You know, as a twice vaxxed, twice boosted Covid survivor, I had truly hoped that I was done writing articles about Covid. But such is the bitter wormwood of my life. Because not only is Covid-19 a virulent threat, made worse with the combination of the winter flu season, but enough time has passed for some empirical studies on the virus and its effect to start churning out.

And so it is today. We already know from daily tracking of Covid fatalities as we lived through the nightmare from day to day, that more than 1.3 million US citizens died from the pandemic. That is a staggering and sobering number. But it turns out that it was nowhere near as bad as it could have been.

In a new report released today, it states that the incredible speed and brilliance of the US pharmaceutical companies, and the all-hands-on-deck approach to the distribution and shots-un-arms approach, there were some 3.4 million American lives that were saved from dying from the virus. Think about that for just a moment. Once the vaccines were available, the US government kept 3.4 people million in the country from dying. The study also credited prophylactic treatments for keeping people from getting sicker and ending up in the hospital. Don’t ask me how they know, I have no idea. It’s science, and I trust it.

But the report didn’t stop there. They went into a sub study that is the worst news in the world for the GOP. The study found that in GO controlled states the GOP literally killed their own voters by making the Covid crisis into a GOP led class war issue.

Their poster child in the study was, of course, the Freebird state of Florida, under the tutelage of Governor Ron Pissantis. Pissantis did everything from passing safety destructive laws through his toadying legislature, to signing executive orders prohibiting mask mandates, and threatening Florida school districts that mandated masks in school with the loss of state funding.

And it worked! Beyond Pissantis’s wildest dreams. The study found that in Florida, Democratic registered voter lined up in droves to get vaxxed, their 2nd vaccination, and their booster. GOP voters went to the beach, and restaurants and bars, sans masks of course. Cuz, you know, personal freedom! And as a result, GOP registered voters kicked off at a 76% higher rate than Democratic voters.

And the same thing seems to be repeated in GOP controlled states nationwide. If my shitty eyes read the report correctly, nationwide, GOP voters shuffled off this mortal coil at a rate 38% higher than Democrats in the same states. And I don’t think that even factors in the brain-dead edict of GOP Governor Kirsti Noem, in allowing for 2 years the Sturgis motorcycle rally that certainly turned into a Super Spreader Event that sent the virus back nationwide into states that had it under control.

But whatever else you can say about him, don’t ever say that Florida Governor Ron Pissantis wants to leave a GOP voter alive. Pissantis is asking the Florida state Supreme Court to empanel a special grand jury to look into possible criminal activity in the way that the distribution of the Covid vaccines was handled. Yeah, you heard that right. DeSantis wants the Florida Supreme Court to form a special grand jury to try to punish people for trying to save people’s lives.

I can’t do anything but quote the legendary Jim Croce, You know, all I can do is to shake my head, I can’t believe that it’s true. Rather than listen to the science, admit their mistakes, and try to protect their citizens, mental troglodytes like Pissantis are trying to erase science, and show that they were right all along. I was wrong. It’s Not a brave new world, it’s a stupid new world. Damn them all to hell.

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  1. As a never-infected survivor of the ruby red state of Tennessee, I am ready to watch them pay for their stupidity. Many of my former tormentors and their enablers die, the rest of us get to live…fair trade.

  2. Story content aside, in its use of a contraction instead of a possessive pronoun in its headline, PolitiZoom is figuratively killing a fundamental rule of proper grammar.

  3. If covid affected fetuses these dumb mother-fuckers would have tried to change the effing constitution to require vaccinations particularly for pregnant women…or females who might become pregnant.

  4. I guess I have been fortunate, I am fully vaxxed and triple boosted. I have never had COVID, nor do I wish to. My son has had it twice, the first time he had no symptoms, the second time he was down for a week. I am grateful that I have taken care of myself. However I have been wearing a mask for six(6) years now due to allergies. I say let them kill themselves. Karma knows what she is doing.


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