It’s good sometimes to stop and smell the roses, or in this case, to take 1:08 and celebrate two bears birthdays at a refuge in New York state. Both of these ursine cuties have birthdays in January — as do I, by the way — and they love birthday cake. What is especially sweet, though, is the way that they tenderly interact with their human friend. There is a lesson here for all of us.

If we could all just get along like this.


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  1. These wonderful examples of mixing the gigantic power of these bears with the subdued peace and loving of them for their keeper is a treat to be seen …

    THANKS, Ursula, we all need to take moments like these to yank the stink of Trump and all his, “ISIMS”, out of our faces for a truly needed relief …

    THIS IS a lesson on many levels, like sharing treats without needing to push your way through PM’s at an International meeting to get photo ops there … Trump was/is/will always be so shallow that the International audience is still wondering how we managed to live with this cretin in the White House, my take is, it was what it was and we now have a new sun rising every morning … what Biden and Harris as a team can do to straighten things out should be spectacular, if we can just squash a few rotten tomatoes left in the basket …

    • Isn’t that touching? And of course Twitter is aglow with all the negatives, “they’re going to rip his head off.” The animal kingdom is smart. Yes, tragedies happen, but for all of the isolated tragedies there are more stories like this one where a kind human is able to earn the trust of an animal and vice versa.

    • I love this! He IS cute, and a character. You never get to see bats close up like this. I love that they take him ‘flying’. Very sweet, thanks.

  2. OHHHHH. And aren’t they magnificent creatures. Look at that fur.
    So interesting that they so gently take the food off the spoon. Those bears eats better than most teenagers I know. Ha!
    Thanks Ursula (bear woman)

  3. I just love animals so much. How anyone could hurt one, Hunt one or eat one is beyond my understanding (and yes, I’ve been a vegetarian for more than 40 years and my cats eat only fish-used foods).


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