I have often referred to Freedom Caucus members as performance artists as opposed to being members of congress. And never has it been more true than today. In fact it’s getting so bad that even Republicans want this entire sh*t show to go away.

This whole mess comes down to two separate buckets, the Impeach Joe Biden bucket, and the Imprison Hunter Biden For Life bucket. Both are equally ridiculous, neither have any traction within the widespread GOP, and yet neither is going away just so long as the Teabaggers keep pushing it, and House Squeaker Cave-In McCarthy doesn’t grow a pair.

Let’s just start with the nonsensical Freedom caucus demand to open impeachment hearings into President Biden. Late in the House August break, Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene, who would have better spent her vacation getting her head out of her ass and getting her personal life back together gave a speech instead. And in the speech she said, When we get back to work, we have to pass a federal budget by September 30th or shutter the government. And I’m here to tell you that I’m not voting for any budget deal or continuing resolution until after we have opened impeachment hearings on President Biden!

I have a simple question for Machine Gun Marjie. Who gives a flying f*ck how your dim bulb, arrogant egotistical self votes?! You are one lousy vote out of 435. The same thing goes for that mental midget Chip Roy, who responded to a question of McCarthy’s job security with As long as he sits down with us and plays ball, he’s fine. If he doesn’t, when who knows? These two cretins, along with their Freedom caucus Kinder care playmates are ignoring the reality of how the House works. Just so long as they look all bad ass to their base, and the donations keep rolling in.

It took former Trump loyalist GOP congressman Ken Buck to put the correct GOP perspective on it, If you’re going to impeach the President of the United States, before you begin impeachment hearings, you should at least have some kind of proof positive that a high crime or misdemeanor has been committed. And right now, these investigations haven’t turned up anything. Sage thinking considering the fact that there are some 40 vulnerable GOP swing district seats that have no interest in falling on their swords for casting a losing show vote.

But the simple fact is that the Freedom caucus bomb throwers don’t care. Their sole goal is to impeach President Biden so that Traitor Tot can say something like, So what if I got impeached? It’s all political bullsh*t! Biden got impeached too. What difference does it make. The problem is that they don’t have the votes in the House to give His Lowness his out. Which they’ll gleefully blame on McCarthy, for not being sufficiently pure to whip the votes for El Pendejo Presidente.

Now let’s move on to what will be known in history as The Hunter Biden Debacle. This one is actually a three pronged assault. You have Gym Bag Jordan running a sham showe investigation in the House Judiciary Committee. Then you have James Comer running an equally sham investigation in the House Oversight Committee. And for the cherry on top, there’s a five year DOJ Special Counsel investigation undertaken by a Trump appointee.

I’m not even going to waste your or my time discussing the two House investigation committee’s. They’ve come up with jack sh*t, and I’ll deal with them later on. I want to focus on what should be the crown jewel of the GOP investigation, the Special Counsel.

Special Counsel David Weiss has spent five years going over Hunter Biden with a nit comb. On two fronts. First, there was the infamous Hunter Biden laptop, and alleged spectacular domestic crimes committed by Hunter Biden, with his father’s full knowledge and participation. News Flash! The only two things that Hunter Biden’s domestic investigation turned up was a love child, and some d*ck pics on his laptop.

The end result? Weiss indicted Hunter Biden on a charge of failure to pay taxes in a timely manner, as well as a show add on charge of obtaining and possessing a firearm while under addictive substances. That last one has since been struck down by a federal appellate court judge as unconstitutional. Biden cut a plea deal, which fell apart when it turned out that the prosecutor played fast and loose with the wording on the deal. The House Freedom caucus, wanting Biden swinging from a rope, screamed that Trump’s own appointed Special Counsel had cut a sweetheart deal for Biden.

The second prong was supposed the glamorous, sexy one. Hunter Biden’s criminal foreign entanglements, leading to crimes committed by Hunter’s representation of foreign interests to the United States government. And Weiss even had help on this one. Remember that Traitor Tot sent the Clown Mayor of New York, Rudy Giuliani to Ukraine to ferret out all of Hunter Biden’s international crime lord sins. And drilled a dry hole.

The whole crux of this investigation was to prove that Hunter Biden had shady connections to foreign governments, took money from them, and then illegally used his influence and his proximity to his father in government to illegally lobby for foreign interests. And they had five freakin’ years to prove it.

And what did they eventually charge Hunter Biden with? A single charge of being a delinquent tax deadbeat, and a charge for buying a gun while high. Both violations of domestic United States law. There wasn’t even a whiff of any foreign entanglement violations.

Sweet Jesus! Five years, and David Weiss couldn’t even cobble together a charge from Foreign Corruption For Dummies?, a stupid violation of the Foreign Agent Registration Act? The entire GOP conspiracy boondoggle was that Biden used his foreign contacts to enrich himself by using his family name and his fathers position to illegally lobby the US government on behalf of his clients. But after five long years of intensive federal investigation, they couldn’t even stick him with a charge that was the first one that they hammered Paul Manafort with?

There’s an old saying, If you lose FUX News, you’ve lost the GOP base. And right now everybody from Brett Bair to Jessie Watters to Cruella de Ingraham are taking turns bashing both Jordan and Comer for their lackluster performance. It’s not so much that they’re not providing hard facts, what does FUX News care about facts, their committee hearings are so dull that they can’t even provide any salacious made up bullsh*t to thrill the viewers. And with FUX News, it’s all about the viewers.

This is a rapidly brewing Waterloo for the House GOP, which means the GOP. Moderate GOP voters want legislative results, not bullsh*t show trials, and they’re not getting results. And the Trump base FUX News viewers want nonstop titillation of the spectacular criminal sins of the Biden family, and they aren’t getting that either. How many different ways can there be for a bunch of allegedly college trained professionals to f*ck up a one car funeral? This just keeps getting better and better.

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  1. One could be forgiven into thinking, irrespective how ‘out there’ the thought that clouds look down on MTG and conclude ‘That blond one is shaped like an idiot!’

  2. Well to start off. Calling these clowns artist of any kind is giving them way to much credit. Should be performance idiots. Second, what are they going to use for an agenda. Well comer thinks Joe Biden did this and we are pretty sure he did that. Jake Tapper, well ok, what exactly is this and that. Uh, we don’t know but we think he did it. And we seen some smoke around this so we are going to investigate it. From the office of the president, they’ve been investigating this for nine months and all they have is this and that and they are going to open a impeachment inquiry.


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