You ain’t seen nothing yet, the best is yet to come   Frank Sinatra

Tonight’s J6 committee hearing by far exceeded every expectation. But outside of all of the bombshell testimony, the J6 committee dropped one last bombshell. There will be more public hearings in September.

Which has to be nothing but a dagger to the heart of Mitch McConnell and Kevin McCarthy. They have literally been dying for these things to be over with. Especially since a recent poll showed that independent voters have gone up 9% believing that Trump attempted a coup. Welcome to the midterms, guys.

But here’s the thing. If there is one reason that these hearings will continue on into September, and possible beyond, it’s because of one person. Former Mark Meadows assistant Cassidy Hutchinson. Her courageous testimony in public opened the spigot in two ways.

First of all, Hutchinson’s brave testimony, in which she mentioned former White House Counsel Pat Cipollone so many times that you’d think they lived together, it put the pressure on. Specifically on Pat Cipollone. How could he continue to hide behind spurious claims of privilege following Hutchinson putting herself out there. He couldn’t, and his testimony has been prominently featured in 2 consecutive hearings.

But she did something more important. Cassidy was a mid level west wing staffer. And her testimony blew the doors off of the committee. Which led more west wing staffers to cast their memories back, think about everything they heard and saw in their service, and wonder if it just might be important to the committee, and according to the committee, now they’re coming forward.

And it’s all fresh. According to both Bennie Thompson and Liz Cheney, the committee will be working through the August break to evaluate the new data and testimony. No rest for the weary.

And in September, they’ll be back! Right at the start of the serious midterm election season. And polling already shows that at least 65% of Americans are tuning in to at least some of the televised hearings. It’s only going to get worse for the GOP, and the more Trump election deniers that make it top the general election, the harder the GOP road with independents gets to hoe. Don’t touch that dial.


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  1. September will be when Liz Cheney begins her true plan to reshape the GOP in her image. Remember, folks, that old school Republicans like her dad were gradually displaced by political bombthrowers throughout the 2010s. These hearings are therefore her opportunity to cut out the crazies the way the John Birch Society was sidelined a couple of generations. It’ll mean some short-term losses, sure, but long term, the American conservative movement finally evolves into a form relevant to this century.

  2. As I”m reading this piece I’m thinking “ok, voters coming out as Independent has risen, fine, so what?” Does that necessarily mean they will vote Dems in? Well, no. I’m hoping that is what it means or at least they stay away in November which ought to help a bit. Thing is, gerrymandering has really fucked up the electoral landscape so that it will still be an uphill climb for democratic challengers. So many of the H.O.R. districts are so bad I’m surprised when their even are challengers and in fact in some years there aren’t.

    The bloviating poobahs of the political sphere have been proving they know very little over the years. So much so that I’m surprised anyone even puts them in any media source at all.

  3. Look, I find Liz Cheney’s regular brand of politics as abhorrent as the next guy, but imo her close last night was nothing short of magnificent.

  4. Liz scares me with her voting record & her laser focus. At least she supports Republicans cheating the old fashioned way.


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