We have met the enemy, and he is dumb

Delusion, they name is Republican. On Tuesday the GOP took the worst spanking since Dominatrix Sylvia hung up her paddle. And like good Republicans, they’re taking lemons, water, and sugar, and trying to make cyanide.

C-PAC honcho Matt Schlapp, you remember him, they filmed star Wars between his ears, made a statement that highlights why Republicans need to be medically studied for a cure. He stated that the GOP got its ass kicked in kansas because the bill wasn’t strict enough! Right. Rock ribbed Kansas Republicans don’t just want abortion rights removed from the state constitution, they want them scoured out with a flamethrower. None of those wimpy exemptions for us!

And you know what? For once, I fully and wholeheartedly agree with Schlapp. The more Kansas style referendums we can get out there in November, the better, and the more restrictive, better yet. And the Democrats are going to get that help, including in a couple of places where they can really use it.

In November, at least 4 states, Vermont, Kentucky, Michigan, and California have Kansas style referendums on the ballot. In Kentucky, the Democrats know that they’re going to need a 2019 Bashear style overperform to turf out Rand Paul, and this initiative could give it to them. And Michigan is the MAGA test lab for overturning elections in 2024. And in Michigan, organizers collected more signatures for the abortion initiative than any other in state history.

Look, Schlapp can put whatever color of lipstick he wants on that pig, but it’s still a porker. And I can prove it with one simple fact. In Kansas, abortion won with 59% of the vote. For God’s sake, Kansas isn’t even 45% Democratic! GOP Presidential candidates cruise by 15-20 points. The Democrats didn’t just clone new voters, those were GOP votes.

And it goes far beyond just those 4 states. Right now Greg Abbott leads Beto by 5 points. Kemp leads Abrams by 5 points, and Vance and Ryan are in a dead heat. And Texas, Georgia, and Ohio all have restrictive new abortion laws, and lower margins of error than Kansas. Ohio became the poster child for abortion cruelty when a 10 year old rape victim had to go to Indiana for an abortion. And now Indiana is about to basically ban abortion. The Democrats can run on this issue through Christmas.

One nice thing about the GOP. They never learn from their mistakes. Kansas taught them a bitter lesson, but they’re just going to keep piling on. And since the GOP proudly wears the anti abortion banner, come november, all those white suburban soccer moms won’t be punishing Trump, they’ll be punishing the GOP and its candidates for pissing them off. Don’t touch that dial.


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  1. In KY, we are counting on interest in the abortion amendment to draw younger, occasional voters to the polls. Somewhat like Texas, we are more a non-voting state rather than red. Last mid-term only 30% registered voters showed up. Charles Booker has been busy delivering supplies to Eastern KY, only to be ridiculed by Rand Paul, who couldn’t bother to show up. Also Paul’s antics in the Senate are getting a lot more attention – especially the kerfuffle over the PACT Act. This election has a very different vibe than any other I can remember.

    • Correction: I mis-stated the percentage of RVs last mid-term. It was almost 46%, but that is still less than half and that was the big, blue wave everywhere but here.

  2. Please,,Goddess,make the Jesusfreaks(aka uneducated white evangelicals,who are,Paul’s base) stay home or realize that Booker gave them actual practical.help. Paul with the worst hair in Congress sat on his fat butt and did nothing to help them because voting “no” on any bill that would help vets or the poor was far more important than helping people who.lost everything in an historic flood


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