or far left base, and then the rest of us sitting in the middle. And those of us in the middle are constantly bitching and moaning about the piss poor quality of the candidates.

Why is this so? Because basically we’re bone lazy. When is the last time you bothered voting in a primary? It’s the 15-20% rabid base that takes the time to at least pick a favorite, and then go out and vote in the primary. And since nobody else does, those are the losers we’re stuck with.

But now someone has come along who wants to hit Trump where it hurts, at the ballot box. His name is Miles Taylor, and he’s a former Trump DHS administrator who penned the infamous anonymous NY Times article telling the world that there were multiple Trump appointees out there who were actively subverting Trump’s more disastrous impulses.  He went on to write a book on the same subject, with more detail.

Well, Taylor has formed a group, and he is actively reaching out to other Never Trump groups and activists in order to rally them under one umbrella of defined activism. And I like what he wants to do.

What Taylor wants to do is to recruit prominent, well respected Never Trumper’s like Rick Wilson, Jennifer Horn, Olivia Troye and her group, and others to put out ads, send mailers and e-mailers, and get activists into neighborhoods to educate and motivate people.

Not Trombies, fuck them. Taylor wants to educate and activate people to the fact that the way to beat Trump is to become engaged much earlier. Taylor noted that right now, there are at least 75 districts that could be competitive in which Trump has an endorsed candidate running. As things sit right now, that pretty much makes them a shoe in to go on to the general election.

Taylor wants his organization to get out there like the Democratic grassroots activists, and educate mainstream GOP voters, disaffected with Trump and the current party profile, is go energize, research, and then show up and vote in the primaries!

Because that’s all that it might take. Because the actual voter turnout in primaries is so low, and mainly far right zealots, you wouldn’t have to motivate and turn out all that many moderate GOP voters to show up and put the kibosh on Trump’s anointed ones. And whether the Democrat wins, or the more moderate GOP candidate wins, either way it weakens Trump’s strength and power in the legislature.

For 5 years the Never Trumper’s have been plotting to take back the soul of their party. Well, Miles Taylor is showing them the way, and they had better follow it. There are already more non Trump than Trump supporters in the GOP, but nowhere is that disparity greater than in the primaries. Because a majority of Trump supporters don’t bother to show up and vote in the primaries either! If they can get the moderates to show up and keep Trump loyalists off of the ballot, then great numbers of Trombies will sit out the general election.

And if there is no opponent for a Trombie candidate, and it means showing up in November and voting for a Democratic candidate, then so be it. After all, better a minority party back under your control than no party at all. It’s literally in their own hands. How badly do they want to save their party? I keep thinking of the Who’s lyrics from Tommy, You’ve been there many times before, Messiahs take you to the door, but no one has the guts to leave the temple.


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  1. What is it that the so-called far-left want that the majority of Democrats don’t also want? I think this fissure or division is just a creation of the media. There are many that are Democrats because of specific issues such as civil rights or the environment, but that doesn’t mean they don’t support the others’ goals.

    As to Republicans, they wouldn’t be a Republican if they weren’t racist. They elected a failed business man that was a known philanderer and con. His only attraction was being a nasty racist. The Republicans you are talking about just figured out it might be better to not be so crass and associated with unbelievable CT. They know they were quite successful in implementing fascism/corporate control of America and bigotry without storming the Capital.

    Like you say, local organizations that get the average person to learn about the candidates in the primary and then vote may be the only way we keep our country. We are fighting inertia.

    • First of all, far left dems want a much wider and much more generous social safety net. Second, not all dems are pro-choice-in the south for instance it’d be damned hard to get elected if they were. The far left wants to expand the s.c. You’re not going to get that with dems like Tester, Manchin and Sinema in the senate. Likewise the filibuster–those three would have to be replaced before that goes into the garbage heap of history (where it belongs). And the replacements for just these three would be republicans and more than likely very far right republicans–certainly any replacement for Tester would be.


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