The GOP Can’t Even Govern If It Wants To. Because of FOX News


Whether Mitch McConnell and Kevin McCarthy want to admit it or not, the party is approaching a crisis point. There is a problem that is rapidly coming to a head, and the GOP is going to have to respond to it, and in a constructive manner. And even if they want to participate and legislate effectively, they can’t, because they serve a different master now.

Remember when you were a kid, and you did something you thought was slick and cool, but turned out to be blatantly stupid? Remember how Mama dropped the hammer on yo’ ass? And you knew that if you wanted to survive puberty, you had better damn well straighten up and fly right, and be on your best behavior until the heat was off?

On Monday, or Tuesday at the latest, a 12 member jury will begin to deliberate the future life and liberty of Derek Chauvin for the unprovoked murder of George Floyd. The major media outlets have largely covered the trial live, gavel to gavel. With national attention focused on American policing, one would expect the cops to be on their best behavior.

But no! In the closing days of the George Floyd trial, we’re assaulted with the images of a 20 year old, unarmed black man, pulled over for expired tags on his car, and then arrested for an outstanding misdemeanor warrant for pot possession. He’s shot once in the chest by a 26 year veteran who swears a blatantly ridiculous claim that she mistook her service weapon for her taser. And then today, we are presented with the graphic video of a 13 year old Hispanic shot dead with a single bullet during a police chase down an alley.

This is turning into a nightmare scenario for the GOP. Trump, he being the ultimate moron opportunist, swore unending fealty to law enforcement as long as they endorsed him. But it’s turning out that the police are totally out of control, and it’s about to explode outside of the GOP comfort zone of only black and brown Americans being slaughtered by the police.

And by their depraved indifference to the loss of black and brown life, regardless of the circumstances, the cops are showing a sense of entitlement. The lives of black and brown Americans are theirs to decide, not the stupid courts. And therein lies that danger.

Thanks to Trump, the GOP already has a serious problem with white, middle class suburban women voters. And this is not going to help. I can already smell the upcoming messaging war from BLM and Democrats getting ready to hit the airwaves. Of the cops become comfortable enough that they’re insulated from responsibility from their actions against black and brown people, how long will it be before they start to come after your kids? Up until now, the mantra for white middle class America has been There but for the grace of God go I. But how much longer can that last? Anybody remember the movie Judge Dredd?

The George Floyd Police Reform Act is going to go to the floor of the Senate for debate. And most Republicans with any remaining seminal intelligence realize that something has to be done! The problem is, how do they try to positively influence the legislation to their side when they’re fighting their own media?

Because all of the prime time media stars of FUX News are already firmly locked into the trump pro law enforcement platform! And they’re not doing it so much because of Trump, as they are because it is the same insane drivel they have been spouting off to their loyal masses for five years now.  And if ratings are involved, nothing is going to make them change their minds.

The GOP has finally found their Waterloo. Public pressure is only going to grow more intense for congress to do something to reign in police excesses. Significant numbers of their own constituents are going to demand change. But how do they advocate for change at least partially on their own terms if FUX News is shooting arrows into their backs every step of the way? I am reminded of the old adage, Live by the sword, die by the sword. Here endeth the lesson.

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  1. You nailed it again Murf, the definition of something, “Willy-Nilly”, has become the REAL GOP …
    Which of the lies do each member support and project … where is the continuity? The only constant in the GOP has always been that old click of McConnell’s, “NO” … and the Faux News derives great pleasure from stirring the pot to keep Magats churning and chewing on the new Democratic wave of future gains in humanity and peace we lost at least 4 years ago …

    Gym Jordon and people like Nunes and Cruz are privately trying to build their personal bank accounts and the grift is going wild … without the focus they need to survive and prosper, they are fading into the woodwork.
    The State here, (Iowa), has swung to a deeper red and we are beginning to see the results of local Republicans, our Governor has been a loose cannon in regards to the Pandemic, big money has corrupted our Reps and Senators …

    We really SHOULD support Biden and his attempts to level the fields to every Citizen and protect human rights …

    • And DON’T get me started on my state of TN. That “school shooting” in Knoxville a few days back? Cop capping a black kid in cold blood and then shooting themself in the leg to cover for the murder.


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